Why Al Qaeda Is Doomed

May 24th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


For the second time in little over a month, we are watching Al Qaeda get it’s ass kicked by fellow Muslims. As I type, the Lebanese Army is blasting Al Qaeda Jihadis to death, just weeks after the Sunnis of Al Anbar did the same and cleansed themselves of the terrorist interlopers.

Al Qaeda is a profit-driven criminal enterprise that utilizes religious philosophy, specifically Sharia law, to recruit, motivate and control the personnel necessary to execute its criminal endeavors. And therein lies its achilles heel. It must deliver on its promise of the Sharia state, and utltimately the Sharia planet, or lose its footsoldiers. In both the Al Anbar province and Lebanon, Al Qaeda attempted to establish Sharia states ruled by Al Qaeda members. This, of course, threatened those who were already in power.

Ultimately, every society will have a predominant power ( governance ) which will be comprised of identifiable individuals. Al Qaeda has gained traction in the Muslim world with it’s promise of Islamic conquest of non-Islamic nations. However, the fact that Al Qaeda will also have to gain governmental control of Muslim nations has been overlooked by the Muslim world. In other words, Al Qaeda, given it’s essential and defining promise of a “perfect” Sharia world, must not only overthrow non-Muslim governments, but all Muslim governments as well, since none currently meet the standards of Al Qaeda’s “perfect” Sharia state. And, more importantly, none of them are populated by members of Al Qaeda. The Sunnis of Al Anbar turned on Al Qaeda not because of being “fed up” with Al Qaeda-caused civilian casualties and other such difficulties of war, but because Al Qaeda literally attempted to establish Al Anbar as a Sharia state under its own governmental control. Once Al Qaeda started operating Sharia courts and other Sharia processes, the Sunni Sheiks who currently rule Al Anbar took up arms and ejected them.

The same is now happening in Lebanon.

Ever society has rulers. The current rulers of Islam, like any rulers, are not prone to abdicating their power. Ultimately, the war on terror will only be won when Islam, the host body to the parasite of Jihad, stops supporting the terrorists, and in fact roots them out and destroys them.

The terrorists, by definition, have always given the Islamic powers that be the motive to destroy them. The powers that be have been too busy being amused by Al Qaeda’s tweaking of the West’s nose to confront the threat Al Qaeda poses to their rule. And the average Muslim is a human being who does not want to live within the impossible strictures of Sharia law. The moment of critical mass may be near, and our global war may be ended by the hand that fed it.

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  1. D_Mac

    if only I were so optimistic. It sounds good, and I think it is correct to some degree. However Al-Qaeda is only 1 problem. Jihad came first, Jihad is part of Islam, Jihad created Al Qaeda. As long as Islam exists, it will speak Jihad, and will create groups like Al Qaeda.


    I’d like to think that “moderate” Muslims would rise and smash the radical Islamists simply because they are terrorists, but they will go to this length only when their power is in imminent threat. Perhaps these actions can spin off into Muslims tiring of Al Qaeda and the violence that comes with it. I won’t be holding my breath, especially with my growing understand of Muslims.

    Semper Fi

  3. Steve in NC

    Is our military action helping to facilitate this process? If it is doomed to fall from inside, why did we commit to a costly war?
    Or is it that we responded militarily, and domestic politics aside, showed a strength that AQ was not expecting. This effective response disrupted AQ and forced them to act in ways which undermined their ability to control their attempted takeover of the muslim countries they attached to.

    It is evident that if you choose to side with losers you will live like the palestinians, so now many are beginning to side with the winners, America and the new Iraqi government.

  4. Riley D. Driver


    What you say is so true … the men who lead Al Qaeda are not even religious extremists as they are so often mis-labeled.

    They are thugs. They are blood-thirsty barbarians. They are power hungry fascists who operate under the banner of religion.

    They are not religious extremists.

    They are cowardly blood-thirsty power-hungry barbaric thugs. They are not in a war of ideas. They are in a war seeking power so they can express their insatiable thuggery over ever greater numbers of people.

    They do not believe in the power of the religion whose banner they operate under. If they did they would try to win in the marketplace of ideas.

    Go into any mainstream grocery store and you will see a number of volumes of Christian books ‘competing in the marketplace of ideas’ right along with secular, Buddhist, and other volumes also competing in the marketplace of ideas.

    There are even some promoting Islam, but there are none promoting the thuggery that is Al Qaeda. None. None for the cowards who lust for power for the sake of power.

    Sadly they prey upon those who also cannot stand the competition of the marketplace of ideas. Like minded cowards who see only one way to bring the peoples of the earth to their religion - by the use of the most naked and ever increasing grotesque forms of force.

    Sociopaths? Psychopaths? I don’t know, but those who lead Al Qaeda have no humanity left in their souls – they left it far behind went human life came to mean so very little to them as they took more and more joy in the taking of life.

    They are thugs disguised as humans, but they are no longer human.

    Thanks for the opportunity to vent!


    RileyD, nwJ – Riley Driver 5×5
    “Only the humble are sane.” annonymous

  5. bd

    It’s tough to believe on the one hand because one monster (Saudi, Iran) will feed the jihad machine, and on the other (Al-Qaeda) will eventually have to bite the hand that feeds it. Unless I’m wrong about who is a supplier. So basically the Wahabist’s in charge might be shortening the leash on theire crazed pitbulls, but they have to know that their dogs will eventually turn on them at the right moment don’t they? If the house of Saud wants to keep power, they’ll eventually have to pull a Hitler and kill their Roehm and their SA. Eventually, they’ll have to see that the US and other countries literally keeps the country afloat (oil), and that making friends with our hand (the ones who feed them)is better than there dog turning on them and the back of our hand pimp-slapping them. But when are they going to seriously reach critical mass?

  6. JayMS

    Nice article, but my take on it is a bit simpler. AQ has gotten to the point in Iraq where they no longer have anything to offer their most important support base, the Sunnis. The Sunnis know that once AQ takes power they won’t see any benefit. What in the hell does AQ have to offer the people of Iraq? Yet ANOTHER repressive Islamic theocracy?

    The locals don’t lose jackshit if AQ goes down in flames, but AQ is effectively screwed if they are driven out of Iraq.

    Let’s just hope that the Defeato-Crats don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  7. House 6

    My step-mother is a Christian who immigrated to the US from Iran about 30 years ago. I have heard stories stories so unreal that I’ve been left shaking my head and thinking - WTF? Aside from the usual(limbs getting whacked off, stonings) stories included the family of a new bride waiting outside the window of the bedroom where she’s consummating her new marriage and hoping to Allah to be passed a bedsheet that had blood on it.

    According to my stepmom, it’s not Al-Qaida, IT’S ISLAM in general. She was growing up in Iran in the 60s and 70s, during the Shah’s reign….long before Al-Qaida, and constantly witnessed more than her fair share of insanity. It’s funny to hear her rant in half-English, half-Farsi about what sons-of-bitches ALL the crazy muslims are.

    The real beauty of the story is that the different muslim sects are like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. They will fight EACH OTHER to the death, and that’s when we win. We will never be able to live peacefully with them because we truly come from different worlds.

  8. bd

    JayMS- great point. If they don’t see any benefit… ie., what’s in it for them? THAT is a great idea. So how can the US government, the Army and the Marines show them what’s in it for them, as in what kind of life and country they can have in 20 years versus the hell of life under the Taliban, or Al-Qaeda, or even worse… Democrats? Seriously though, I think that would be an outstanding idea for us to explore. Many Iraqis have TV, so how about public spots, specials and the like. Hey we generated our own propaganda in WWII, why not now over there? And via the internet as well? Any thoughts?


    fascinating analysis, pat, thanks! :shock:

  10. Kevin M

    Okay. My little comment here may seem off the mark, but I resent seeing Osama bin Laden in the position of receiving health care under the seal of the United States of America.

    You’re an awesome guy, Pat, and I LOVE your blogs. But the sight of that pig-fucking ass-clown getting health care in front of a US flag makes me want to puke.

    My sincere apologies if this doesn’t jibe with your genuine intent.

  11. TJ

    house 6,

    thanks for the insight. I have an iranian christian friend here who tells the same stories only he has been in iran recently. This is the history of muslim dominated middle east including israel, there has been a mass exodus of christians. 2 reasons I believe, one is if you are not with the muslims and all the lunacy you are looked at with suspicion and dealt with accordingly. secondly, though the middle east historically is a “holy “place where prophets and messiahs lived spread their messages, christians are to look forward to the heavenly homeland, so homelands per say can be left with out much fanfare. Needless to say, middle easterners often long for peace and the opportunity to go back to their homeland, but they know as long as islam dominates there will never be peace!

  12. peptobismarck

    I never thought you to be such an optimist Pat. And, while I support what you’re doing 100% and love your work thus far, I gotta disagree on this one :???: . I think House 6 was bang on the money, they’re not like normal humans. They’re like cave people, stuck in the stone age. Their whole Death Cult, err ‘Religion’, is a festering cesspool of death-worshiping hypocrisy. THERE IS NO PEACE WITH ISLAM! It is an impossibility, the Koran is VERY clear to this regard. Also, there are no ‘moderate’ Muslims. Those ‘moderates’ are apostates, MINO’s. I hate to be a doom-sayer but, the way the US is fighting this war may not bring victory, ’specially if the Dems keep gaining support. I mean, the ‘West’ hasn’t even acknowledged Islam as the enemy yet. I think Glen Beck said it right, when he said the war on Islam will be a global civil war, not an traditional military one…

  13. Fight4TheRight


    If there is any injustice in this World, it’s that more people are not reading your articles, like this one.

    This is a brilliant take on the downside of Al Qaeda’s broader goal.

    I don’t think Al Qaeda will ever go away but to think that all they want to do is disrupt Western societies, is absurd. They want the World at their feet and their enemy is the government of Turkey as much is the governments of the U.S. and Britain.

    As far as one of the comments about the photo shop of bin Laden receiving healthcare from the U.S. - I saw that picture, a different way - to me, that is a photo of bin Laden as he is receiving his just sentence for the murders of thousands of innocent Americans - he is receiving Death by Lethal Injection.

  14. cdlester2

    Off topic…… but an interesting article on the Iraq Study Group….


  15. Tim in FL

    Interesting read. Obviously, our efforts are bearing some fruit. I worry though about others waiting in the wings or the next generation of Jihadists. They’re like a parasite always looking for a host! Or cockroaches! Never seem to get rid of em.

    A larger fear is when they get their hands on WMD’s. Unlike past enemies, this one is not concerned with avoiding mutually assured destruction. Which begs the question, “If jihadis nuke us, who do we nuke in return?”

    More on that here:

  16. Janica

    Thank you, wonderful perspective to hold close right now…and imagery is great. Keep him barely alive while his own corruption eats him painfully from inside.
    Cannot believe this mama said *that*…but the man is brutal and insane. I believe much of this is power and politics, twisted but more successfully that other attempts at fundamentalizing for political gain. Hope the sheiks in AlAnbar have blogs for their brothers (and sisters)…
    keep it up, hugs, j

  17. Jewish Odysseus

    I have noted before the tremendouis, concentrated efforts of the drive-by media to pound home one simple message: “Our Iraqi ‘allies’ are too cowardly/treacherous/inept for us to ever help win, so we have to leave.” The New York Slimes made this their front-page story ON MEMORIAL DAY-some coincidence, huh?

    Anyway, when you read these stories, keep in mind the absolute MOUNTAIN of Iraqi corpses, both soldiers/police and civilians, that those “insurgents” are piling up. If they are so well-positioned and superior, why do they have to slaughter so many of their brethren? Here is today’s latest, from IraqSlogger:

    Salah al-Din Council Faces Reprisal Attacks
    Tribal Leader’s Relatives Killed Days after Announcement of New Tribal Council
    Posted 4 hr. 46 min. ago

    Just days after the announcement of a tribal coalition to combat militant groups in Salah al-Din province, several relatives of the council’s newly chosen leader were killed by gunmen in what appears to have been a targeted attack.

    Four relatives of the head of the Salah el-Din Salvation Council, Sheikh Hamad al-Hasan, were killed when unidentified gunmen attacked their house in al-Hajjaj village, in southern Bayji, Voices of Iraq (VOI) reported Tuesday.

    The attack occurred in the early hours Monday morning, a local media source told VOI.

    “The gunmen killed the council head’s four nephews, then set the bodies and house on fire,” the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

    The source did not give further details about the incident.

    Last Thursday, several tribes in Salah el-Din formed a tribal council in an attempt to combat armed groups in the province and elected Sheikh al-Hasan as its head.

    The Salah al-Din Salvation Council was formed by a group of tribal leaders in the province, and was apparently modeled on the Anbar Salvation Council, also known as the Anbar Awakening, which has aligned with US forces to combat al-Qa’ida-linked armed groups in that province.

    “The council was formed with the goal of facing the armed groups that target Iraqis,” one source told VOI in Arabic.

    “The new council is made up of a number of Arab tribes in the province, among them the Jubour and Shamour and others,” the source said.

    The source told Aswat al-Iraq/VOI that the council would concentrate its recruitment operations in restive areas such as Samarra, Bayji, and Dhulu’iya, VOI adds.”

    Remember folks: this is WAR, and the key goal of our enemies (both Liberals and Islamofascists) is to destroy our will to fight. This theme is a key pillar of the enemy’s propaganda, and we need to identify it and attack it.

  18. Jim Jam

    Realistically, what solution exists? There are no moderate Muslims. the fundamentalists breed like crazy and begin to take over every country by creating millions of angry, poor, bearded virgins such that any moderate state (jordan, algeria, morocco, turkey) has to start supressing its own population so that the religies do not take over in their “elections.”
    But if we ever allow iran to get nukes, the equation changes forever. Its time to destory iran’s facilities. i think Iran poses a greater threat than AQ going forward.

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