You Already Knew…

May 24th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

Courtesy Steve in Montana

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  1. John Cunningham

    Shit in the water, one.

  2. France the retour

    I agree Jonhny :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
    have a look at that one :

  3. TWarrior



    Pretty funny shit guys. Thanks for starting the weekend with a few laughs!

    Remember our Veterans this weekend!!

    And Pray for the Soldiers in theatre!!

  4. Vanessa

    These are excellent we are laughing…….gullywasher how hillarious is that.

  5. john

    Listen and buy their stuff….Let’s take back our music and our country!!!

  6. FTL

    Thx for the vids Pat.

    @ least they can still find a laugh. Great.

    also PROOF these young guys have as much star quality as Cruise back in the TOP GUN days. Our American Idols should be these guys & not some dumbshits w/ mics on a stage.

    IMHO the only way IED Hunter could get any better would be for them to invite Pelosi & Reid, Soros to come over for an expedition & guest sweep for IED’s (wearing orange vests) in front of our troops… could let Edwards follow them (with Greenpeace water) in a Prius Hybrid vehicle too btw.- now that would be funny.

    The other slide-show of PFC Chase A. Edwards displays one more reason we cannot leave Iraq until the job IS FINI. We can honor them by accomplishing what they were working for… victory.

    When we engage in war… we do it to win. Right?

  7. Infidel

    OH GOOD LORD :???:

  8. EdinTampa

    these guys are funny… i just spent 4 hours on their web site. i needed the laughs, thanks for sharing!

  9. EdinTampa

    I went to Atlanta to see the Right Brothers at a political rally for the GOP in June 2006. I’ve since bought all their CDs and drive the liberals crazy… check their site above too.

  10. A. S. Wise

    Those fellers are great!!! :mrgreen:

  11. Babs

    The “torture chicken” video is some kind of funny!

  12. Oldroyd

    Friday night, nine Beers, yeah thats funny.
    That Roy Beck wasen’t funny, that was disturbing.
    Lock and load boys.

  13. Kevin M

    I’m a huge fan of Red State Update, but if Dunlap is going to be allowed to get near a microphone, PLEASE don’t let him sing!

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