Humor Is A Prevalent Coping Mechanism

May 25th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

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  1. Steven D

    “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

    - John 15:13

  2. TJ

    the first video was clever. that guys australian accent was good.

    the second video was outstanding.

    the third video had apoint where the reported said that the general admitted that the marine unit was undermanned for the mission, yet no direct quote unlike he got from the forces in the shit.

    I’d like for someone to ask the general of the 3rd battalion 8th marine regiment in ramadi if he indeed “admitted” that they didnt have enough forces to beat al-qaeda there. Can you imagine a general saying such a thing to the media or his own regiment: “fight hard even though you are undermanned and you cant win” sounds like the general is a democrat , either that or, more likely, the reporter is a defeatocrat, trying desperately to deflate the moral of the troops and the rest of us.

    assholes! always negative and hopeless. :oops:

  3. mindy abraham

    First video was funny :lol:

  4. Joshua

    Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Isaiah 41:10

  5. Babs

    The first video was funny in a very dark way. Unfortunately while watching this I was also running another video in my brain of the wake and funeral of a young marine I knew blown to bits by an IED…
    Videos like the 2nd one always make me cry and the 3rd, yeah, gotta get that dig in don’t ya??? I would be VERY surprised if a General of troops in the field told them and the media that they are undermanned fighting an unwinnable conflict. I call BS on that.

  6. Egfrow

    Why does the MSM insist on using British accenter wankers when reporting on Iraq?

  7. TWarrior

    This is one of the best posts ever IMO. Progressing from humor to the actual guts of the war is indeed profound in many ways.



    battalion landing team 3/8 now has it’s own general now?

    they must be moving up

  9. FTL

    Thx for the vids Pat. (sorry posted this on the wrong thread b4)

    @ least they can still find a laugh. Great.

    also PROOF these young guys have as much star quality as Cruise back in the TOP GUN days. Our American Idols should be these guys & not some dumbshits w/ mics on a stage.

    IMHO the only way IED Hunter could get any better would be for them to invite Pelosi & Reid, Soros to come over for an expedition & guest sweep for IED’s (wearing orange vests) in front of our troops… could let Edwards follow them (with Greenpeace water) in a Prius Hybrid vehicle too btw.- now that would be funny.

    The other slide-show of PFC Chase A. Edwards displays one more reason we cannot leave Iraq until the job IS FINI. We can honor them by accomplishing what they were working for… victory.

    When we engage in war… we do it to win. Right?

  10. drillanwr


    Laughter through tears, man.

    “Dance Party in Iraq”

    If you don’t love our troops … Well, then, you’re just a worthless lump of crap.

  11. one lung


    Have you ever met Michael Ware? Any thoughts?

  12. 96R_in_LA

    CNN… great job… NOT.

    Talk about undermining the morale and mission of the proud Marines there…

    When I was serving, we were in no way shape or form supposed to speak to reporters or make any statements, simply direct them to our OIC, or NCOIC, who in turn would “politely” direct them to the PAO.

    Regardless, its an example negative biased reporting at its finest.

  13. Corey

    woah wait, In the last 24 months, I have lived with 57 young Americans under the age of 25, who are all now dead. where did this come from?

  14. Grumpy

    I’ve never met the guy, but Michael Ware strikes me as a turd. Any one have any opinion on him?

  15. Matt

    yeah i picked up on that too TJ, i think its just typical liberal babble bullshit. I cant picture a Marine General saying something like that. I can picture him saying “my men will do whatever it takes” - which is what the other guys were saying

  16. USMC_Dad

    My son is now in Kuwait with the 13TH MEU… soon to be going to the “sandbox”.

    Video #1 had me LOL.

    Humor is INDEED a coping MECHANISM


    I can never say Thank You Enough for what you do.

    Semper Fi. Brother

    Wallace H Gow III


  17. Babs

    Seeing how late it is and how sparse the comments are on this particular thread, please excuse me for the slight hijack..,.
    Tomorrow Operation Gratitude kicks off its Patriot Drive.

    We hold a drive twice a year and this drive will tick us over 250,000 packages to our men and women in harms way.

    If you have the TV on tomorrow, tune in to FOX news. They will be broadcasting live from our site about every hour starting at 9 AM PST till 5 PM PST our kick off operations. This will be an ongoing operation for about the next month to send out the 50,000 packages. Please check out our web site for further info and thank you Pat for letting me do a little advertising for a very worthwhile cause.

  18. Jewish Odysseus

    I hear some young US troops just bagged Moqtada al-Sadr!!

  19. FTL

    Corey ~

    “I have lived with 57 young Americans under the age of 25, who are all now dead. where did this come from?”

    I believe Pat means the guys he lived among during his time in Ramaldi… during the first part of shooting YOUNG AMERICANS…

    next shoot date coming up w/ Tony Scott … Pat keeping your head down & your spirits high. Get some great footage & the victory on film will ya?! :razz:

  20. Corey

    FTL- so all the guys in pats videos passed away? omg??

  21. stormin1961

    first video was great. plan to add to my website.

  22. KBoomr113

    If you see Michael Ware over there, please punch him in the face. He’s one of the biggest reasons Al Qaida thinks they are winning with every car bomb they set off. Ware’s ‘we can never win’ mentality that he reports every day from the field has aided the enemy from the beginning. It makes me sick. As far as i’m concerned, theres American blood on his hands.


    hello people. wake up
    the general of third battalion eighth marines=lie
    a battalion is commanded by LT. COL. NOT A GENERAL!!!

    BLT 3/8 IS COMMANDED BY “Lieutenant Colonel St. Clair “

  24. Iacobus

    First and second videos were great.

    What’s with CNN and their drive-by comments? Like the so-called “debate” that the war in Iraq creates “Islamic militants.” And calling the soldiers, “kids.”

    Oh, wait. I thought liberals were saying that al-Qaeda has nothing to do with Iraq. Are they backpedaling now?

  25. bullbrauch

    I wish I could go with you Pat, but I’m to old and broken for today’s Corps.

  26. Pat Dollard

    No, they didn’t all pass away, but many did.

  27. Eric

    I didn’t see how the CNN portrayal is biased. Ware relays a statement from the General that is controversial, if he actually said it, then so be it. If he blatantly lied, then Ware’s an asshole. This statement aside, everything else in the piece was basically in the soldiers own words, and they discuss a range of issues. “We’ll do whatever it takes,” “One second everything is fine, the next you are fighting to stay alive,” “If the family (of the dead soldier) can cope, so can I,” “We’ve stopped a lot of attacks”. Ware himself even says that the presence is making a dent in Al Qaeda (which is a GOOD thing).

    The message I got is that war is not a fun thing for those involved, but they serve as instruments of a political agenda set back home, no questions asked. They are sometimes undermanned, but they are determined to fight on and persevere in the face of a relentless enemy.

    When I watch a program or read an article, I try to do so with an open mind and not have any preconceived notions about it. I find that when I already make up my mind about an issue (such as “CNN/Michael Ware is always biased”), then whether or not that is true, I am most likely going to think that is the case after watching a segment, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.


    there is no FAUXING general that is the point


    click the first link

    in the header there is a section that says “battalion”
    when you put your little mouse on that button it says “battalion staff” click that
    then click the first selection “battalion commander”

    the battalion commander is

    Lieutenant Colonel St. Clair was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps after graduating from the Virginia Military Institute in 1989 with a BA in History. He completed The Basic School in December 1989 and was designated an infantry officer. After graduating from the Infantry Officer Course he was assigned to 2d Battalion, 8th Marines (2/8), 2d Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, NC….”


    AND as for the soldiers own words did the reporter pose a question or cut and spliced random statements to support his own ideas

  29. TJ

    reporters havent a clue about military rank so they would probably say they made a mistake.

  30. Eric

    Well as to your point about the general, is it possible that the reporter got his terms mixed up and used ‘general’ instead of a more accurate term like ‘commanding officer’ or ‘battalion commander’? The term used is not the issue, a minor mistake can be forgiven. The issue is whether or not that phrase was used by whoever is in charge of that battalion- I wonder is there any way to check this?

    Your second point about the editing, obviously a good editor will cut pieces of tape together to form some sort of cohesive message, and I guess we just have differences of opinions on whether or not it was a positive or negative message. While the soldiers spoke of some upsetting issues (ie. the death of a soldier, leaving something behind in Iraq, etc.) they also spoke of some good ones (ie. doing what needs to be done, stopping enemy attacks, etc).


    the first statement is “the angry debate over the war in Iraq….means little to these guys”

    in this clip captain andrew delgaudio is interviewed,

    google “captain andrew delgaudio” the third link is an article with the headline “Marines: Allegations undercut us” from usa today


    the only thing google picks up for “major edward neglovski”
    also in this video, is, well, just the transcripts to this video


    when Mr. Dollard has shown an “interview” his questions and comments are clearly audible

    and if this “journalist” can’t tell the difference between an oak leaf and a “big fooking star, or didn’t know, all he had to do is ask any of these U.S. MARINES he was “talking too”

    and with all the names thrown out in this “journalism” why did the damning statement from this “General” only have the name “General of 3/8″ when everyone else was clearly cited for every statement made

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