USS Enterprise Heads To Iran…

June 1st, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


The Enterprise makes three. Three carriers and three strike groups, total.

This finalizes the first phase of military escalation against Iran that VP Cheney promised to the Gulf States.

The message we sent to Iran in Baghdad was signigicant only to people who don’t know better, like the media and dumb politicians. The real message is in the weapons of mass destruction, the instruments of the apocalypse of Iran’s nuclear facilities and infrastructure, that we have strung like a Damocles sword above their heads. Bush has made it quietly clear to them that we are going to strike. Forget Condi’s for-the-press face today. For many months now, while no one has been able to really see and understand, we have been waging a war of finality against Iran and her ambitions. While everyone in the media, and on the media’s receiving end, have been wringing their hands in anquish at our seeming impotence and inaction, the VP has been functioning as a nearly one man army/terrorist wreaking havoc through the halls of power in Tehran. Why do you think he has been taking all those trips through the region? To discuss the latest trends in couscous recipes? He has been shoring up relationships, building strategy, and waging the necessary war against Iran. Why is he about to visit all of Iran’s northern neighbors? Why has Iran been taking Americans captive in a feverish panic? Coincidence? Why is the architect of Iran’s nuclear program, Vladimir Putin, about to head to a private summit with Bush? Why all the posturing about a missile shield? It’s all about Iran, and Putin is working to get all he can as the price for his blessing.

No one is asleep at the wheel. Except the media and the Democrats.

There’s a lot, and I mean A LOT, that’s been going on behind the scenes. An entire war, in fact. More to report shortly…


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  1. Steve in NC

    This is giving me a ‘chubby’ :twisted:

  2. Cridhe Saorsa

    Smoke ‘em. We owe ‘em and they’ve earned it.

  3. insanity police

    I find your analysis fascinating. I hope you are right about the U.S. finally taking military action against Iran.

    Do you think there is any chance Iran will/can back down and avoid a strike?

    How do you think Iran will respond? :evil:

    Any additional information would be appreciated.

    Thanks to lgf for pointing me to your site.

    Keep fighting the good fight:!:

  4. Steve in NC

    this war monger administration is bombing the innocent citizens of a nation that has never threatened us!

    check it out!

    Cool, can we elect Bush to a third term? Lots of killing left to do….

  5. France the retour

    yeah, may-be this apocalypse will find its ways next summer and while USS enterprise will destroy some iranian cities, Persian Darius spirit will stay alive and you’ll find it on your way everywhere you may go ; prepare war for a few generations : it will be your Afghanistan failure as it was for Russia

  6. insanity police

    Enterprise comming back for seconds. Iran should be scafed Remember:

    In Tehran’s military circles, the phrase “unhappy episode” is a codeword for the only direct military clash that has so far taken place between the Islamic Republic and the United States.
    The clash came on April 18, 1988, exactly 19 years ago today.

    At the time, the Islamic Republic censored all news of the event so that most Iranians do not even know that it happened at all. For their part, the Americans also “managed” the flow of information about the clash to prevent its strategic importance from becoming apparent at the time.

    Nevertheless, the clash between the navy of the Islamic Republic and a US naval task force led by the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, was subsequently classed as one of the five naval battles of historic importance that established American sup-remacy at sea.

    The battle

    The battle, nicknamed by the US “Operation Praying Mantis”, was followed in July by a tragic accident when the USS Vincennes shot down an Iran Air jetliner by mistake, killing all 290 passengers and crew.

    Khomeini interpreted the accident as a deliberate escalation by the US and feared that his regime was in danger. Rafsanjani and other advisers used that fear to persuade the ayatollah to end the war with Iraq, something he had adamantly refused for eight years.

    A broken Khomeini appeared on TV to announce that he was “drinking the chalice of poison” by accepting a UN-ordered ceasefire. He was no longer going to Karbala on his way to Jerusalem.

    In his memoirs, Rafsanjani makes it clear that without the disastrous naval battle and the downing of the Iran Air jet, Khomeini would not have agreed to end a war that had already claimed a million Iranian and Iraqi lives.

    The reason was that Khomeini was leader of a regime that lacked adequate mechanisms for self-restraint. He was the driver of a vehicle with no clutch or reverse-gear, let alone a brake, and thus was doomed to speed ahead until it hit something hard.

    Interestingly, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used a similar image recently when he committed the regime to a no-compromise position on the nuclear issue. “This train has no reverse-gear and no brakes,” he said.

    Khomeini could have ended the war with Iraq years earlier, obtaining decent terms for Iran. He did not because the extremist nature of his regime made it impossible to even contemplate the fact that realism, prudence and compromise are key elements of good leadership.

    Khomeini could not have ended the war. He needed Reagan to do it for him. If the Islamic Republic is a train without a reverse-gear and brakes, it does not need a conductor. It could race ahead until it hits something hard on its way.

  7. Steve in NC

    France the retour -

    I would rather fight to the death than submit to a mob of animals led by a child molester, but it seems you would be willing to drop to your knees to pacify your master at the first sign of threat.

  8. France the retour

    Steve in NC, you must have libidinus nightmare, anyway, enjoy them

  9. France the retour

    in case you have problems

  10. 0311inohio

    Insanity Police: Thanks for the history lesson. :beer:

    Steve in NC: Amen on the Chubby! :lol: :beer:

    Oh, Frenchie, there you go again! :shock:

  11. Dan In Virginia

    I bet all of this comes to nothing. The Sunni majority in the region know already who their real enemy is. It is the Persians not us. Whether or not the U.S. is about to pay back the dogs for killing troops with IED’s and training insurgents is unknown.

    It would tickle me pink if we laid waste to the Persian nuke program and the pigs that run their military.

    What’s the repercussions? If the Sunnis side with us and the non-Al Quida types take a powder, it could be a VERY cool move.

    However, I’m sure mookie will cry foul and continue at an earnest pace to kill as many troops as he can. He’s already involved in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The trick here is to convince the majority Sunnis to side with us against their apostate enemies.

    There is an old Arabic saying: My brother and I against our cousin. But my brother and cousin agaist our neighbor.

    Of course the surrender party will go insane. Like to hear Fred Thompson’s view on the subject.

    People in this country need to look at the war on terror in historical terms. Stalingrad was just one battle of many WWII battles. That’s what the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the latest rounds shot onto Somalia are. They all are just battles in different battlefields, that are a part of the larger long war on terrorism.

    A cease-fire would be great in Iraq, as long as it is not Hudna. The larger war is against mookie and his SA in Al Quida. Kill the head of the snake and the body will die.

  12. EdinTampa

    I look forward to a peaceful resolution to the Iranian situation, after the war.

    My only hopes are that we do it quickly and that the American people see it as a necessary action.

  13. WarBicycle

    These attacks were directed at al Qaeda, not the Somali fundamentalists who loath al Qaeda a predominately-Arab organization. Somalia has not had a functioning government since 1991; al Qaeda has attempted to establish covert bases, but has failed due to Somalia being so devoid of basic infrastructure that its operatives lacked the means to set up functioning training camps that can be hidden, but accessed and resupplied with ease.

  14. John Cunningham

    Steve in NC. “Cool, we can elect Bush to a third term, lots more KILLING to do”. Well, the President is making me a little nervous with our southern border, but, if he pulls the trigger on Iran and continues to KILL somali islamos I’ll vote for him a third time. The more somalis we kill over there the less we’ll have behind the wheel of taxis here in the US. I’m sure you heard the story of them at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. No seeing eye dogs and no alcohol. In my 18 year taxi driving career I found the seeing eye dogs to be better mannered than many of the two legged animals I had in the back seat. Alcohol, if I saw a drunken Italian two blocks away and there were 14 non-drinking somalis between me and the Italian, I’d run over 14 somalis to get to the Italian. With the drunken Italian he’s probably going to South Philadelphia, I’m not going to get into a wrestling match over the meter, I’m going to get a tip and if I have to help him to the door he’ll give an even bigger tip. How’s that for profiling? Gee, and I’m typing this sober. To paraphrase I think Mark Twain, “I can’t live with someone I can’t drink with”, or maybe it was Will Rogers.

    Fwance the retread, why bother, I’m in a good mood.

  15. RENO

    Thanks for this story, Pat!
    How do you find this stuff out? I would never know about this if I had never found this site.

    Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, sir! :twisted:

  16. RENO

    And fuck fwance

  17. Kevin M

    Let’s not kid ourselves: The overwhelming majority of Americans (and a goddamned lot of Europeans) will breathe a sigh of relief if Iran suddenly experiences a huge gaping hole where their nuke facilities once were.

    The only message these Iranians need to get is: Don’t fuck with us!

    A huge gaping hole is a very articulate way to communicate.

    It is also a great way to make the point that our mission in Iraq has been a matter of tense and sensitive removal of the “bad guys,” rather than a hesitancy in achieving our mission. Who (apart from the Pelosi crowd) wants to stand up and say “But the Iranians deserve nuke technology just like anyone else!”???

    I sense that Teddy Roosevelt is smiling in his grave!

  18. Mike in Dallas

    Can’t we bomb Europe while we’re at it? :mrgreen:

  19. fraser

    France the retour,
    Let me first start by saying what almost every American thinks when any French pussy makes a comment like “it will be your Afghanistan failure as it was for Russia”. GO FUCK YOURSELF! Second, you would be speaking German if it weren’t for us. What you European pussy ass doesn’t realize is that appeasement is what got your country in to a second world war; and made your come crawling to us to ask for help. Let me also remind your dumbass that our Afghanistan was Vietnam you loser. Oh and why were we there in the first place, because your country once again got your ass kicked and left. Finally, let me remind you of one thing. It was France and now Russia that created problems like this. It is you that force us to act like this, because the rest of you will not. If the Israelis hadn’t bombed the nuclear reactor in 1981, THAT YOUR COUNTRY BUILT, Saddam would have had nuclear weapons within months. So stop bitching about the fact that you are no longer a major world player and let us do our job.

  20. RENO

    Well said fraser :!:

  21. USMC_Dad

    GO NAVY !!!


    Great stuff Pat. Keep us informed…as usual.

    Semper Fi

  22. France the retour

    Johnny, I can see your good mood when you tell your life anecdotes :wink:

    fraser, I correct you, I would not be speaking german but rather russian, but thanks to your father, I was able to learn freely german and history, unlike you, I suppose you were near to tell a comic, don’t forget a last one is updating with a happy end

  23. Gramps

    Steve in NC: Cool, can we elect Bush to a third term? Lots of killing left to do….

    With bush calling me a racist for wanting our immigration laws enforced, and giving the country away I wouldn’t vote for that SOB for dog catcher let alone any other office.

  24. TJL

    What I don’t get is why we consider the fwussies an ally. They only thing good to come out of France is the food. They should stay out of ALL political issues, as frankly, I don’t think they’re fit to make judgements.

  25. 0311inohio

    :lol: :beer: :beer: For Fraser!

  26. Tanicacid

    I still like the nail Iran’s one and only gasolene refinery and sit on the blockade for a month till their people feel what their leaders have done. Only thing they could do is escalate their covert ops for our media…a very real and effective threat.

    As an old Electrician, it would sure help the Iranian and North Korean mantra of nuclear power for their country…I they’d beef up their Power Distrubution grid to accomodate their new loads. It takes years for that to happen…first question always asked by the IAEA.

  27. Tom

    France The Retour!

    Frere Jacques! Dormez Vous?!!

    Mais oui, Josephine but I am as mad as you.

    I would be much more worried about your Parisian intifada than I would be about US pilots bombing the shit out of Iranian nuclear development sites. In that particular, I would NOT want to be working on Iranian nuclear facilities. I might prefer to call in sick as often as possible. The risk-reward ratio favors the American pilots and our country considerably. Guarding those places probably doesn’t pay enough to get up and think “Is today the day?”

    We don’t need to invade that country, we just need to blow the fuck out of its nuclear capacity and do some black ops and encourage the simmering resistance to the regime. Let the locals do the job. In fact, I think it will be the MULLAHS who are going to be facing an Afghan like battle and not the US. They will be increasingly afraid of bombs, assassins and hell falling from the sky. Not a pleasant scenario, if you think about it. It kind of sucks, actually. Maybe being a mullah isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    Back to les banlieus de vous, tu and you. You have an insurgency brewing very close to the Louvre. It is growing. It is not going anywhere. With your idiotique socialism, there are about…two jobs for a few million Muslim gang members (Known universally in the press around the world as “youths”.) and they are growing less and less charmante as the months pass. Regardez les voitures as they burn baby burn!

    Put another way France Retour, don’t park your Renault in any Muslim neighborhoods. They are no longer your territory. Your car is their car. Your neighborhoods are now theirs. Your country, in time will not be yours any longer mon ami et mon frere, it will be part of Dar El Islam. I will dare to say on behalf of your local Afghanistan a Paris “Vous, tu etes toute fuckee, mon ami.”

    And a huge part of WHY France will easily fall into the Muslim fold is that YOU GUYS DON’T FIGHT!

    Vous n’avez pas le fortitude testicular pour la battaille.

    We’d love to see Sarkozy prove us wrong, though. We’ve basically discounted you from future events. France n’existe pas non plus. We figure France qua France will probably cease to be recognizable in about ten to fifteen years. It might be still called france but much closer to say, Afghanistan or Algeria than to the people who gave us the Vichy gov’t.

    There is more of Afghanistan inside France to worry about than there is for American forces blowing the shit out of the mullahs. I would recommend you worry less about our hypothetical -though unlikely- problems in Iran as opposed to the Taliban you have helped create inside of your Mere, France.

    Put another way mon homeboy: Read the Koran. You may want to learn about your future rulers’ laws. That is, you may want to buy your wife or girlfriend her burka early while prices are low.

    Vive Al-Andalus! Vive Al-France Islamique!

    Allahu Akbar Mes Amis!


  28. Tom

    Retour Boy,

    PS. Don’t give any of the black widow viagara to the Muslim Imams in Paris.

    They are already fucking the shit out of you. Any more and you’ll find that they can riot with impunity, burn thousands of cars without any Resistance!, that they can intimidate the men into acting like old women and they might get the impression that you’re such metrosexuals that you don’t mind seeing the Laws of the Prophet Mohammad (Who was factually, a pedophile, having married a six year old as one of his many wives when he was fifty.) replace egalite, fraternite and all that stuff.

    Oh sorry. They’re already doing that. Come to think of it, give them all the viagara they want. Your country is fucked either way.

    Au revoir La France. Bienvennu Le Prophet Mohammad.


  29. Judith


  30. Steady

    And some people still wonder why Americans hate the French wimps?? Just read the Retard from France posts. Muzzies are taking over sections of Paris and the French could care less.

  31. CPTK

    France the retour - Dien Bien Phu or Algeria ring a bell? Or maybe the more recent burning of half of France by members of the Muslim minority? How are things in the glass house? Go ahead and continue with inaction, we’ll see how that works out for you. Might want to study up on the Koran. “Persian Darius spirit will stay alive and you’ll find it on your way everywhere you may go.” You go first.

  32. Kipp

    Afghanistan is the REAL war. Now that you Frenchies have a rightist leader, maybe you will stick your neck out beyond the croissant dish and lend a hand. I understand you not wanting to help in Iraq. The turdballs that run this country made a huge mistake in qualifying contracts there. But the world should not let the OBLs of the world escape.

  33. Mike from the Republic of Texas

    Not to be a jerk but what the heck was the link France the retour posted supposed to be about all I got was spidervenom spermacide.

  34. TJ

    france the retard,

    Cant piss and moan in your own country now that you finally have a leader with gonads, so you come here to to bitch to us? we will only lose this war if we quit. and we will quit only if we decide to “go french”. quitters never win and winners never quit! :mad:

  35. TWarrior

    Countdown to Israel’s destruction has begun, says Ahmadinejad

    Iranian president says Israel’s disappearance imminent, ‘Zionist regime’ will have to bow down to Palestinians. Iranian FM meets with Hamas, Jihad, leader in Damascus, urging them to continue struggle against Jewish state

    Dudi Cohen Published: 06.03.07, 11:56 / Israel News

    France the retour, pull your head out of your ass!!

  36. France the retour

    I didn’t catch that one up to :


    1.(n)someone that has no luck finding work or purpose in the civilian world so they relunctantly came back to the original enlistment they choose to leave in the first place.
    2.(n)individual with the drive to make up for lost time/purpose with a follow-up enlistment(s) that means absolutely nothing. Essentially achieving the required 20 years of bullshit to recieve a pention in nonconsecutive terms.

    1. GySgt Haney is a poster board retread.
    2. Timothy knows being a retread puts him in the highest ranks of losers, but he makes the most of it anyhow.

    by kool keith Mar 23

    hey, Johnny, You project your own vision of yourself, don’t you ?

  37. Clyde Conneer

    Never trusting an asshat who gives a link to PMS/NBC to prove his point. More Doberman less Olberman cheese eater.

  38. Steve in NC

    Gramps -

    yep, I was focused on the war only, the immigration shit makes me puke, but still take him over the other side, at least he is a hawk at a time we need one.

  39. Matt

    frenchie is a balless fag.

    no balls.

  40. Tanicacid

    Just saw the rerun of the May 17 interview on C Span of Frank Gaffney on how films not meeting CPB and PBS “agenda” are being black listed. This one, “Islam Vs. Islamists” had moderate Muslims delima documented. PBS nixed it. That’s our tax money guys.

  41. France the retour

    hey Johnny I did kick in the ants nest, didn’t ?

    brave little soldats, a fatty queen programmed your brain as war slaves and your so strong involved in that belief that you can’t see anything else. you must haved missed some youth playings which would have helped in developping your imagination and your discernement.

    Pleased to meet you, give my regards to the queen, oops, AVE CAESAR !

  42. Fraser

    France the Retour,
    Let me first start by saying that NO I am not wrong about you speaking German if we didn’t help you out. You may be thinking that it was the Russians who crushed Germany and took Berlin. In this case I only must laugh at your arrogant Frogy ass! Hmmm I seam to remember my grandfather tell me stories about French soldiers firing on him when he hit the French coast in the first wave of the D-day invasion but hey he’s old, he doesn’t know what he talking about. That’s why when he had to shoot a couple of them to stop them from killing him, he wasn’t telling the truth. The only conclusion I can reach is that you are not educated for you to tell me you would be speaking Russian. But hey if you forget that Germany is east of France and Russia is east of Germany along with 10 other eastern European countries, which would mean the Russians were on the western front, here is a map for you’re dumb ass:
    Oh and just to prove it even further, my grandfather took half a German 88 shell in his ass about 4 miles from the German border in FRANCE you fuck. This was about 3 months before the final surrender of Germany. So I am guessing that because France is still a democracy and a member of NATO during the cold war, they wouldn’t be speaking Russian. So I guess it is always fun being right, you should check on your education. I hope you didn’t learn to speak German in Germany, because they don’t teach the history of their country between the years 1935-1945. So in closing, I will say what my dad said to the CEO of a French company he took over a couple years ago:
    My dad: “Do you speak German?”
    Frenchy: “No”
    My dad: “Exactly! Now shut the fuck up, sign the paper, and get the fuck out of my office!”

  43. A Jarhead

    Here comes the pain train!

    Is there a website people can post messages to be written on bombs?

  44. terry smyth

    Hey guys,The french retard, not retread has really got you going, which is just what he was needling for.Ignore the half witted bastard,be is probably a fr canadian or a moonbat from the US who has studied physcology and has worked out a way to really rile you. Totally ignore the prick.Do not even pick up on anything he responds to and stop the anti French retoric as this just plays into the snotgobblers hands. I dont think hes french at all, but he sure has creased the funnel on antifrench sentiment.Hang loose guys the moonbats have only a very short attention span. Afterall, remember that PARIS is in jail fort 45 days so the snotgobbler has nothing to see on the tabloid press for a month at least. Then he will leave you along as he will be muscularly busy :twisted:

  45. TJ

    I dont hate the french myself, they have there share of pricks, and retard might be one, but he is no different from looney liberals here, who , to show how much they “care” about humanity, display their usual elitist contempt for those who sacrifice their lives for their country. I appreciate retard coming on here trying to sound intelligent while he waxes poetic about this and that. Its entertaining to know that he sees that america is strong and leads the world precisely because of people like pat dollard and so many of you on this site, and feels the need to denigrate us in order to compensate for obvious metrosexual disposition.

    the pen is mightier than the sword for this coward.
    if you couldnt find a good definition for loser, well, read more of france the retards tripe. He is a leader among losers! :lol:

  46. Tom

    France Au Revoir!

    Frere Jacques. Le fin pour France arrive. Elle n’existe plus longtemps. Vous avez le intifada a Paris. Vous avez la grand reveille de socialism au coeur do votre economie, societe et culture. Bon soir.

    Islam est beaucoup plus puissant que votre civilization. Les Francais n’avez pas non plus le confiance necessaire pour la guerre chez vous.

    Ca c’est la raison que nous trouvons les Francais une grande geste, une comedie. Comme Jerry Lewis, par example.

    Say goodnight, Gracie.

    Bon soir, France.

  47. drillanwr

    Was going to weigh in on the frog, but yunz did a bang-up job. :beer: :beer: :beer:

  48. France the retour

    Fraser, grand-pa was a brave guy, and even if Alzheimer messes his memory, he would not talk as his bigoted grand-child who only sees the world through the 52 stars glasses prism ; you stopped learning history after 1940 didn’t you ? modern Germany was the first to acknoledge its nazy past ; heard of the movie “the fall of hitler” ?…

  49. MikeP

    And blow Putin’s happy ass away while you’re at it. The US can trust that bastard about as far as a person can throw a Russian weightlifter.
    Time to make Putin start pootin in his pants.

  50. CW

    Damn, I am glad that I live in the good ole U S of A!!!!

    I do realize we all have our faults but one thing is for sure. We as Americans have the courage to take action against extremists no matter where they may be. While most European nations (our Engilsh breathren excepted) keep trying to utilize the Ostrich approach by burying their heads in the sand and hoping their problem just go away.

    As far as Frenchy, please don’t be too hard on the ingnorant prick. It is hard to change your views when you have been raised in a culture of arrogance and cowardice. You know the French are not that bad! They are always there when they need you. :lol:

  51. EZRider

    The threads on this site are great. Thanks for the humor France, I think Tom did a good job so I won’t bother with a follow up. I feel bad for the guys on the Enterprise though. That piece of shit is working on 35+ years… I wouldnt want to be on it in the dead of summer when the HVAC shits the bed.

    But 3 carriers in the region… talk about firepower. The most powerful conventional force in the world is sitting off the coast of Iran. Check.

  52. France the retour

  53. Infidel

    Hey Frog re-sour, That was nearly 5 yrs. ago and US cargo planes had to finish the rescue. Nice job.

  54. Tom

    Je crois que vous n’etes pas Francais en actualite. Et vous nous donnes un anecdote. Un anecdote est une example de mais ca ne change le debat plus grand. Nous avons aussi beaucoup de anecdotes lorsque France et les Francais. Mon pere, un soldat pendant le Guerre Mundiale m’a dit une million de temps son opinion de France contre les Allemandes. Et Vichy. Et le “resistance” (Qui etait beaucoup plus grand APRES le guerre que pendant le guerre, n’est ce pas? LOL.)

    Et ce example, avait les soldats une actual batalle pres de cette ecole? Il parait que non. Merci, merci merci mille temps pour votre alliance une fois avec nous.

    Maintenaint, dit moi merci pour Normandy, et la liberation de votre payee.

    In Shakespeare’s Henry the Fifth, after the battle at Agincourt where the English defeated the French though outnumbered about ten to one, the French queen or other royal figure (I forget which one.) fulminates about how it would be wise for French women to bed these grimey, bloody and barbaric English soldiers so that they might create children who would have the stomach for a fight.

    I think it is too late for France to do that. Allah protect you now.


  55. France the retour

    Tom, I can post myriads of links which could encounter your misinformed opinion or your unfinnished shool courses, anyway, it is not worth of tiring, I am such a lazy one, but you too : your google translation is a bit primitiv, but I appreciate your effort though :lol:

  56. Tom

    Fellow Dollard posters:

    I don’t think Retour is French. He might just play one on tv or might be a wannabe (I have NEVER heard of anyone wishing to be French before though. Imagine.) but I don’t think he is an actual French type person. Well, in that he is whiney, effete but slightly vicious, deluded and bitterly anti-American yes, he is in many regards French. But so is Rosie O’Donnell then French as well.

  57. Tom

    Retour Le Muslim!

    Mais ce n’est pas google du tout! C’est moi et mon education Americain. Il n’y a jamais le chance pour moi de practiquer. No I don’t speak or write very well. I just wanted to make you feel at home, homes.

    But luckily for you, my dad’s generation stood up and fought the Germans when your nation’s would not. Thus I can speak my bad French at all rather than the bad German I would be speaking in lieu (A French word!) of that.

    How goes the “youths” in France? Making any headway turning them into dapper metrosexuals yet?

    Vive Le Prophet!

    Good night and good luck.

  58. 0311inohio

    French The Retour: AKA: Cheese eating surrender Monkey! :smile:

  59. France the retour

    hey, en attendant d’être bouffés par les mangeurs de chèvres, time to enjoy your queen :

    hamburger patroness

  60. Tom

    Frere Jacques!

    Most Grenouille. Come to LA or NY for good looking girls. And you can find some real chiens in any country, n’est ce pas?

    Man, in France I did get some, so to speak, and the French girls usually had little good to say about their skinny and effete little boyfriends. My father told me that American troops did get a great deal of hospitality from the cream of French womanhood during WW2.

    One suggestion Frere Jacques, convert to Islam. It is an aggressive and expanding force in Europe while pacifist metrosexuality may be on the decline. If you do convert you’ll be ahead of the trend, avant garde in a sense. You can still get just as angry at America as you are now, that won’t change. You’ll have to start hating Jews too, if you don’t already but that seems to have a great background in France based on how easily the populace tended to hand over French Jews to the Nazis. You may have to give up some of your silly suits and ties and start wearing different robes periodically but some of the chic leftists wear Palestinian scarves already to show “Solidarity” with the Oppressed.

    Yes, convert mon frere and save. Those who get in early, like in any sale, will do better than those who get in late. Kind of like real estate. Think of yourself as buying a home in the growing Muslim market and as they take over your country, you’ll see your home appreciate. You’ll have ingratiated yourself with the leaders, and have a jump on the rules and there are quite a few you are going to need to learn:

    Face and pray towards Mecce five times a day. Start now by periodically during the day figuring out which way Mecca is in relationship to yourself. It will become second nature in time. You can add bowing and praying in Arabic later. You can openly express your hatred of gays, Christians, atheists, Brits, women, democracy and so on. The things you have to hate in Islam is rather numerous and might require some study. Start now, non? But listen, that chick with the thong? That is not going to happen when the “youths” and their “leaders” (imams) take over. Sorry. Burkas and abayas? Oui, oui. American blue jeans, non plus.

    Later, when Sarkozy is chased out of the nation and the Foreign Legion is dismanted and Paris is renamed Al Paris or something like that, you will be very advanced. And a guy like you will surely want four wives as is allowed by sharia. And you will be able to marry a six year old girl, just like The Great Prophet did! Incroyable!

    The peace of Allah be on France.


  61. Lt. Jarred Fishman

    I sure hope you are correct Sir! If so, I would finally be able to get a solid night’s sleep for the first time in years..

  62. France the retour

    what a pessimist !

    by the ways, the arabs girls are “hotties”, pity you are not allowed to meet them.

    if I could, I would show you are wrong on the line, but nevermind, the one who expresses the most xenophobic stereotypes is you (and some of your compatriots), and I am not playing with the words on that one !

  63. Bee from the Sea

    There is still alot more killing that needs to be done. The muslim positioning around the world are not doing so to give their offspring a better place to live. Wake up! Until we rid ourselves of “rules of engagement,”we are doomed to further quagmires. Let’s get serious about this fight and let our troops do what they signed up and trained for. And, while were at it, let those three carrier task forces do what they sailed over there to do. Take out Iran’s nuclear facilities, military and their government. This world does not need another Muslim country with nuclear strike capabilities.

  64. Tom


    Oh I have indeed met some Arab women. I lived in NY and have many Turkish friends as well. These women do not wear abayas though. I am guessing you haven’t met any women on the way to mosque lately. But when the imams take over, you most definitely will not be chatting them up at all. And when they wear their robes you won’t know whether they’re hotties or not.

    You are a silly and pleasant, a sort of Inspector Clousseau type with petty anger and humorous opinions.

    One thing I am sure of Inspector Clousseau, you do not go into Muslim areas where the “youths” are festering in their anger. You started this repartee with concern for how American soldiers might fare against the might Persians. I tell you, worry less about Persians and more about Parisians. Euros are bowing down more and more, day by day to Islam, not Arab hotties. From the murder of Theo Van Gogh, the chasing of Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Holland, the anti-Semetism in your country, the riots by the “youths” in France, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism right under your noses. Londonistan is not unique to London. As happens to your cartoonists who have sacrified free speech, so too might you find yourself apologizing to Mohammad some day soon.

    I dare you to take a weekend in Malvo, Sweden. And bring your girlfriend. And go into one of the Muslim neighborhoods and don’t let her wear a head scarf. (Oh you do have your head scarf issues, n’est ce pas mon ami Ameri-phobic?) See how she does.

    Demographic trends in Europe favor a rising Muslim populace and disfavor the locals, such as you. Islam is not a race, it is an ideology that commands both the religious/spiritual and the secular. It is not exactly like Tibetan Buddhism, for example. (Did you hear how Al Queda wants to kill the Dalai Lama, by the way? How very multi-cultural, is it not?!) Many French people are quietly looking into moving out of the country. Others are going to be looking into converting. Time is not on your side. And with the general lack of national will one finds in France and other European nations, I am not optimistic about the future of France. I just wouldn’t really consider it a great loss either.

    As for the US, well, we are as ever, lucky. We debate illegal immigration but that mostly comes from Catholic nations like Mexico. No matter what, I would vastly prefer to be inundated with millions of Catholics than Muslims. And if you wish to call me bigoted for saying that, do it when you get back from the weekend in Malvo, mon homeboy. Take a stroll through the banlieus looking for Arab hotties, Inspector.

    But you will stay in your own quartiers, ignore as long as you can the intifada in your back yard and spend your time yelling about American imperialism and such nonsense. You would make Peter Sellers proud.



  65. Future0311

    Well, frenchie, why can’t you show him where he’s wrong?

  66. bd

    Tell me ‘France the retour’, how did your once strong nations, become feminine slave to your future masters, the Muslims?
    How did you go from Napolean the Banlieu? How did you go from master of Europe to complaining about a 40hr work week? Please, answer this: the question is when the Muslim’s attack you and your family and friends, what will you do? Will you fight back. Don’t go off on a tangent, just answere directly. Will fight back. With your hands? With weapons? If necessary to protect your country, will you enlist, voluntarily in your military? Will you carry your weapon into battle, and kill Muslim’s? What if they’re shooting behind women? Or children? Are you willing to defend you and everything you hold dear? What do you hold dear? Do you intend to let your country fall to the slow takeover of Sharia? How will you feel when the little girls of your family can’t go to school, and you must pay the Jizya? Or when gangs of Muslims rape your sister, as is happening by the hundreds in Norway? France, it is so easy to sit back and do nothing but complain, because if anybody looks hard enough, you will always find problems. But at the least we’re fighting back. Better to fight back, then be on your back.

  67. PooleeScore

    I fucked a French girl once. It was nice because she wasn’t hairy and didn’t have B.O.

    I asked her politely in the morning to grab her trash and be on her way.

    I also used to work with a French guy…. We called him Frenchy. He was cool. Then again, he moved here. My opinions a little biased too. He was the guy who set me up with the girl.

    Have the French actually ever done anything useful?
    I know they’ve perfected the art of bitching…but thats about it.

  68. Kevin

    This is for Frenchies picture of the US and EU. Just so you know health analysts suspect the wanna-be-US (read EU here) to pass the real USA by 2017 with fat people. Good thing all the women in France will be wearing burqas and you can’t tell they all way 300 pounds.

  69. USMA2012

    I find it interesting that our French companion would call us xenophobic. Quite ironic, considering our country has had the most immigration to it of any in history and it has been almost completely peaceful, regardless of whether the immigration was legal or not. I think retour has to realize there is a considerable difference between opposing muslim extremism abroad and the fear of all foreigners(xenophobia).

  70. TJ


    your french is tres tres bien. and your insights are even better. I notice francoretard has grown tired of argument and has settled for the typical leftist strategy : call your opponnent bigoted in one way or another. That will shut up a liberal usually, problem is most conservative types see that strategy for what it is; scare mongering. Boy am I sacred of being called names, its much sacrier than having ignoramous muslims with 3rd grade educations moralizing with society while strapping bombs to themselves and killing as many unbelievers as possible! I think i’m going to sell my gun and enter in the next debate, afterall words will definitely help me foregt the death and destruction taking place in the name of allah. :lol:

    frenchie sounds like a french canadian to me.

  71. John Cunningham

    Tom, I love it when you speak Fwench.

  72. France the retour

    futureo311, that’s an enignme, that Inspecteur Clouzeau will have to resolve despite he has an idea about it :twisted:

    and tommy dear, enjoy your kind of life, I don’t envy you, we ‘ll see in future which country is doing great, wether you’ll be overwhelmed with “aliens” or evangelism… and us with integrists or misses from all over the world :lol:

  73. France the retour

    ” I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries” monty python

  74. RockinRobin



    BUMMER CAMP: Authorities cite connections between a secretive
    upstate camp called Islamberg and Pakistani cleric Mubarak Ali
    June 4, 2007 — A remote Muslim commune nestled in the Catskill Mountains has come under the scrutiny of state and federal authorities for possible ties to terrorism, according to law-enforcement sources.

    Officials say Islamberg - a wooded, 70-acre encampment in upstate Tompkins, about three hours north of the city - acts as the headquarters for an outfit called Muslims of the Americas, widely believed to be a front for Jamaat al-Fuqra, founded by radical Pakistani cleric Mubarak Ali Gilani.

    Reports of gunfire and military-style physical training at the camp have led some investigators to believe that the group’s members are preparing for homegrown jihad.

    According to one account, a neighbor said he has seen commune members dressed in Port Authority uniforms.

    Al-Fuqra members have been suspects in assassinations and firebombings in the United States, authorities said, and an associate of the group, Rodney Hampton-el, was jailed in 1996 for plotting to bomb New York bridges and tunnels.

    Gilani is the extremist who Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was reportedly trying to meet in Pakistan when he was abducted and beheaded.

    Gilani started the organization in 1980, when he came to America and began preaching at a Brooklyn mosque.

    After Gilani returned to Pakistan, the American group he started entrenched itself in a number of rural outposts, according to authorities.

    The feds have alleged that some group members have been sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan to receive terrorist training.

    One Islamberg resident denied the charge.

    “This is my country,” the resident said. “I love this country. I did a year in the bush in Vietnam for this country.”

    The resident, who wouldn’t give his name, was wearing traditional Islamic garb when he intercepted a Post reporter seeking a tour of the camp.

    The camp, which sits off a dirt road, appears to be little more than a collection of ramshackle homes and trailers.

    The resident admitted that Gilani was the spiritual head of Muslims of the Americas but denied the existence of al-Fuqra.

    The resident called Gilani “a reformer.”

    “But some people don’t reform,” he said. “They do a lot of foolishness in [Gilani’s] name.”

    Asked whether commune members kept weapons at the camp, the resident said, “We got guns up here just like everyone else got guns. We’re American citizens.”

  75. Indy

    France the retour

    hey, en attendant d’être bouffés par les mangeurs de chèvres, time to enjoy your queen :

    hamburger patroness

    That’s the best you can do? A least our women shave their pits a bath regularly. Do you guys still have those phone booth size shitters on every corner? You know, the ones with just a hole in the ground. I must say, the french have very poor aim.And very limited hygene, they don’t even have sinks in those things. Yuk and peuww

  76. RockinRobin

    Tom - give it a rest. You have proved through your posts that French the Retard is not French at all. You are only wasting your time with him. Let’s talk about immigration and the threat our nation is facing by not shutting down our borders and giving amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants. What are we going to do about it?

    Here’s a letter I wrote to Representative Mel Martinez -R FL. May not be eloquent and I sure as hell would welcome someone who writes much better than I to write something to get the point across. We need to fight this just as we did the war funding!

    Mr. Martinez,

    I wrote you previously concerning the non-binding resolution and worked very hard to help others with like minds spread the word in order to defeat the Democrats on this issue. It worked. We bombarded Democrats’ offices with e-mails, phone calls and protests. I am very proud of you and other Republicans for standing your ground Mr. Martinez.

    My mother worked with you in your “early” days at the Criminal Justice Committee. Although I’ve only met you once, my mother spoke highly of you. Growing up in the Capitol was quite an experience to say the least. I knew those halls like the back of my hand. However, I never realized how much politics played in our daily lives. I’ve now come to realize, at a late age, that our country’s future depends on men like you to protect the citizens of the United States by doing the right thing.

    I’m very disappointed by the whole political process. Especially when members of Congress cater to special interest groups, pocket money, take bribes etc. rather than doing the right thing by voting their conscious and for the American people who put them in office. It truly sickens me that the whole “I scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine” runs rampant on Capitol Hill. Some Congress members vote on bills that they do not believe in if it means that they will gain votes on bills they present. What kind of justice is that Mr. Martinez?

    I have recently learned about the new immigration bill allowing amnesty for illegal immigrants. The more I learn about it and the more I read that Republicans are backing the bill, the more disenchanted I become with “my” party.

    There are several reasons why this bill is not in the best interest of our country and its LEGAL citizens. The first and foremost is that illegal immigrants are being rewarded for illegal activities at the cost of the American taxpayers. They are allowed health care, they are allowed to rent homes, are allowed subsidies to help them live on “our” soil.

    The billions of dollars we spend on pacifying illegal immigrants would be best spent, in my humble opinion, on; taking care of OUR elderly, building facilities for our disabled veterans, providing physical and mental health care to those who have fought to protect our shores, research in health matters, SECURING our boarders etc. The money used to pay for programs catering to illegal immigrants is my money, the taxpayer’s money. LEGAL American citizens should have a say in where our tax dollars are spent.

    We don’t call illegal immigrants, illegal for no reason, Mr. Martinez. These criminals, including those who employ them, are being rewarded for participating in illegal activities. I don’t know about you, but where I come from, if I commit an illegal act, I’m going to jail or either suffering the consequences of my actions. I’ve NEVER been rewarded for something I did wrong. Just ask my mother. I don’t care how anyone puts it or how much “fluff” is used to explain the current laws away – illegal is illegal and those who are in this country illegally MUST suffer the consequences of breaking the laws – not rewarded by giving them amnesty.

    Secondly, and the most important to me, is that by granting amnesty to illegal immigrants the threat to our nations security is maximized. We cannot afford to lose more American lives because the laws of our nation have been lax or we create new ones so terrorists can enter our country. Our laws are what has allowed rouges like Adnan Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, reportedly the man Osama bin Laden tapped to lead a previous scheme to detonate nuclear bombs AND help plot the 9/11 murders in our country to murder innocent people. Securing our boarders and kicking out illegal immigrants should be our nation’s FIRST priority. How many more American lives will be lost because Congress does not have the balls to do what’s right when it comes to the security of the American CITIZENS? The current laws obviously are not working and the bill before Congress is only going to make matters worse.

    For Christ’s sake, Mel, there are nuclear bombs in the United States as we speak. Very recently, there was a terror plot to blow up JFK that was thankfully thwarted. Fort Dix was going to be blown to smithereens, where THREE of the rogues were in the country illegally! Again I ask, how many more American lives are going to have to be taken before you guys wake up on Capitol Hill to protect us? How many more illegal immigrants are going to be allowed to stay in this country to kill our families and slowly drain our resources?

    Millions of American lives are at stake now because OUR laws protects and pacifies immigrants to the deteriment of true American citizens. And, why didn’t we IMMEDIATELY SHUT our boarders down after 9/11 and during the wars? That should have been our first priority before the first bomb was dropped in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Mel, my son is currently fighting the war in Iraq. He helped in securing the al-Anbar province by fighting in Ramadi. We MUST insure that we fight the war on terror on our shores so our men and women in uniform will actually have a place to come home to. The first place we must start is by securing our boarders so these rogues cannot enter our country. This should have been done a hell of a long time ago. It saddens me, and quite frankly sickens me to no end that our government allows illegal immigrants, Islamists, al-Queda, extreme Muslims and other radical organizations to spread their American hate propaganda on our shores by allowing them to use OUR Freedom of Speech and Our laws to spread their hate and their terror. IT MUST STOP. Again, the first step to our nation’s security is to get the illegal immigrants out of this country and to secure our boarders. You are in a position to help make that happen and the American people deserve no less from you and others in Congress.

    I have faith in you Mr. Martinez to do the right thing . . . we no longer will allow politicians to play politics with American lives. The legal Americans have a voice in this and I pray that you and your constituents will vote against this bill. We the people do have a say in what happens with our country and I can only hope that those who don’t do the right thing will be voted out of office before it’s too late; before more American lives are lost. We deserve to have people in office who truly understand that the safety and well being of the American people starts with securing the boarders. If the United States is blown up by nuclear bombs because some al-Queda operative was allowed to sneak in across our boarders, it will be blood on your hands. There will no longer be a country to “defend”. We will all be dead.

  77. Vernon

    :roll: Oh really? When is this supposed to happen? And what sir, is the source of your information? Please document or I will simply reject this as uninformed - or maybe a pipe dream.

  78. Australia, where in for the fight

    Yoplait its french for yogurt. Its also Australian for suck my big goana dick you no good bitch….

    Q: What color is the American flag?
    A: Red, White, and Blue.
    Q: What colour is the Australian flag?
    A: Red, White, and Blue.
    Q: What color is the British flag?
    A: Red, White, and Blue.
    Q: What color is the French flag?
    A: White.

    Q: How are French babies born?
    A: With their hands up (surrendering).

    Q: What do you call a French fighter coming to the rescue of American and British soldiers in the Iraqi desert?
    A: Mirage

    The only way the French are going in is if we tell them we found truffles in Iraq.

    Q: Why do the French use a lot of bleach on their sheets?
    A: So you can see their white flags better.

    Going to war without the French is like going hunting without an accordion.

    A French rifle for sale on ebay:
    “It’s never been fired and it’s been dropped only once.”

    Q: How many French soldiers does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Five: one to sit on his butt and watch and do nothing.
    one to turn tail and run.
    one to roll over.
    one to surrender to the light bulb and snitch out occupied sockets.
    and one to pick up a phone and cry to the United States.

    French tanks have 6 gears, 5 reverse and 1 forward. The forward gear exists in case they are attacked from behind

  79. France the retour

    Kevin, yeah that’s the saddest cultural plan Marchall contribution you gave us, Mac Donald !


    easier, isn’t it ?

    Australia, here , you can chose more :

    education for the braves :mrgreen:

  80. RockinRobin

    :mrgreen: Austraila - :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  81. Australia, where in for the fight

    Hey french mate i dont need to see your net links to more french jokes when we have you, your the biggest joke on here now bend over for daddy and let the blitzkreig on your pussy arse begin……..

  82. Mart

    Hey France the retour,

    “I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”

    Monty Python, The Holy Grail, scene 8

    In other words “f**k off.”

  83. Kevin

    I was serving on the Enterprise back in 1988 when “Operation Praying Mantis” occurred in response to Iranian mining activities that led to the near sinking of the Samuel B. Roberts. It turned into the biggest sea battle since WW2 and eventually led to the end of the Iraq/Iran war.

    History may repeat itself soon…..I hope it makes it makes the same impression it did back in ‘88!!

  84. yeah

    The Western World is all in the same boat,the stupid French/American banter is distracting. You all must have adhd. We need to reduce our dependence on oil from the middle east, in fact, we need to reduce our dependance on oil all together. All developed nations need to move towards this independance, as an example for other nations in the world. Sure Bush said were addicted to it, but if its in the American people’s our actual intrests, of course you can be well assured he wont dont a thing about it. Maybe if America spent the money it did on the Iraq War in a massive renewable energy project. Who would have objected, wouldnt that have been a better direction after 9/11? Its not too late. Tell as many as you can alternative energy inititives are the only way.

  85. Roger

    WE have one carrier in the Persian Gulf, the Stennis, who is 6 months into its deployment, which means another carrier needs to go out to the Persian Gulf area and replace the stennis. I think the Enterprise will be replacing the Stennis.

    1) Nimitz is in India, @ Anchor, crews on leave
    2) Enterprise as of june was in the mniddle of qualifications, easy coast.
    3) Kitty Hawk is in the Coral Sea.
    4) Ike is in Norfolk Va.
    5) Carl Vinson is drydocked untill 2010.
    6) Theodore Roosevelt is in Norfolk for a 9 month maintence cycle.
    7) G. Washington just got out of drydock in Norfolk.
    8) Stennis is in the Persian Gulf. And is near the end of its 6 month deployment.
    9) Harry S. Truman is training on the east coast.
    10) Ronald Reagan is in SAn Diego.
    11) GHW Bush has not yet been delivered to the Navy.
    12) Lincoln is off the state of Washington, from its home port of BRemmington.

    3 carriers indeed. Thats funny.

  86. appalled

    I’m absolutely appalled at what I’m reading here. War should be the last option ever considered, and Iran’s actions do not justified a US attack.

    To all the people calling for more war: You’re absolutely insane.

  87. LJS

    Please post facts…Thanks

  88. The FatKid

    Amazing. All this ranting and raving, and, with the exception of a couple of people, no one has questioned the basic premise of this blog: the fact that the Enterprise Strike Group going to the Middle East is a sign of “military escalation against Iran”.

    Get your facts straight: the Enterprise is going to relieve the Stennis in the Persian Gulf. I concede the fact that while the Enterprise is in the process of relieving the Stennis, there will be TWO carriers in the Persian Gulf, but the fact still remains: one carrier leaves, another takes its place leaving only ONE carrier and its strike group.

    As LJS and Roger point out, the only other carrier in the area is the Nimitz and it’s currently in the vicinity of India.

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