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July 31, 2007

Leftist Bloggers Unleash “Fury” At Good Iraq News (15)
Pakistan: Brazen Taliban Assaults, Soldiers Kidnapped (2)
Debka: Syria’s War Plans Delayed Til November (2)
Afghanistan: No Way We’ll Free Taliban Prisoners (1)
“Social Engineering Is Dumbing Down Education” (6)
Pakistan “Disappointed” By U.S. Pressure (0)
Turning Point? (18)
Video: F***in Die! (22)
Al Jazeera Hostage Video (0)
The One-Two Punch (4)
Taliban Issues Another Hostage Deadline (0)

July 30, 2007

Special Forces Alert: New Iggy Video Up (0)
Murtha’s Big Plan (20)
Korean’s Bullet-Riddled Body Found (7)
Why Iran Won’t Be The First To Blink (9)
Airing Now: LCPL John L Howell’s “The Cost Of Freedom” (13)
Chief Justice Roberts Suffers Seizure (11)
Repealing D.C.’s Gun Law (15)
Taliban Miliatary Council Chariman Killed (3)
Taliban Kill Second Korean Hostage (3)
Iraqi Parliament Adjourns For August (8)
Video: Diane Sawyer “Interviews” General Petraeus (7)
Bush , Brown: Time For Tougher Sanctions (6)
Pro-Taliban Militants Seize Pakistan Mosque (14)
Alert: Taliban Says Koreans Start Dying In Three Hours (0)
A Reenlistment Seen Round The World (23)
Political Cover for Whom? (5)

July 29, 2007

U.K.: Lawmakers Say No To Tougher Terror Laws, Praise “Softer” Approach (23)
Al Qaeda Panicking At Losses In Egypt (5)
Will Congress Allow Us To Fill The Intel Gap? (3)
“US Committed To Israel’s Supremacy Over Arab Armies” (12)
Breaking: Iraq Wins Asian Cup (12)
Al Qaeda-Backed Insurgency Raging In Somalia (3)
America Refurbishes Its Gulf-Red Sea Defenses Against Iran Menace (11)
Video: “Us And Them”: The Bashman Remix (11)
YA Video: Ramadi Rooftop “This Is The Life” (9)
Video: “The Dogs And Cats Of Fallujah” (1)

July 28, 2007

Musharraf Decides To Risk Civil War (7)
“There Is No Jihad. We Are Just Instruments Of Death.” (7)
Man Arrested For Throwing Koran In Toilet (44)
Video: Us And Them (10)
B-Chump: Hot Air’s “Why We Care” (9)
Video: Reminder From Glenn Beck (7)
Bush Wants Terrorism Law Updated (3)
Breaking: Desperate Musharraf In Power Sharing Talks (7)
Video: The Next Generation (9)

July 27, 2007

The Battle For Hearts And Minds (1)
Trial Against U.S. Muslim Charity Begins (7)
Alert: Liberals Going After Fox News Advertisers (38)
Fear The Reaper (9)
Dems Vow To Not Confirm Any More Bush Supreme Court Nominees (9)
Human Rights Group Decries Bigotry In Beheading Video (23)
Video: News Choppers Collide Filming High Speed Car Chase (3)
Al Sadr Wants U.N. To Make America Stop Attacking His Army (12)
Edwards Video: “They Want To Shut Me Up” (10)
Russia’s Largest Arms Deal In 30 Years: Iran Buys 250 Fighter-Bombers (19)
Dallas Street Named After Wounded Marine (7)
Video: Down The Tubes (6)
Airing Now - Mike Moseley’s “What If Bush And The Republicans Acted Like Democrats?” (21)
Battleground Poll: 71% Say Congressmen Put Party’s Interests Over Nation’s Interests (9)
China Arming Both Sides In Iraq (4)
Four Iranian Operatives Captured This Morning (10)
John Edwards’ “Poverty Tour” Bombs (6)
Crazy Video: “Lindsay Lohan Carjacked Us And Held Us Hostage” (12)
Britan: “Up To Here” With Multiculturalism (6)
Army Investigating Scott Thomas B. For UCMJ Violations (8)
Video: Red Mosque Violence (0)
Taliban Hostage Negotiations Continue (2)
UPDATE: 11 Killed In Red Mosque Bombing (3)
Iraqi Government In Deepest Crisis (3)