Exclusive: U.S. Soldier Reports Killing Iranian Revolutinary Guards In Iraq In I.M. Exchange With His Mother

July 2nd, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


You are going to have to take me at my word on this, but relatives, soldiers and officers have confirmed to me the presence of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers in Iraq - for years now. I’m going to let it all out slowly, but want to share with you, as an initial sample, on email exchange between an American serviceman and his mother from October and May 2004. For the moment, their idientities are being protected by me, for obvious reasons.

This is an excert from an email sent to me by his mother:

I kept a journal of all of our emails and IM’s from Feb. ‘04-Feb. ‘05. This is an excerpt from an IM I got from my son around October ‘04. At the time, he was with (redacted ) at FOB (redacted).

Son: hi ma!
Son: no dice, eh ma?
Me: I was in the other room
Me: I’m here!!!
Son: shame on you
Me: for what?
Son: not being at my beck and call.
Son: I killed people today
Me: Bad guys?
Son: no, i really got into a nasty firefight today
Son: them + Iranian special forces
Me: I think you ROCK
Son: i got (redacted)’s highest confirmed kill coint now, standing at (redacted)

And then from 5/13/04, earlier:

Me: I can’t believe there is still so much trouble over there.
Son: me either
Me: Where so they all come from?
Son: syria
Son: iran

14 Responses

  1. PooleeScore

    the finest quote in the world

    “Kill em all and let God sort em out.”

    or to quote a line the governator of my state once used

    “If it bleeds, it dies.”

  2. one lung

    Surprise! Surprise!

  3. Dan

    Time to share this info with the American people in the run-up to the war against Iran. Time to take the gloves off and give these maggots their free carpet ride of Valhalla.

  4. Dan

    Should read “to Vallhalla”

  5. Lamplighter

    Duh. Bush was talking about Iranian involvment in a Feb 07 press conference, but I don’t remember hearing anything more from him or Condi or state dept. spokesperson after. When are they going to start answering questions and telling us what they are doing about it? When are the MSM morons going to ask the questions?

  6. Faith of Judas

    Uhhhhh.. Pat. I may have to call shenanigans on this one.

    How many grunts do you know that actually talk to their mothers like this? It’s not many, if any at all. Most people who tell stories like this are chow hall ninjas; pogs who over-hear stories from the grunts at their fob, then skip on over the the internet center while sucking on a smoothie.

    if it is real, shame on that kid for telling his mom shit like that.

  7. Faith of Judas

    I should point out that my unit scooped up a handful of Iranians back in 04, and we found Iranian weapons as well. That Iran is backing the insurgency certainly isn’t news to anyone who’s been fighting there. I wonder how much it’s going to take before the American people actually give a damn..?

  8. 0311inohio

    F of J: Like Pat says, your gonna have to take his word on this and so far, ever since I have been on this site, he ain’t missed yet.

    Stay tuned. :cool:

  9. Dan

    Some of us give a shit. At least the people in here do. It’s the people on the street in America that need to be informed. That’s what we do.

    Trouble is the dhims and the MSM have the American people by their testicular membranes, and the people are too comfortable with that.

    I’m sure the CIC is aware of the problem, since he gets a daily brief of the GWOT every day. So what’s up with that?

    Maybe he’s got something up his sleeve. One would hope so.

    Iy goes without saying that almost all of us in here are itching for an all out “blue” with mookie.

  10. Marc

    As much as we have every reason to make Iran nothing but a bad stain, as much as I hate to say it restraint on our nation’s part is proper position right now. With very action they are trying to provoke the US because for the regime in Tehran this is essential to distract Iranians from troubles at home. The same bait and switch nationalist tactics that General Galtieri used when he invaded the Falklands Islands in 1982 when domestically Argentina was a mess. The Iranian population for the most part are not enamored with their regime, but if it can at be presented to the Iranian people that they are being attacked for no reason by the “Great Satan”, and produce an open conflict on their terms we will have a tough slog.

    As long as Iran continues to feel the pinch economically the unrest will increase. I was reading an editorial a few days ago that the mere threat of foreign investment being reduced or eliminated in Iran has the mullahs terrified. The people know they are corrupt, and is apparent to the Iranian people that only those in power are not affected by unrest in Iran.

    I have read estimates that 30 to 60% of the population of Iran is between ages 18 to 30. There is double digit unemployment, not 10% but over 20%. Inflation is in the above 20% range and climbing. Now we all know what that age group won’t do, listen to their elders and those in government.

    I say just wait and see, but with that we should be done is divestiture of Government employee pension plans whose assets are invested in companies that invest in Iran. I read New York State has between 12 and 20 Billion dollars in their pension fund, not all is in these companies but a large amount; now imagine with all 50 states how much damage could be done, we’re talking trillions in assets that as much as these foreign regimes say they despise the US they still need our bucks.

    Their bucks stop with us, if you have investments I recommend you check with your money man and make sure you know what funds are investing in these companies. Make your assets terror free I say!

  11. mindy abraham

    I do not think we can have a full war with iran, but what about special forces guys looking for people trying to kill our guys? What say you, military people :?: :???:

  12. Dan

    Iranian young people make up about 2/3 of the population.
    That 2/3 is under the age of 30. All of whom were born after the 1979 revolution or were too young to remember it.

    Inflation and unemployment are rife. The lack of personal freedom is causing numerous protests. Fortunately for mookie, he has plenty of goons to take care of the problem.

    The question is…in an all out offensive with Iran, would these young people sieze the initiative and take their country back from the mullahs, or would they turn aside from their present day troubles and become shahid?

    Without adequate intel on the ground, inside Iran, it is hard to say for sure what those answers might be.

  13. ektor

    they will become shahid/they are their religion first and foremost.
    giving them a chance to implode might just be the best answer.

    very good point Marc

  14. ssgduke54

    :cry: We are in the period that resemble the “Phony War”! That was a time during the first six months of the war after Germany invaded Poland and the Allies practically sat on their butts and did very little or any fighting. It wasn’t until May 1940 that Germany invade France and then went on a rampage to conquer all of Europe. England barely hang on and Russia was on the ropes. We are in our “Phony War” period even though it lasted much longer then the WWII version. If we don’t win in Iraq and Afghanistan’s and we give up then be prepare for a far larger and more terrible war the likes we have not seen since WWII!
    Those who do not learn from history past mistakes are doom to DIE FROM THOSE MISTAKES!

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