Survivor Of Al Qaeda Bombing Sends Me An Email

July 4th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

James T wrote:
Hey Pat, Happy Independence Day. I wrote you a few times I’m the guy who
survived the Bali bombing and donated to your cause and I love my
jihadikiller shirt. A few weeks ago i went to 7-11 to buy a 12pack on a friday
afternoon. it took a while for the clerk to come out of the back room to help
me and when he did he was rude and talk shit under his breathe to me. it
finally dawned on me that i interrupted is fucking friday prayers and he cursed
me for being an infidel. i went back the next friday and bought another 12er,
but this time i was wearing my jihadikiller shirt and stared this motherfucker
down and after he gave me my change i told him to fuck off.

26 Responses

  1. Jarhead68

    Way to go James T. Keep an eye on that satan worshipper. :evil:

  2. Future0311

    You’re a better man than me! He’d have gotten a full out ass chewing.

  3. 0311inohio

    :cool: Great job.

  4. Oldroyd

    Fuckin A James!!!!

  5. dan

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa classic…….get’em James…. :beer: :beer: :beer: Happy 4th!

  6. CplUsmc

    Go back every week at that time and raise a stink… Your beer doesn’t wait on Allah… He doesn’t rate it…

  7. Dan

    Fucking “A”. I got jihadis in my 7-11 too. I think I’ll try that Friday thing and see what kind of motherfuckers I can piss off.

  8. mindy abraham

    HEHEHE I don’t believe in being provocative, but humor is always good. :lol:

  9. Bevans

    Have you ever had to take a dump? Do you really speak and understand arabic? Some guys are just s$$holes but you needn’t group rag[$hit]heads together with people that happen to be muslim, if you know what I mean. A 7-11 experience does not make a case, in this case.

    So what kind of beer was it anyway?

    Semper fi,
    USMCR 1979-1985
    1.1 yrs Iraq
    2 yrs Afghanistan
    6 yrs Indonesia
    presently in Kabul

  10. Bashman

    James, I like that. Way to go.

  11. Mike in Dallas

    I’ve heard that a lot of the guys are backed by terrorist groups. They get a big chuck of money to open their gas stations and all they have to do is sale their counterfeit cigarettes and send that money to the group through backdoor financial channels.

  12. tedders

    Bitch slap that misguided pedophile worshiper next time he doesn’t give you prompt and cheerful customer service when purchasing you’re favorite barley concoction at the convenience store, or write 7-11 national headquarters and file a complaint on his poor atitude jihaddy ass, then bitch slap him.

  13. Jewish Odysseus

    Why not drop a dime to the FBI, tell them you think you heard him on his cell asking about how much 200 kilos of TNT would cost…

  14. M in Texas

    Not all 7-11s employ jihadi fuckers. I work at a 7-11 in the DFW area and I’m not a jihadi. I believe in a divine creator whose name ain’t allah. So please don’t look at all 7-11’s that way. Besides, all of my co-workers are black and Christian. As far as I know anyways, and as for Fridays, thats an increadibily busy day for my store, because on Fridays we have Beer and Frito-Lay chip deliveries. But we sell all the product as faster than we received it. Fridays at my store its all business, hell sometimes I wish I could have time to take a shit, much less fucking praying. So in retrospect not all 7-11s have jihadis and not all 7-11 employess are total dicks. If you take time to read this and mull it over, I thank you :cool: :beer:

  15. David S

    Dude great job for doing this, i love wearing my shirt when ever i can. To tell you the truth i’m just waiting for someone to want to fight me over it :lol: :twisted: then i will so them what i’m about

  16. TJ

    next time you go, get his attention by mimicing the call to prayer “ah laaaaaaaaahu akbaaaaaaaaaaaaar” in as much an off key tone as you can. then say I would like some de- kafir- nated coffee, a ham sandwich (less the ham)have him take it out, and any alcohol of his choosing. if he gets pissed , tell him you have had enough of his bad dhimmitude, and say you will report him to his imam for working for infidels who sell pork and alcohol.

    then raise your middle finger toward him and say “you’re number 1″ :lol:

  17. James T

    Without a doubt this guy was a muzz and he
    was cursing me for buying alcohol. there are a bunch
    of hardcore looking bearded paki-muzz that run a few 7-11’s in my neighborhood. I know other people that have
    had similar run ins with these assholes.

  18. ed everett

    At the discount tobacco place where I used to buy Kodiak chew and Busch beer the guys, (Pakastanis) would chastise me or pay no attention to me when checking out.May be it was the Marine T-shirts I wore, or the Jihadi-killer T-shirt I would wear. I no longer shop there, taking funds away from terrorist orgs.

    USMC ‘87-92

  19. MikeP

    The comments to this episode might be never ending.
    Too bad you don’t have a quick bladder. You could have stepped outside, suck down a few and walked back in and pissed all over the assholes counter or on the asshole himself.
    Good stuff, way to go.

  20. Mess

    Way to go James.

  21. RockinRobin

    Love it!

  22. Rob

    Way to go James. That infidel satan worrshipper needs a trip back to the desert he crawled out of

  23. myles t

    i just got onto this site tonight. one of my old marine buddies came over tonight. hadnt seen him in while. he introduced me to this beutiful site. Semper fi. what a great story. next time roll up on the cocksucker, drop your drawers in his back office were he prays and lay terd on his holy carpet

  24. TBinSTL

    I have to read this story and the comments at least every couple of days to keep my fire up! :twisted:
    Good times, good times! :beer: :cool:

  25. Curtis in the stumps

    hell yeah fuck those allah loving assholes kill them all and let god sort them out

  26. roger

    Makes me wonder how many of these owners of 7-11s are actually funding terror right under our noeses.
    Good job way to piss em off!

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