Airing Now - Luke McKay’s “To Our Troops”

July 23rd, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

Alright readers, it’s time to become Vloggers. This is a new feature encouraging everyone to participate actively as a creative contributor to the community. I’d like anyone and everyone who has something to express, in words, pictures, music, whatever…to make a video, upload it to youtube and pop me a notifying email. I’ll check it out for posting here on the front page.

First Reader Video is in. Vlogger: Luke McKay

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  1. one lung


    Love the new look. Keep pluggin’ along! Maybe you can get Roman Genn to supply some caricatures.

  2. Corey Wayne

    Great idea Pat! I think we all love videos. These are not mine but videos from our fine Army Coprs of Engineers for anyone who it interested…

    Army Corps Of Engineers Al Anbar Construction Projects…

    Below is a link to a 47 minute video on the progress made by the Army Corps of Engineers in Al Anbar. Its a bit dry sometimes but very informative with lots of pictures, interviews and video shots. See your tax dollars at work. I had no idea the size and scope of some projects was so big.

    It’s more great news about the things our troops are doing for the Iraqi people.
    Click here to watch the video from the Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Website:

    Click here to see other video’s from the Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Website:

  3. A. S. Wise- VA

    This site just keeps improving!

  4. Corey Wayne

    That video rocks! Great Job Luke!

  5. danielle

    Cool video! And great new look for the site!

  6. Texas Gal

    Great vid Luke!

    I agree Pat, I love the new look and it sure does load up faster … :beer:

  7. chris dean

    awesome video!!!

  8. TBinSTL

    I’m gonna have to make a t-shirt from one line in that:

    “We’re in a fight to the finish, so why not fight ’til you’re finished?”

    No truer words and all that…..

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