White Powder ‘Panic’ At US Embassy In Kuwait

July 23rd, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


KUWAIT CITY: Employees at the American Embassy in Kuwait on Monday panicked when they received a parcel containing white powder. Securitymen posted at the South Gate of the Embassy found the white powder when they opened the package. Suspecting that the powder was explosive in nature, they immediately took the necessary steps and informed the Kuwaiti authorities. In a telephone conversation with the Arab Times, Press Attaché at the American Embassy James Fennell clarified “the Embassy took the necessary precautionary measures in view of the security situation in the region but nobody was injured in the incident.

We are coordinating with the concerned Kuwaiti authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the nature of the material. The Embassy remained open for business as no official decision was taken to close it due to the incident.” Confirming that the package contained suspicious-looking material, a security source said Kuwaiti and American authorities immediately coordinated their efforts to address the issue. American explosive experts were instructed to cooperate with their Kuwaiti counterparts in examining the contents of the parcel. Kuwait’s National Security Apparatus (NSA), on the other hand, is closely following up the issue to identify the nature of the white powder.

By Shawki Mahmoud
Special to the Arab Times

4 Responses

  1. Buerg

    They intercepted Obama’s coke. It said Obama…not Osama. Damned post office.

  2. Steve in NC

    buerg! u beat me to that line

    ‘ I did not inhale ‘ has a different reference this election, in 2012 I bet we hear ‘I did not inject’ from the d’rat canidate

  3. Dan(The Infidel)

    No. That’s albore Jr’s stash.

  4. Brad W

    It’s the powdered sulfa drugs the democrats all need to treat their STDs :twisted: :twisted: :beer: :beer:

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