Video: Reminder From Glenn Beck

July 28th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

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  1. Dan (The Infidel)

    This little man is an excellent practicioner of lies and deceit. His end goal is the ushering in of the Muslim version of armageddon. He thinks that by pissing off the west and forcing them to destroy him and his ilk, that by doing so his great pumpkin (The 12th Iman) will rise out of the pumpkin patch(A well in Iran) and usher in an era of Muslim world domination and subjugation.

    Anyone who thinks that this madman won’t use nuclear weapons if he develops one is just plain blind.

    He is Hitler, To Jo, Mao and Stalin all wrapped up in a very tiny, extremely dangerous package. If we do not attack him soon, we will… much like the west during WWII… have to attack him later.

  2. Dan (The Infidel)

    Forgot to add: One of the key speakers in that clip was a former PLO terrorist by the name of Walid Shoebat. If you consider yourself a anti-terrorism scholar and are not familiar with his body of work, I suggest you check him out at his website.

  3. John Cunningham

    One of the benefits of being retired is that I can attend the three hour radio and one hour television briefings of Beck’s religiously everyday. He’s all over immadinnerjacket and the border. The defeatocrats and the islamofacists are desperately trying to silence Glenn Beck.

  4. Kermit

    Well he isn’t lying by his religious standards. Only Muslims are innocent, all others are not. Only areas under Muslim rule are at peace all others are at war. Read the Koran.

  5. terry smyth

    Dan and Kermit: you are both right.
    This peice of pig dung cares nothing for life, his,his people or anyone else in the world.
    Bring on the nuclear armageddon he says, then the 12 imman will rise again.
    How do these crazies get to be leaders.
    Kill or jail all opposition, cower the people,get popular by giving promises of better thing for all, get elected,make really sure there is an external threat, make one up if not apparent,have an internal enemy, make one up if not apparent, cancel all subsequent elections and you have it all.
    History repeating itself, Germany 1933-1945.
    Stopping this crazed idiot is paramount.
    Have we in the west got the balls to do it NOW or will we have to wait,and wait,and wait so that another 50 to 1200 million innocents have to die.
    Think about it.Its all about civilians now, just like WW2 only much much worse.

  6. ssgduke54

    The demon ghost of Hitler and Fascism rises again and this time it is in Iran! Yes,the new 4th Reich has risen and history is already repeating itself again! We are a Nation that waits until it is too late and then we react to a dire situation! We almost lost to Japan in the first six months of the war when they nearly wipe out our great Navy and went on a rape/rampage thru out Asia and the Pacific. This time the idiot Iranian madman is acquiring nuclear weapons and he WILL USE THEM! With our open borders it will be easy to slip a couple of Hiroshima size Nuclear Bombs in our cities. I pray God that I am wrong about this but thru out our history we have alway “react” instead of “preempt”. Maybe when this does happen (God knows why we should!) we fight this so call “War of Terror” like we fought WWII…Fight to WIN or lose your life or your freedom! :cry:

  7. ViperDriver

    It’s faster to act than react (costs a lot less too).

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