B-Chump: Hot Air’s “Why We Care”

July 28th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


“Somewhere in all those descriptions, you’ll find the motivations that led TNR to publish the writings of Scott Thomas Beauchamp but not J. D. Johannes, Pat Dollard, Michael Yon, Michael Totten or any of the writings published by those of us who have been to Iraq for whatever length of time and have things to say about the troops and the war. TNR sought out a war critic, but not any war critic: TNR sought out a war critic whose writings either smeared the troops or exposed serious discipline problems among the troops.”

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9 Responses

  1. D.C.

    I hope this asshat wakes up to a hot frag under his bunk!

    A fatal “blanket party” would do too!

  2. Dan (The Infidel)

    Took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking of a blanket party too. Bet you this shitbird is cleaning a whole lot of latrines.

    He’s already in violation of the new regs on OPSEC. Not OPSEC per se, just not clearing his views with the chain of command. It’s Article 15 time private tentpeg.


    Don’t ask don’t tell policy doesn’t apply in this case because you can tell he’s a pillow biter from his pic.

    “Answer the question….did you order the code red? Your goddamn right I did”

  4. danielle

    Even his face is annoying.

  5. terry smyth

    Much more and opinions on misha’s site
    This scumbag is/was humping one of the staff at TNR so got published with no checks.
    Sadly this kind of lies and innenduo get swallowed up in the MSM and is presented as fact, when its all BS.
    Just like the aussie traitor ware with cnn who never goes out of the green zone, but forwards “news” that the war is totally lost and nothing can redeem it.
    enough! hope this first attempt of a link works.

  6. ssgduke54

    Thank God their are only a few of these a$$ wipes in the Army. You have to remember their will always be a few knuckleheads who for one reason or another hate the military they join. Remember this he JOIN the Army and their is NO DRAFT! So what every excuse he came up with is pure bullsh**T!

  7. tsarbomba

    Do you suppose he now worries about “friendly fire”?

  8. Egfrow

    Anyone who uses three names is usually a douche. This guy planned to be an infiltrator activist from the beginning. Kinda like Kerry did in Vietnam. This douche needs to be outed and TNR needs to be held accountable for their intentions.

  9. mohetfltai

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