Pro-Taliban Militants Seize Pakistan Mosque

July 30th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, July 30 (UPI) — Islamic militants, in an incident similar to one that caused a conflict at the Red Mosque in Islamabad, have taken over a mosque in Pakistan’s tribal area.

The BBC reported Monday about 70 pro-Taliban militants occupied the Haji Sahib Turangzai shrine in Pakistan’s Northwest Province, near the border with Afghanistan, after driving out the shrine officials.

The site was renamed the Red Mosque after the complex in Islamabad that the Pakistani army took earlier this month from Islamic militants after a major assault in which dozens died.

The militants also said they were establishing a seminary similar to the one in the Islamabad mosque.

A local journalist told the BBC that heavily armed militants, wearing masks, searched all those entering the mosque in the Northwest Province.

The journalist said Omar Khalid, the leader of the militants, told him his men vowed to set up similar mosques and seminaries across the country.

Haji Sahib Turangzai, after whom the mosque was named, was a reformist in the 19th century.

14 Responses

  1. John Cunningham

    What is that, pink socks, pink slacks? Is that what code pink does in their spare time?

  2. One-Shot

    Good to see them all get together in one venue. Sure makes it easier to locate them all and exterminate them.

  3. Sandy K.

    Good point John . . . What is with the pink in that sea of black :?:

  4. Dan (The Infidel)

    And they’ll keep doing this, until Pervez gets off his duff and does something about it…He’s looking at a full-scale rebellion against his regime and his country. Now is not the time to negotiate. Now is the time for bombs and bullets.

    And hey, we got women that could take these stick-weilding burquas with one hand tied behind their backs. WTF, over?

    I echo J.C’s comments. Has the Pakistani wing of “code pink “taken over the mosque?

  5. PhilNBlanx

    Target rich zone. Paging Janet Reno….Ms. Reno, we will be requiring your expertise in Waziristan.
    BTW - Speaking of Janet Reno and lusting after female virgins; Do female jihadist “martyrs” get 72 virgins too or is that just another perk reserved for chauvinistic Islamic males? Anyone know how that works in the cult?

  6. Steven D

    They took over a mosque?

    How hard is that?

    My grandmother could do that with a b-b gun.

    Next, let’s go take over a retirement home! Or a kindergarten! Or an animal shelter! Death to America!

  7. ColonialMarine0431

    “What is that, pink socks, pink slacks? Is that what code pink does in their spare time?”

    I wouldn’t doubt. Cindy Sheehan is probably under one of those burkhas.

  8. WarBicycle

    Taliban kill second hostage.

  9. GBU43

    Thats great news.. The more they concentrate their forces the easier it is to kill them quickly.

    We can solve this situations with just 2 bombs.

  10. LadyAngler

    :lol: @ Colonial!

    OMG… Someone quickly call Allah… those girls are showing their ankles!!! Might as well be fashing their tits at Mardi Gras.

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  12. Dan (The Infidel)


    There is no provision in the Koran for females per se. The Koran promises Paradise, but I haven’t read anywhere where females are given any more rights than those of property.

    The 72 virgin, 48 boys thing is reserved for men.

    I suppose you could stretch a point and say that females who die in jihad could be one of those 72 virgins? But then, females are not suppose to participate in jihad. So that thought is un-Koranic.

    To women, their jihad is the performance of Hajj (hadith 4.52.127). Ooops I’ve uncovered yet another hypocracy in modern jihad. My bad.

  13. TJ

    they take it with guns, the government takes it back with bombs. next problem!

  14. tsarbomba

    How difficult was it to take over a mosque in the “tribal areas”, already pretty much under the control of the goatfuckers (taliboners)? How daring!!!

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