Turning Point?

July 31st, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


The New York Times ran a piece Monday by two non-“neoconservatives” — Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack — arguing that the war in Iraq can be won. Is this indicative of some kind of mood change afoot? Could we really win this war? Could the rhetoric in Washington really change? National Review Online asked a group of experts.

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  1. just posting

    can you imagine how much denial must of went through the readers.

  2. Trapper

    this means the hand writing is on the wall. victory is near and they’re are trying to cover their asses. when there is a victory, who wants to be on the other side of the issue? i hope the dems in dc stay right where they are and just rub their faces in it.

  3. Dan2

    “”What are we to make of the fact that two of the Democratic party’s most knowledgeable critics of President Bush’s campaign to stabilize and democratize post-Saddam Iraq, Michael O’Hanlon and Robert Pollack, have publicly rejected the defeatists and called for a sustained U.S. effort there into 2008?”"

    Democrats being “intellectually honest” with themselves and the public?

    It sure would be nice if this turned into a “trend” for the rest of 2007 and through 2009.

    Unfortunately…the “demos” will most likley do to these guys what they did to Cindy Sheehan after then were done “using” her…they will through them under the bus.


  4. LadyAngler

    I have trouble believing this political machine does not have an agenda here as well. I am too sceptical of the system to buy that the moral attacks on our troops and President are over. Some liberal strategist somewhere put down his latte and thought… “This surge shit actually is working. Damn it! We better start some gentle remarks on this before Gen. P comes out this fall with the assessment. That way we can save a little face.”

    Basically, Bubba and co. sent the hookers away long enough to place a couple phone calls to these glorified democratic cheerleaders, I mean journalists.

    New York times…. yeah that’s the one I spread out for my dog to shit on.

  5. locdogg54


  6. Tom

    The democrats have invested so much, so so very very much in our alleged defeat in Iraq that they are not going to let go of it based on an op-ed piece.

    That our troops are turning the tide in so many areas must make some of them wake up sweating in the middle of the night. Could Harry Reid back down from the branch he has climbed out on at this point?

    No. Hillary has hedged her bet more than say Obama or Edwards but right now I think Rush says it well. They OWN defeat.

    If victory returns to the MSM as a fact they cannot ignore then this will be supremely interesting to watch play out. For those who read this and other websites that broke the big changes on the ground months ago, this sea change is not a surprise. For the public at large it is.

    In Democrat circles around the country the taboo, the unthinkable, the forbidden question is being uttered. In bars and at cocktail parties, at dinners and at summer homes in Nantucket and the Hamptons?

    What if the US wins in Iraq?

    What if?

    The bedrock of that party’s platform just felt a tremor.

    Because they OWN DEFEAT. It’s theirs. They cheered for it, they advocated for it, they encouraged our enemies to urge on our defeat. They created terrorist porn to help sap the will and energy of the nation. Because they hated Bush and the Republicans vastly more than Al Queda.

    How these enemy sympathizers can later say they share credit for victory will be HYSTERICAL to watch. They will try, no doubt.

    But the war was “not in their name”.

    They own defeat. Please enjoy it.

    Our troops may get that parade after all.

  7. Kurt (the infidel)

    Well im proud to say that I was on the right side from the very beginning. But then again I will always support our Military so it should be no surprise to anyone. And Bush will be seen as another Truman? WHOO HOOO! well my prediction always was that Bush would be remembered as an effective and decisive leader in a time our country needed just that

  8. jam

    It’s tempting to make political hay out of this and nobody wants to bitch slap Reid more than I do-BUT-the important thing is victory over the scum bag jihadis.

    Thank you to everybody in uniform and thank you President Bush for having the courage to “stay the course”.

  9. Dan2

    “What if the US wins in Iraq?”

    The dems in congress will not even be able to get elected to their own kids PTA board… :razz:

    Yes indeed…”They own defeat. Please enjoy it.”


  10. Dan (The Infidel)

    CNN’s Blitzer tried his best to spin this report the other night, and looked a tad rattled, that he could not quite spin it towards his view of things. He was forced to actually discuss the possiblity of victory in Iraq.

    Poor MSM. Even some of their own have seen the light. I can’t wait to hear how the Defeatocrats in Congress and the rest of the “slumber party” tries to squirm out of this one.

    Of course, we here at this site have aware of this turn around all along. So this report isn’t news to us.

    I’m waiting to hear one of the nay-sayers in Congress or the Demoratz candidates reverse their position on Iraq.

    Better still, God forbid that we win in Iraq, and the Dems are still sticking to their surrender-monkey ways. Wouldn’t that play well in the 2008 election?

    So, lets see who shits or gets off the defeatist pot amoung the slumber party. Or would they rather remain, all hat and no cow, going into the 2008 election?

    What’s that I hear? Might be the fat lady singing…..

  11. Maria

    Wait a minute….. the surge is working?

    No!!!!! I thought it was a quagmire we would never free ourselves from Iraq and the war was un-winnable.

    I’m interested in hearing what the dems have to say to deny, deny, deny, and detract and deflect. They are good for a laugh because their whole party is a joke.

  12. bd

    Never underestimate what the Demo-Commucrats would be willing to do to turn this back into a real defeat.

    A defeat is absolutely necessary to win the election in ‘08.

    I don’t think that the left has any problem whatsoever in conducting overt a subvert treason to the point of giving valuable military information to the enemy, directly resulting in the death of American soldiers. They will deliberately and indirectly committ murder. They must lose the war to win the Presidency.

    Also, see between now and September these things happening:
    - Actual or attempted spectacular attacks from the enemy.
    - Spectacular investigations, committee’s and ‘discoveries’ about the ‘evil’ Bush administration, way more than your hearing now, from Congress, the MSM, etc.,
    - More diversionary campaigns to distract the public about the truth., more immigration, fair doctrine, global warming, etc.

    Don’t let anything deter us from winning the war. Keep focused everybody and keep firing away letters, emails, phone calls, keep going. It’s a long way to ‘08 and winning this war.

  13. bd





  14. 89gted

    :???: This has to put a small smile on the face of President Bush. I can’t imagine how difficult all this bashing has been on him. In spite of that, I have never imagined that he would change course. Shame on all the early supporters who have abandoned the task left to our troups.

  15. GBU43

    Liberals always want to argue they are correct on all issues.. Thus demonstrating their total greatness in the world at large.

    So when they’re totally wrong on an issue they usually start sounding like the opposition then take credit for the new point of view a short time later.

    Just watch… The surge will be “The Liberals Idea”.

    Or this one is coming any day now.

    “We’ve been saying the US needed more troops for 5 years. Finally the president is taking our advice.”

    Just wait for it. It’s comming

  16. Lamplighter

    I love the picture above. I love the words. O’Hanlon has always been fairly intellectually honest, and so I commend him for his report. I hope the US Congress does not snatch defeat from the jaws of potential victory by not allowing this latest effort to follow through. The irony is that our gov’t & maybe even our military is so bureaucratic, that the US Military Counterinsurgency Manual was published in Dec ‘06, and then when the troops were able to have their training manual, the CINC announced the “surge” strategy in Jan ‘06. As I said inartfully in a post prior, everyone loves a winner. “Victory has a hundred fathers, but failure is an orphan.” I’ll take a victory even if Billary, Peloski and the rest somehow try to take credit. We see right through them.

  17. Tom

    Somehow, Bill Clinton will be taking personal credit for victory in Iraq at the end of the day.

    But the Dems will fight furiously to lose the war. They will do everything in their power to highlight Al Queda porn and ignore any positive result from our fighting forces or the Iraqi allies.

    Most Dems are not Bill Clinton. He has a gift for sitting on both sides of an issue that allowed him to negotiate what the meaning of what the word “is, is”.

    John Edwards does not have that bizarre talent. Neither does Hillary, try as she has. When the war was going badly, the public blamed Bush. If the battle turns towards victory -and it can- then the credit will fall where it is due. The only Democrat who openly advocated for victory, Joe Liebermann, was expelled from the party.

    Rush said it but it is a ringing bell: They own defeat.

    Thus, they are not going to let go of it until it is pulled from their dead, clenched fingers.

    Now they have long been sexually aroused and masturbatory with the Al Queda porn we see on tv. They have supported and advoctated Al Queda’s position for years. They have fellated our enemies and given aid, comfort and tension release to them nigh since the beginning of this war. (Leftists always submit willingly to thugs who hate our country. Obama has already got a date with Fidel planned with some fine Cuban cigars and romantic conversation. To the left, Bush is Hitler, the Taliban is multi-cultural, ethnic and gosh, exotic!)

    JFK would not be welcome in this party. Ask Joe Lieberman. One hopes JFK would not want to associate with such evil as Dick Durban calling our folk at Gitmo, Nazis. His pig brother Teddy is the sea change of that party in one semi-human.

    They will fight much harder to lose the war than they would ever fight to win the war. Losing it is their victory. Defeat in Iraq is their everything. It is all they have. They won’t give up that intoxicating thing without a struggle. If they had applied that same fight towards defeating Al Queda, who knows where we’d be right now.

    Without a defeat in Iraq, the Democrat party is nothing.


  18. Mark Tanberg

    I love it. Our church youth group sent big ziplocks full of kids stuff over there this spring and they keep asking “what happened and how will we know if the children like them?”
    they are going to flip when they see this picture.
    God bless the USA

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