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July 27th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


Time’s background story:

Despite my admittedly snarktastic coverage of this week’s YouTube debate, I was mildly intrigued by the prospect of the GOP version. Would they get videos from troops in Iraq? Maybe a pregnant woman asking about abortion? There would be opportunities for theater and for real people, if also for more hillbillies and singing snowmen. Whatevs. As Joe suggested earlier in this week, it looks like the whole thing is falling apart. Full Story

And Michelle Malkin’s most excellent “viral” video over at HotAir:

6 Responses

  1. JS

    Does anyone think for one second that the Republicans would get a fair shake from CNN? Hell no they won’t. Most of the videos would be from wacky lefties and marxists screaching about Global Warming and Blood for Oil in Iraq and Halburton.

    Tho, I would think it would be great if they did do the debate and if they got any of these far left questions they would just rip it apart with real conservative values.

    It would be interesting but I wouldn’t fault them for passing.

    On the other hand the Democrats being afraid of Brit Hume is just ridiculous.

  2. Marc

    I am pretty sure that they are going to stack the questions with questions that could only be described as the best of the bottom of the barrel.

    Maybe some interesting butch Goth Lesbian making out with her equally unattractive “life partner” yelling,”WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO CONTROL MY WOMB?” (not that she would ever use it for reproduction) or “WHERE’S OSAMA?” or “WHY WON’T YOU ADMIT THIS WAR WAS STARTED TO BENEFIT HALLIBURTON, CONCOCTED ON A RANCH IN TEXAS”

    Ought to be a good watch on the unbiased news outhouse CNN!

  3. Kipp

    Remember it is CNN that is home to Glenn Beck. So what is Fox’s Glenn Beck? Don’t tell me Colmes. He is background noise to that nuisance, Hannity. In regards to fair and balanced, the edge goes to CNN.

  4. TJ

    hey kipp everybody knows that fox has a conservative bias, we admit it. the problems is that liberals will never admit a liberal bis in the MSM. herein lies the great difference.

    honesty! :oops:

  5. marvin

    Republicans should attend the CNN/YouTube Debate…

    They should come in prpeared for anything, and be ready with some snarky remarks.

    Dodging debates is a DEFEATOCRATIC tactic, it just sez you are afraid of the questions.

  6. tsarbomba


    “CNN Heroes” did a segment this AM on a woman who helps, get this, muzzy children with SPECIAL NEEDS. Quite obviously this woman has her hands FULL, as ALL muzzies appear to have “SPECIAL NEEDS” as adults. This forces me to ask, “Are these SPECIAL NEEDS a result of religious belief or genetics”?

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