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July 28th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

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  1. James Hooker

    Pat, how in the hell do we fight this? Could be an argument AGAINST precision bombing - too many targets are missed that way.

  2. ssgduke54

    We fought against the Imperial Japanese who use suicide bombers and they call themselves “Kamikazes”. Wave after wave of these suicide bombers came and they sunk our ships and killed many of our brave Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers. But in the end we won the Pacific War and occupied Imperial Japan.
    The same can be said now for these bastard Islamic fascist suicide bombers. We most show that no suicide bombing will ever win and only leads to dying in vain for the so called religion of peace!

  3. JayMS

    That’s just sick and fucked up. Suicide bombings are the ultimate manifestation of hatred. To see children being fed hatred is just sickening and appalling.

  4. A. S. Wise- VA

    This is where an AC-130 gunship comes in handy…

  5. Marc

    I saw this last night, pretty sad, they have only yet begun to live and have been brainwashed by a death cult based on a vapid political ideology.

    I remember reading years ago during the Cold War in Russia, one of top sold pieces of Western music sold on the black market was the song “Russians” by Sting. A really anti-nuke war song that basically said that old Gordon Sumter hoped the Russkies loved their kids as much as those in the West and wouldn’t launch missiles.

    Really I think it was a dig at Reagan, anyway, the Russians were a rational and educated foe and very much loved life, not like these fuckers we are dealing with now. There is no moderation with these people and their children are a direct reflection of the problem at hand.

    I read this article after seeing this and it only confirms it for me that this is indeed the acts of a cult and not of a religion, read it for yourself:

  6. GBU43

    This is a total hit piece. Its presupposes that attacking the mosque suddenly turned these kids into brain washed jihadists. When the opposite is true. The Madrasah is what created these zombie kids.

    You want to end the war? Start blowing up these schools of hate. This piece of crap article is written like we should just “hug” these poor kids.. If we just loved them more they’d come around. Bull. By the age of 6 these kids are not salvageable.

    Nowhere else is there a higher concentration of hate, terrorism and extremism then these schools. They should be destroyed as soon as they are found in ANY country.

    As long as these fascists are having kids and brain washing them from birth this problem is not going to stop.

    If that means blowing up a school full of 10 year olds then thats the sad price we now have to pay due Jimmy and other leaders that figured it would be ok to just ignore Islamic fascism.

    Look at the Nazi’s and their youth camps. Those kids where given a full education with indoctrination. They had the skills to evaluate the world around them. Math, science, basic educational skills. If these people with the SS can slaughter millions of yews imagine what these Islamic fascists can do being as ignorant as the are.

    When these Islamic fascists get the tools to kill more efficiently they always USE IT. If you handed that boy in the video a button and told him ever time he pressed it 1 million non muslims would die. He would smash that button until his fingers bled.

    Don’t shed a single tear for these people. Kill those that are indoctrinated. Kill those people that are killing these children through indoctrination and prevent them from doing so ever again. This harsh reality is the fastest most humane way to end this insanity.

    If you waiver, if you think you can ignore the problem. That artificial sunrise you see coming up over the horizon is your lack of action burning to death millions of Americans. Perpetrated by some 10 year old on a school bus pushing a red button.

    Being human is more then just eating and breathing. You lose that distinction when your sole purpose in life is to kill others and force your ideology on the rest of the world.

  7. John Cunningham

    GBU43, couldn’t agree with you more. I’m not a doctor, but, wouldn’t a rabid dog give birth to rabid puppies?

  8. terry smyth

    NO John, the dog would die before whelping.
    The analogy is good though, the rabid dog(human) will produce a rabid child, but only after indoctrination.
    If you snatched this child from the labor ward and transported it to San Francisco, it would become a democrat, so perhaps better to leave it be.
    GBU43, man your so adjusted. Where do you get this shit from.Ive been saying this for years. The powers in the US and UK and all of EU should be making sure that all the imans in the madrassars are spied on regularly,and deported immediatly when the hate speeched start.
    Have you seen vids of that aussie fuck that spouts jihad in the UK mosques,extorting women to produce children for juhad and martyrs.
    Thats what its all about. Bedroom jihad.Making martyrs. dont ever love your children, they are only made to die in the cause of the death god Allan. And I guess if the bottom part of the bedroom jihad only produced females, then a simple clap of the hands and “i divorce you” 3 times enables the jihad master to bring another sow into the bedroom jihad. Love? the heavenly sound of C4 and nails in the afternoon.

    OT thought: after the jihad has converted everyone in the world( pop then about 2 billion) whats going to happen.
    Everlasting jihad means that then the point of slaughter will turn to those who are not “real muslims”, and it will start all over again.
    Al Gore: tis a strange game you play. It wont matter what the climate does, the islamists will fulfill the prophecy:
    we’ll all DIE.But not from climate change.
    I se circa 2100 and not a single polluting human left. Allan will have ria Ghia of all the lemmings. A slumber of millenia then the next big thing will do it all over again.
    LOve is lovely. Hate drives egos faster.Hate= Islam.
    We gotta defeat this shit NOW

  9. mindy abraham

    This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever watched-how can we help kids like that?

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