YA Video: Ramadi Rooftop “This Is The Life”

July 29th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

Unedited “Young Americans” outtake:

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  1. John Cunningham

    So, there’s a no-snitch policy in Iraq, also?

  2. Fire, Fire, Fire

    Do we have two different militaries in Iraq? How come the one Pat interviews doesn’t sound like the one the networks interview? Or people write about?

  3. PhilNBlanx

    Man, I wish our self-serving politicians and their demedia accomplices would see the bigger picture this guy paints.
    Here he is thinking “I enjoy it. At least I know I’m doing something with my life. Like I’m actually doing something worthwhile. I’m doing my part to try and help another nation or another race of people get a better existence in this world than what they had at first.”
    Contrast the above with defeatist comments from Dems echoed by the demedia; “The Army is broken, worn out…living hand to mouth.” - John Murtha, “The (Iraq) war is lost….not accomplishing anything.” - Harry Reid, “I have called for the strategic redeployment of US forces out of Iraq for several years” - Hillary Rodham Clinton(?) - “His (Bush) strategy has put severe strain on our military” - John Edwards.
    Quite a contrast from those boots on the ground who are getting it done for their Country and for the Iraqis and those who are getting it done just for their own selfish electability.
    One last quote from an Iraqi that sums it up nicely; “Anybody who doesn’t appreciate what America has done, and President Bush, let them go to hell!”

  4. JMH

    There aren’t differnt militaries in Iraq. The overwhelming majority of the media doesn’t spend any time up front and close with the men carrying all the weight on their backs - The Grunts!
    It is very ironic that the so called main stream media doesn’t take any risks and the majority of their interviews seem to be who are risking much themselves. They interview the guys who are in the rear with the gear.
    I take great pride in knowing that these young Marines and soldiers - the Grunts - will be the ones running our Country in Government, Business, Education etc. in the next 10-20 years.

  5. Egfrow

    My man has this shit right. The Iraqis will never stand up unless they have something to loose. They have had nothing for so long that they have never learned the virtues of value. Value in others, value in themselves. These soldiers are not only taking care of the enemy but they are setting examples of what kind of men a free nation gives birth too.

    Once they have value in their own lives they will start to stand up and protect it. This is what the Left does not want to happen.

  6. Egfrow


    I freaking can’t wait till you finish YA. I understand Ramadi is much different than when you were there. Is it possible to get some footage of it now vs when you originally filmed this for the ending?

  7. Lamplighter

    Yes, you are right, soldier on the roof in Ramadi. You are doing a hell of a lot more useful stuff with your life than many, many people, including those high and mighty pols like Peloski, Reidski, Boxster, et al., who think they are SO important, but don’t amount to a hill of beans because of their duplicitous, callous, power mongering useless behavior.

  8. mindy abraham

    I like this guy-he seems to be very proud of himself. I hope he comes home safe and I wish he would write an op-ed for the paper. :smile:

  9. jon

    The news media hates the military. Positive stories are done but never aired because these stories go against what the news media is about. Think about it…If you are a weenie reporter and you want your stuff aired to make a name for yourself, you are gonna throw the military “under the bus” to get your crap on tv. I hate the media. They are liars and they are trying to take our country down and that pisses me off.

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