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August 31, 2007

Romney Indicates It Should Be Nuke ‘Em (16)
Fallujah Crackdown (3)
Hostages: “Uh, We’re Sorry…” (7)
South Koreans Go Off On Hostages (12)
$2 Million Ransom Paid For Hostages (7)
Tribes Battle Al Qaeda Near Haditha (6)
Maliki Blames Sunnis For Shiites’ Battle At Karbala (3)
Warner To Retire From Senate (10)
Three Al Qaeda Leaders Killed In Diyala (9)
Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner (12)
Iran Threatens To Fire Russia (10)
Baath Party Pushes For Allawi To Replace Maliki (5)
Marines Waste Al Qaeda Team In Fallujah (27)
How To Join Al Qaeda (11)
Video: “We Never Imagined The Battle We Were In For” (13)
Province-Building (2)
Iraqi Government Asks Other Militias To Chill (4)
Someone In The Way (7)
Ricky Bobby Baby Jesus And Mary Jane (5)
The Late Captain Patriquin’s “How To Win The War In Al Anbar” (2)
Tensions Rise As El Baradei Shields Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Campaign (5)

August 30, 2007

President Urges Allies To Keep Troops In Iraq (4)
An American Martyr (21)
U.N. Summit Labels Israel Scum, Demands Economic Warfare (7)
Breaking: Two US Lawmakers’ C-130 Takes RPG Fire “3 Near Misses” (10)
“…Would Embolden Them” (11)
Breaking: Iraq To Formally Seek Long-Term US Military Presence (7)
Al Sadr’s Stronghold “Besieged” (7)
Video: Double Death From Above (Ramadi) (3)
Jeff Emmanuel Onloads On Katie Couric From Iraq (9)
Breaking: 100 Pakistani Soldiers Captured In Stunning Ambush (9)
Haditha Marine Planning To Sue Traitor Murtha (23)
Top Taliban Leader Killed in Afghanistan (5)
UN Praises Iran, Sets Up Roadblock For Sanctions (14)
Al Sadr Immediately Threatens To Rescind Suspension Order (17)
Dems’ Battle To Destroy US Anti-Terror Efforts Creating Internal Civil War (10)
Video: “You Got To Have An Attorney General With Some Balls” (6)
US Breaking Up Al Qaeda Regrouping Efforts (4)
“A Key Battleground In The War On Terror” (9)

August 29, 2007

Video: Nice House (16)
Video: We Got The MF’s (6)
Iraq’s New Most Wanted: “The Shiite Al Zarqawi” (5)
Iraqi Foreign Minister: “Britain Must Not Run Away” (10)
Video: Rodney Singh (4)
Revenge (10)
Iran Threatens To Stop Nuke Inspection Cooperation (5)
Eurpeans Overwhelmingly Want Hillary As President (34)
Leftist-Created Abu Ghraib Hysteria Fuels Giant Ray Gun Controversy (10)
Preparing For Nation Building (3)
Bodyguards For Iraqi Judges Prohibited From Carrying Guns (4)
Turkey’s Secular Military Begins Showdown With New Islamist Government (9)
Point, Click … Eavesdrop: How The FBI Wiretap Net Operates (11)
Update: “The Mahdi Army Will No Longer Launch Attacks Against U.S. Forces” (23)
Most Americans Say Iraq War Not Lost (4)
U.S. Most Armed Country With 90 Guns Per 100 People (22)
Alert: Al Sadr Shuts Down Mahdi Army (12)
Maliki Rushes To Battle Torn Karbala And Locks It Down (4)
More Than 100 Dead In Massive Taliban Overrun Attack (9)
First Eight Korean Hostages Released (5)
Musharraf To Resign From Pakistan Army (2)
Baathists Pursued To Whip Army Into Shape (11)
This Isn’t Civil War (5)
Detained Iranians Released (11)

August 28, 2007

Maliki or Bust-ed? (20)
Video Replay: “They Cut Him Open And Put Bombs Inside” (13)
Germany Gives Syria $45 Million (10)
MSNBC Bans Pro-Victory Vets From Speaking (12)
Shiites Decide To Kill Each Other During Holy Festival (3)
CBS To Kill Katie - Literally (18)
A New Weapon From Iran? (6)