Congress Moves To Disrupt Military’s Abilities

August 3rd, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.

Aug 3 03:52 AM US/Eastern
By The Associated Press

A look at actions in Congress on Thursday:

The House voted 229-194 to give U.S. troops guaranteed time at home between deployments to Iraq. The legislation is designed to complicate the military’s ability to rotate sufficient troops into the war zone. The bill does not apply to soldiers in Afghanistan, leading Republicans to say Democrats are just trying to force a withdrawal from Iraq. The bill does allow President Bush to waive the requirement for national security interests.

8 Responses

  1. Greg M

    What fools.

  2. Future0311

    Waive the damned requirement. This isn’t a time for resting - we’re making real progress. Let’s keep it moving!

  3. John Cunningham

    I’m sure the President will figure out a way to defeat the enemy, and oh, the terrorists also.

  4. MikeP

    Why does this fucking democratic led congress insist on running this war? Because they want it to go their way-defeat. I hope and pray that when these bastards come up for reelection that all of this is remembered by the voters, and these treasonous assholes are removed from office. Since November they have accomplished nothing but lowering the morale of our MILITARY HEROES, who continue to fight the enemy in Iraq and their countrymen enemies in DC. God, I want to see Peloser, Reid, Murtha, and that bag full of shitheads gone.
    Keep up the great progress troops in spite of the assholes in DC who want you to fail.

  5. Brian H

    The vetoes are coming! The vetoes are coming! All Ds head for the hills! :smile: :mrgreen: :twisted:

  6. Marc

    Okay so they want to impose a restriction, cool. But they also say we need more troops.

    So legislate that all troops and veterans enlisting will never have to pay income tax, state or federal for life.

    Give to the grave health insurance coverage to all Veteran’s (why not they just legislated the same for Illegal Immigrants yesterday so why no the Vets), funded by sin taxes, i.e. smokes, and booze. You smokers don’t have a conniption, I’m an ex-smoker but I would buy a pack once a month for the cause, but I still drinks my booze. The insurance would not have to used through the VA but could be used through any licensed physician or psychiatrist and give the medical practices tax incentives for accepting it. Call it socialism or what have you but we don’t treat our Vets well enough.

    Then amend the GI Bill to include living expenses for rent, utilities, food, along with books and tuition so that when veterans are discharged so that there job is to receive their education.

    Given these tools as incentives to increase recruitment into the volunteer Armed Forces would create a stampede to the recruiter’s offices, but hey then the Dems would be against that too right, Murtha would probably call them all mercenaries.

  7. Dan (The Infidel)

    Look at that pic. Is that a crazy man or what? He’s looking more like that Chuckie character in the movies.

  8. Lamplighter

    Another useless bill put out by defeatocrats trying to posture for their liberal base. What a crock.

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