Germany Gives Syria $45 Million

August 28th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


Aid package marks improvement in diplomatic relations between Syria, Germany. ‘Syria needs to progress’ says German development minister

Israel News
Germany extended 34 million euros ($46.48 million) in financial aid to Syria on Tuesday, marking an improvement in ties after two years of strain, Syrian officials said.

The package, which is divided between a soft loan and grants for infrastructure and development projects, is the first such German aid to Syria since the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri in Beirut, they said.

German Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul and Tayseer al-Radawi, head of the Syrian government’s planning division, signed an agreement on the terms of the assistance in Damascus.

“Syria needs to progress on the political, civil society and rule of law fronts, but our work is based on cooperation, not confrontation,” said Wieczorek-Zeul.

The Hariri assassination sent relations between the West and Damascus plummeting. The European Union froze talks with Syria on an economic agreement after the killing.

A United Nations investigation implicated Lebanese and Syrian security officials in the assassination, but Syria denied involvement.

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  1. TJ (the Kafir)

    “Syria needs to progress on the political, civil society and rule of law fronts, but our work is based on cooperation, not confrontation,” said Wieczorek-Zeul.

    well thank you very much. you are indeed cooperating with a terrorrist nation and giving them the money they need to supply arms to terrorrists to continue killing indiscriminately. they will not progress until they show the world they are ready to do so. What on earth has proven the case to germany thus far.

    This “we believe in cooperation rather than confrontation ” bs is the perfect ingredient for disaster. The germans are dhimmi sheep. add them to the list. stop funding these arab regimes. the germans also funded saddam. cooperation really does work huh? :???:

  2. A. S. Wise- Commonwealth of Virginia

    good ‘ol krauts

  3. CPLViper

    I would complain about this but we (the US) did the same friggen’ thing, only worse, with Saudi Arabia.

    All in all, it still makes me want to puke.

  4. danielle

    Uh… that’s so not cool. Isn’t Syria evil

  5. TJ (the Kafir)


    its ok to complain. as an individual citizen you had nothing to do with previous policies with the sauds. It seems the sauds have been working with the good guys and bad guys together. as good muslims they have practiced taqiyya very well with us while building mosques across the world and funding anti american anti israel propoganda. the result is , that they stay in power. I pray for future politicians with the cojones to tell the saudis we know what they are up to and we plan to take action if you dont remedy the situation. It would be nice if we started by insisting they allow other religious institutions to be built in saudi. that would show that they really are spreading some good will in the world and are not bowing to terrorrists. the best thing would of course be to have a secular constitution like turkey, but i realize that will usurp their power.

    the next best thing is to just cut off relations with these scum bags. they are greedy enough to still sell us oil, why should we have anything else to do with them.

    to make a distinction with germany, the germans also have deals with the sauds and many other terrorrist nations, at least we stand up to a few of them. :???:

  6. Future0311

    What possesses people in western governments to give shitloads of money to these terrorists and expect something good to happen, while at the same time yelling at other governments who do the same thing on a regular basis? They give dissenters a reason to think they’re evil hypocrites.

    Maybe we’d gain a few more supporters if we stopped pulling bullshit stunts like this one.

  7. Ranger

    Pat you always find the best pictures to go with your stories (and give them the best titles).

  8. John Cunningham

    If Syria didn’t give all their money to hezbully in South Lebanon Germany wouldn’t have to “lend” them money.

  9. Sandy K.

    This is like a really bad but all too real guess who’s coming to dinner drama. :mad:

    The picture really is perfect Pat.

  10. Dan (The Infidel)

    Guess Angela is mooning us again like she did in that pic awhile back. Please Angela…cover it up…I don’t want to spoil my lunch…

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