President Urges Allies To Keep Troops In Iraq

August 30th, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


SYDNEY, Australia - Speaking to Australia’s Sky News network in Washington ahead of a visit to Australia for an annual meeting of Pacific Rim leaders President Bush said that he urges countries considering pulling troops out of Iraq to base their decisions on restoring the country’s security, saying the U.S. needs “all our coalition partners” in Iraq.

“I understand that everybody has got their own internal politics. My only point is that whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq, we’ve got more work to do. We, the free world, have got more work to do.”

Australia has about 1,600 troops in and around Iraq, 550 of them in combat roles. The timing and circumstances of the troops’ withdrawal is a political issue in Australia as it heads toward national elections due by early next year.

Labor opposition leader Kevin Rudd, who opinion polls suggest is headed for victory in the elections, has pledged to set a timetable for withdrawing Australian combat troops from Iraq. Prime Minister John Howard has refused to set a timetable.

Bush said in the interview he would meet Rudd during his visit to Australia next week, and that he would be glad to explain to Rudd why he believed victory in Iraq was important.

“What I ask if he were to win (the election) is that he consider the conditions on the ground before making decisions,” Bush said. “What matters is success, and I believe we can be successful.”


4 Responses

  1. Steve in NC

    Is this what is was like before WW2?
    Howard is in trouble over Iraq?
    Are we the insane or sane?

  2. danielle

    The free world has gone crazy. This is an important war! Why cant the people see that? Even the Iraqis are saying it’ll be chaotic for EVERYONE if Iraq were to fall.

  3. Ranger

    I can’t believe Howard is struggling NOW. WTF is wrong with people. Like Steve said, sometimes its so fucked up you think you might be crazy yourself and living in a nightmare.

  4. Dan (The Infidel)

    The Western world has become too soft. They like cheetoes and MTV…or wine and cheese…And they don’t teach their choldren the warrior ethos anymore. Western parents would rather their kids grow up to be Richard Simons instaed of Richard Widmark…They prefer pchobabble like Howard Zinn History that neuters the founders and all things American, over the more traditional Thomas Woods who emphasis what is right about the Western world and where the underpinnings of Democracy lie, and why they should remain constant.

    “Run Spot Run” and The little engine that could” have been replaced by “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “Why Mommy’s a Democratz”.

    Boys can’t play tag, draw military figures, play murder ball or otherwise be aggressive. Agressive boys are given meds to turn them into neutered little pussies.

    Keeping the warrior ethos allive is necessary for the survival of Western culture. Fortunately, there are still a small number of young people who acquired this value.

    Which means that all in here (minus you pussy-ass Defeatocratz) are doing our jobs.

    It is up to all patriots everywhere whether in Britain or Australia or the US to keep the warrior ethos alive. If we all do…Then we will survive. If not, then I suggest you keep practicing at the range…cause the big one is comming…

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