Blackwater Back In Business - On A Limited Basis

September 21st, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.



149 GMT — IRAQ, UNITED STATES — Private U.S. security contractor Blackwater has resumed protecting U.S. Embassy personnel in Iraq on “limited” missions, an embassy spokeswoman said Sept. 21. The decision, made during consultations with the Iraqi government, calls for all Blackwater missions to be approved in advance. The Iraqi Interior Ministry claimed to suspend Blackwater’s license and ordered a review of all security contractors in Iraq after a deadly shootout in Baghdad on Sept. 16.


BAGHDAD (AFP) — US private security company Blackwater was back on the streets of Baghdad on Friday, four days after being grounded following a shooting incident in which 10 people were killed, a US official said.

Blackwater guards were giving protection to US embassy staff and other officials on “limited” missions, US spokeswoman Mirembe Nantongo told AFP.

“We have resumed limited movement today. It is very limited and all missions need to be pre-approved,” she said.

“The decision was taken by us in consultation with the Iraqi government. All convoys will be protected by PSDs (private security details). Yes, it is Blackwater.”

The US embassy ordered all staff confined to the highly protected Green Zone in Baghdad on Tuesday following Sunday’s shooting into a crowded square by Blackwater guards while escorting a US civilian convoy through the capital

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  1. Dan (The Infidel)

    Like Blackwater is going to announce the movement of Diplomatic personnel? Sure….Have another hit dude…

    On the other hand, why not just tell the Iraqi officials that they are guarding to provide their own security?

    Watch the shit fly, then…. :twisted:

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