Hanoi Jane University

September 24th, 2007 Posted By Iggy.

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  1. Leslie

    Hey Iggy-

    Tell us how you REALLY feel..!!! Just kidding…we are all with you..
    I guess my biggest issues - being a woman - and being a woman who has fought so hard in this country to reverse certain stereiotypes in business and sports - why don’t you hear all these women/female groups, and talk show Oprah/Whoopie/Katie Couric- likes to protest against the crap that goes on in the rest of the world against women?

    I just feel as though these people throw “softballs” - oooh, let’s focus on women who need a school - not women in a society where death is a daily option…Where are you, N.O.W (National Organization FOR/OR Women?)

    Hillary Clinton wants all the luxuries of having feminine parts - and not having the balls to protect women overseas…

    Also, still want to support the troops - my company wants to adopt a batallion - perhaps you might also have a group of female Marines that the local Business Woman’s Groups can support? Send me the 411 -

    Thanks, Iggy -

    P.S. Inquiring Minds want to know - Can’t help it if you are becoming a rock star:

    1.) Without you giving up coordinates, where are you located now?
    2.) What does it say in the banner behind you - some of us don’t speak Arabic/Farsi…though I do I did work in a Mediterranean restaurant and have Syrian Christian relatives and know what kibbe is…
    3.) Ladies want to know if you are single….
    4.) Boxers or Briefs?
    5.) Astrological sign
    6.) Top 10 Favorite Movies - Could they be..Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and…well, we know it isn’t Redacted…


  2. Sandy K.

    Powerful vid Iggy. Thank you.

    I have a few questions about Blackwater. You had mentioned that at one time Blackwater was going to be under military jurisdiction and then it did not go through. Why did it not go through? Since they have to work so closely together and at times rely on eachother I would think it would be good for them to be accountable to the military.
    Also, was this recent incident of Iraqi civilians that were killed involving Blackwater, was it the first major incident involving them?

    I have had this on my mind all weekend about Ahmadinejad. I will be so glad when he is out of our country. I am amazed that this is happening here. It is very distressing. Why was there no way for President Bush to prohibit him from coming here and have him address the UN in some other way? When a leader of any country is actively killing our troops and they know that how and why would they permit them to be here?

    As far as Columbia U - you nailed them!
    It has saddened me to see the new lows that some in our country have gone to. I have gotten to the point that I am just at a loss of words.

  3. Mark Tanberg

    Blackwater read is spot on. no one is above the law.

  4. Dan (The Infidel)

    I’m all for letting the military oversee Blackwater. Supposedly, they are accountable to the State Department. Yeah right….

    Since Blackwater does what it does, it only makes sense to put them under Pentagon control.

    Columbia University? Hanoi Jane University is a good alternate title. Evan Syet and David Horowitz laid out the case against libtard systems such as Columbia many times.

    Lee Bollinger is the new Tom Hayden. Only this time we should hang the fucker.

  5. Dan (The Infidel)

    “Columbia’s president Lee Bollinger, however, defended the university’s decision to invite Ahmadinejad, saying that Columbia “as a community dedicated to learning and scholarship, is committed to confronting ideas.”…”

    Oh really? He maens only the people he likes get to speak. Robert Spencer, the minutemen, Coulter, they don’t get the same freedom.

    This guy’s another liberal, self-righteous, pompous, used car salesman.

  6. JJ26


    I will tell you that the college I earned my BA at is at least one school where the ROTC programs and the military recruiters are very welcome to come to campus. (I was almost a Marine myself through the program that have (had) where you become an officer upon graduation. Because of medical reasons, I couldn’t do the program which was a huge disappointment for me and still upsets me to this day)

    Back on topic: It is unforgivable that such a “prestigious” university would allow this. Maybe its because I went to a conservative Catholic college that you would never see anyone close Amadijanahaaa…whatever his name allowed to speak. I think the most controversial speaker we ever had was Al Sharpton…which was interesting to say the least.

    I wish I was in NYC today. I would protest his ass at Columbia and if he even hinted at making a trip downtown to go to the WTC I would put myself in the way of him trying to get there. I would not allow the memory of the people I knew that died there be insulted by his presence there. I hope there are some people there to block his way if he tries to go down there.

    The Silent Drill unit is in NYC today…too bad they can’t do something about all this :twisted:

  7. Kurt(the infidel)

    Great message! This is absolutely shameful to invite him here. The government television is so edited there that they will make his visit look like a damn ticker tape parade no matter how many protesters there are. Maybe Columbia should start a new course after this and call it Propaganda 101 or advanced Propaganda, thats all this will turn out to be

  8. fred

    Well, simply more evidence as to who’s side the Left is on. They didn’t invite Ahmadinejad because he’s some kind of ‘important world leader’ they invited him plainly and simply because if any one is, HE is the enemy of the United States. See, the Left has this perverted way of looking at things that makes us, the good guys, the bad guys. Therefore, anything that opposes the US is to be glorified and shed in a good light(Communist Russia,Viet Cong,Terrorists,etc). Deep down, anyone of those Leftards could be turned into a Jihadi if they had someone charismatic like Hitler to lead them. We in the West have to realize that these people, the Left wingers, are not simply Americans with alternate political beliefs, they are indeed our enemies. I know nobody wants to hear it but when push comes to shove… The question is not “How do we convert the Left?” or “How do we live alongside them?”. The real question is “What will YOU do to prevent THEM from destroying America and Western civilization as we know it?”

  9. Jim

    Iggy look at the psychology of these people…

    They RELISH this persecution because they know it will get them sympathy, and make them heroes and accepted abroad and amongst their peers.

    This is no different than it was when we declared our independence from Great Britain. They do not fear being beheaded by Americans so they side with the ones who may cause them harm, or look shamefully upon their intellect.

    Their “psychosis” is another subject and not relevant here…but

    Their shallow ploy of arrogance to sell their act of Idealism is shameless…

  10. Howie

    Iggy the Harvard President in question is Larry Summers and you are correct about 2005. People if you do not remember the incident google it, it is a good thing to remember.
    Unfortunatly it has become more common for our academia to behave in this manner, I was actually suprised at first that ROTC was not allowed back on campus in 1998 because of the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy yet they will let the leader of a State that murders homosexuals as a normal everyday type of thing.
    But then again I was just a stupid Marine, what would I know? Well outside of the fact that you do not invite a pedophile in to run a day care center for the same reason that you keep Heads of State that are actively training terrorists in Iraq, actively supplying terrorists in Iraq, and actively putting troops into Iraq to kill Americans to come and speak at your event.
    Free speach is a great justification for many things, but there is no justification for the actions of Leo Bollinger. Free speach does not mean that everyone gets a platform to spew there rhetorical propaganda, or else we would all be on MSNBC at the same time slot as Keith Olbermann.
    I hope Amadumbassguy’s plane has an accdent like TWA 800 a few years ago on his way home!!

  11. sully

    Great vid.
    Regarding Rumsfeld though it is actually worse.
    Rumsfeld has been invited to become a part of the Hoover Institute which is a conservative ‘think tank’ with a VERY loose association with Stanford. Yet that does not stop the Stanford profs from protesting.

  12. chris dean

    very well said like always Iggy, keep up the great work!

  13. Iggy


    I laughed at the rock star bit. I am just a lover of America. Here are the answers to your questions.

    1.) Southern California
    2.) I captured the banner during a raid at an insurgent headquarters. The top part is the group, 1920 (or 20th street) Revolution Brigade, middle is a call to Jihad, and the bottom is a Koranic verse. I put it up because it reminds me of the reality of global terrorism.
    3.) Married, sorry.
    4.) I wear boxer-briefs most of the time. The rest, well…
    5.) Gemeni, born on the same day as my mother.
    6.) Yes all the great war movies, to include Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Flags of Our Fathers, add to that Evil Dead II, Nightmare Before Christmas, Westerns, Horror films, etc. I am into man-films, to include comedies. Being an art student, I hit up the independent films too. I love Amelie, Delicatessen, and A Very Long Engagement.

    Thanks for the support.

  14. Iggy


    There have been several incidents with Triple Canopy and Blackwater. Some of which I have seen first hand. These guys do a great job but even Marines and Soldiers make mistakes. The big issue is that at least we have an immediate system to adjudicate these infractions. The security contractors don’t; and that worries me that they may fall prey to international politics and get prosecuted by Iraq. The issues range from coordination issues all the way to rules of engagement. These guys have a very important mission so they need to be incorporated into the big picture, we just need to keep them protected, for the good of everyone.

    I have no idea why that jurisdiction didn’t go through. Maybe it was because it couldn’t be tied to an earmark. It is a shame, I bet it comes to light real soon. This should get interesting.

    Thanks for posting.

  15. Sandy K.

    I hope a solution is soon for issues with the security contractors. Mistakes in the environment they are in are inevitable. It would make things worse for our guys and the people they protect without them there that is for sure.
    There are many clamoring for their removal all together and that would be very detrimental to stability.


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