Reid’s Mistake

October 3rd, 2007 Posted By Pat Dollard.


By calling Rush Limbaugh’s statements “unpatriotic” Harry Reid has now legitimized the same charge being levelled against the left for their usual anti-victory talking points and legislative actions. I watched Alan Colmes humorously trying to stamp out any debate about “each other’s patriotism” on H&C tonight. Let’s be real. He didn’t do that because he’s high minded. He did that because he understands that this is a losing battle for the Left and he’s trying to force the genie back into the bottle. I encourage everyone to openly and directly challenge Harry Reid and company’s patriotism ad inifinitum, on tv, print and talk radio, from now until the end of time. And not just as a matter of strategy but because it is true, and the exposure of the left’s longstanding treason needs to become a mainstream event. The concept of their treason needs to be seared into the public consciousness.

Reid himself knew he was vulnerable to this charge, and he tried to insert an advance defense into both his statement on tv, and the letter to Rush’s boss: “Although Americans of goodwill debate the merits of this war,”. He goes out of his way to describe the Dems’ anti-war motives as stemming from “goodwill” because he knows how vulnerable to the charge of treason the entirety of their anti-victory words and actions are.

I’ll be disappointed if the radio hosts, talking heads, and columnists let this moment go. The Dems have decided to change the ground rules of the war discourse themselves, and have left us an opening as big as the Pacific Ocean. Rush got it, and hit on the point. Now everyone else needs to rush in, and back Rush up, not so much in general, BUT ON THIS SPECIFIC POINT. It is from this point that the most can be gained in the public debate about who is best to lead this country and why. This simple point about the Left’s betrayal of its country ( with a focus on its troops ) needs to be expanded on and hammered home relentlessly by everyone who can. From pundit to politician. Now is the premiere moment to strike.

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  1. Gary in Midwest

    Votes = Bullets

  2. Gooddad

    Time to daschle Reid.

  3. LftBhndAgn

    The iron is hot.

  4. Ted B (follower of the book)

    I sincerely hope this does not negatively affect Cpl. Rock’s career, nor reflect badly on 1/6. The press has a penchant for twisting everything to their will.

  5. Jarhead68

    Not only does Rush get it, Mark Levin gets it, too. He absolutely skewered Reid, et al tonight on his radio show. Here in the USSNY he’s on WABC 770 from 6-8 PM and if he’s not on the radio in your town, call the local affiliates and complain. For those of you who don’t know Mark, he is a constitutional lawyer and he knows his shit. Get “Men in Black” his book about how the Supreme Court has perverted the Constitution since Day 1. is his website. I THINK you can stream the show after it’s over. No premium membership charge for now.

    Mark is like an intellectual pit bull. He gives no quarter and does not mince words, like Savage but I think even smarter.

  6. Grumpy

    Jarhead68, I think you might have used the wrong URL or something.

  7. cdlester2

    A little correction to Jarhead’s link…. it should be :smile:

  8. cdlester2

    Shit then I screw it up….. jeez….

  9. Jim

    Reid will go down as a disgrace…His grave will be pissed on daily

  10. sully

    “The concept of their treason needs to be seared into the public consciousness.”

    It ain’t a “concept” Mr. Earle. It’s very real. The REALITY of “their treason” continues to cost people their lives.

  11. Dannyboy

    You’re spot on, Jarhead68.

    Mark Levin is absolutely brilliant. He’s probably the most articulate and passionate talk show host out there, and you won’t find a bigger patriot. He’s well-deserved of the title Hannity & Rush gave him: “The Great One.”

    You can both stream his shows and subscribe to his podcasts for free.

  12. Dbo

    One of my professors here at Central Connecticut state university told a forum in his speech the Iraq war was lost. When I finally was able to ask a question after he blabbed on for an hour I asked him if the successes I made with the 3rd civil affairs group in Iraq and the successes Marines are still making in Anbar were all just lies. He conceded that some successes were being made and he is left leaning in his motives but, “the war is still lost.”

    How do you lose wars when successes are being made? Seems counterintuitive to me. What do I know, I havent been on an Ivory tower for 20 or 30 years. I am just somebody who has actually been to Iraq and saw it firsthand.

    Im sick of these assholes and their agendas.

  13. Lamplighter

    Reid = Loser.

  14. Professor Bill

    We really need to Daschle this guy, if we can the next time he’s up that will be such a blow to the defeatist party. Lets keep the momentum!!!

  15. Ted B (follower of the book)

    Dbo, you are a Blue Devil? Used to live in CT myself. :beer:

  16. danielle

    Reid is just so wrong and I hope to God he goes down in disgrace. I’m sorry to say that, but he never supported the troops, he never bothered to acknowledge the successes they made, he kept pleading for ultimate surrender to al-Qaeda, etc… I mean omg, he’s nuts. The trends have been good lately, so I wonder why on earth they just want to get up and leave?

  17. sully

    “Reid is just so wrong and I hope to God he goes down in disgrace.”

    Well we’re half-way there. Reid is already in disgrace. He’s just trying to worm his way out of the treason box he painted himself into… Now how to get him to ‘go down’ for it.

    Notice how you’re seeing less about Iraq in the MSM since conditions on the ground have improved with the surge? Not enough blood for them to use in their election campaign.

    Oh well, guess that means we’re back on global warm…. excuse me, it’s Climate Change now. Sure hope they can do something about that… the biggest MSM lie always has been the weather report.

  18. Dan (The Infidel)

    Reid’s office is being swamped with irate callers demanding an apology to Rush and to the troops. They are so pissed off that one of his minions called Levin the other night and chickened out as Levin was asking him to verify who he was…so the pussy staffer left a message with screener detailing the fact that they are tired of all the calls.

    Reid is going down the same road to retirement that Daschel went down. There’s no way that the people in his district are going to vote for his ass again.

  19. Steven D

    Challenge their patriotism?

    They should all be tried for treason!

  20. Steven D

    By the way, I contacted my Senators and Representative yesterday, asking them to condemn Reid’s statement and calling for his resignation.

    I find it telling that while all of them are Republicans, none of them have made any kind of statement.

  21. drillanwr

    I’ve suddenly hit a non-hole in my Swiss Cheese mind …

    Does anyone else recall during the late 1990s, at the height of all the Bill Clinton mess, a “reminder” went out to the armed forces that they were NOT permitted to publicly speak out against the President or the administration? That free speech did not pertain to those in the military service?

    But NOW it’s okay for active duty military to use free speech against this President and the war?

    Somebody please fill me in here …

  22. drillanwr

    Perhaps my mind isn’t so “Swiss Cheesy” after all:

    Military leaders warn troops not to criticize Clinton

  23. Dbo

    yeah I am blue devil :beer: , CT for some reason is one of the only states that gives free tuition to veterans who served in a combat zone. They didnt even care that Im not from CT and just taking advantage of their state lol. Spread the word on that everybody.

    Tell a VET. CT rox!

  24. Dbo

    I can give you all the specifics on that (CT tuition waivers for veterans) Pat, if you want to post that on your site or some other site. More vets should know about this. Then we can flood these leftist institutions in the north east with people who got their education in Fallujah, Ramadi, and Baghdad.

  25. Rap

    Ha, ha, ha. That’s rich, about the memo during the Clinton years not to criticize Clinton. Yet, how many almost retired generals, current soldiers, etc. have sounded off about Pres. Bush? Yet, no memo. If there was a memo, the ACLU would be out in full force. Where were they when Clinton’s memo went out?

  26. Support your local Jihadi Killer

    What’s up with the f**king people of Nevada. They continually vote for that SOB traitor Reid. Boycott Vegas until Reid is gone! Those people need a good bitch slapping.

  27. Dean Wormer

    Does the America that only watches and reads the regular news understand what these Dems are all about?

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