If Not You, Who?

October 4th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.


If Not You, Who?
By Bashman

With the spate of anti-conservatism spewing forth from the bowels of the left lately, there has been a wave of disgust that has rippled through the silent majority of Americans who dine at the table of the mainstream media on a daily basis.

You can feel it.

I honestly believe there needs to be a serious counter to this left wing bullshit because the way you deal with crap that they have been putting forth lately, like the Petraeus ad and the Rush Limbaugh attack, is not to try and silence them, but to answer back.

The only way you answer back is to take action.

I want to encourage you, PatDollard.com regulars and visitors, to spread the word. Email your friends and families with the link to this site, and others like it. Tell people about the site.

You would be surprised at how many people out there get their news from Katie or Brian, and their local newspapers, and that’s it. They aren’t going to take the time to scour the Internet looking for truth. But a link…now that’s easy, just click.

Send out some links tonight. Send out some links tomorrow. Spread the word because that’s HOW the word gets spread.

The time for action is now. We are coming up on a Presidential Primary election and then in about a year we will be casting votes in what will probably be the most important Presidential election of our time.

If not you, who?

Here’s a link: http://patdollard.com/


5 Responses

  1. The Word-Drum

    Yes Sir. I feel you. I’m going into politics and supporting
    Romney. Is that the answer? If not him, who? I think he can
    win. It’s all about Victory. Blogging is fun and has some effect, but look at the army we are up against. The true Left Wing Conspiracy (Clinton/Soros/Brock/Demorats and of course, the MSM).
    This is a great website and I will continue to visit and recomend it. As you and I say, skip the MSM if you want to understand The War, and much more.

  2. Dan (The Infidel)

    I’ve already got Dhimis to change their minds…and all used were the facts. This project is very easy. Even the Dhimis are beginning to turn away from the MSM. Soros, BowelMovement.org, CodeFink and the rest of the screwy libtard progressives are scaring the hell out of alot of Dhimis.

    Check the ratings of the libtard shows on cable. Watch the drop in ratings continue into 2008. Watch the drop in newspaper circulations continue to drop like a rock.

    It’s happening…and it’s going to continue happening. The more the MSM moves to the left, the more the Hildabeast and her bootlicks in Congress move to the left, the better our chances in 2008.

  3. geary

    Sounds good to me. I posted the link. I think most of my 6 or 7 readers probably already make regurlar stops here as I continually link to your guys stuff though. Maybe I can get some word of mouth going around my area.

  4. Professor Bill

    I came to the same conclusion about 6 months ago. I teach part time at a local university and I decided to counter a lot of the drivel in the LMSM by pointing out their lies. Such as nationalized medicine and the parasitic nature of the entire governmental beaurocracy. I urge my students over and over to think things through and to think for themselves.

    I think change is afoot.

  5. the_right_reverend

    Our brave Brothers are fighting the Insurgency in the sand box…

    the least we can do is battle the liberal Insurgency that is trying to take this great country down

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