Debate Winner! You Can’t Say The Moonbats Aren’t Tech Savvy

October 9th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.

Tinfoil Hat Wearing Moonbats Unite!

Wow! Would you just look at how Ron Paul is sweeping the nation! By golly, with numbers like these, he’s sure to be the GOP nominee!

Either that, or those Tinfoil Hat wearing Moonies (Bat type, not Sun Myung) are more wired than previously suspected.


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  1. FZappa

    Just to be clear here Pat, what exactly is the allegation? That Ron Paul supporters are voting multiple times, or what? Voting multiple times from one computer is easy for the CNBC techies to prohibit.

    The Ron Paul Revolution appears to be real, and his supporter look to be a lot more fired up than the supporters for other candidates, especially the so-called “frontrunners” in the “scientific polls”.

  2. EdinTampa

    I believe when the GOP decides who to nominate, the contributions will flow like water. I know I am contributing all I can to the nominee, but not a cent until we’ve nominated him.

  3. EdinTampa

    & it isn’t going to be Ron Paul!

  4. DrSemperFI

    The Loony left at the polls. They need to prove that they can screw up the polls. Nobody in their right mind watches MSNBC.

  5. Steven D

    In your description of the Ron Paul Kool-Aid Drinkers, you left out “basement-dwelling”.


  6. sully

    “The Ron Paul Revolution appears to be real, and his supporter look to be a lot more fired up….”

    ROTFLMAO… Revolution my ass…. “fired up” no doubt….on what exactly? The freak ain’t a Republican so WTF is he doing in a Repub debate? HAlf Dhimmicrat/half LaRouche wannabe….

  7. Bashman


    I posted the story, not Pat, check the “Posted By” credit. Its my take, my spin, so I will address your concerns of “allegations”…

    My “more wired than previously suspected” alludes to the fact that the people who follow Ron Paul, are more Internet savvy, more text-message savvy, and all around…just more “wired”…

    Look at the numbers dude, even Billary doesn’t get numbers like that, are you that duped?

  8. Steven D

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that Ron Paul says that I don’t disagree with.

    Where he rockets off to Pluto are when he declares that our invasion of Iraq isn’t Constitutional. Did he miss Article II, Section 2, which states “The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States…”? His opposition of the Global War on Terror, and desire for isolationism, show that he, like the Democrats, is neither capable of, nor willing to provide for this nation’s security.

    And he sure is whiney.

  9. Johnnyb


    No one in their right mind may watch MSNBC but the debate was on CNBC, which is the number #1 financial news channel. Every trader, banker, broker and financial expert in the country watches CNBC.

    Question shold be, why don’t the other candidates have the following that Ron Paul does. Why can’t other candidates raise money from individuals like Ron Paul does.

    More important questions might be “Is Ron Paul Right?” A lot of people are putting their money where their mouthes are an screaming YES!

  10. The Word-Drum

    “FZappa”- You take the Great Ones name in vain.

    Frank said: “FlowerPower Sucks” a**hole. And like Bashman, he suggested we coat are bullets in pigs’s blood, when shooting Jihadies.
    Also, Zappa was iconoclastic, but he was smart, Paul-heads are just nutty.
    (see how one Zappa devotee sees things at The Word-Drum)

  11. Q_Mech

    Just read this:

    Sorry; don’t know how to make links!

  12. Q_Mech

    It did it for me! Who says only lefties are tech savvy?! :smile:

  13. Brian H

    Tech-savvy — enough to hack CNBC’s rudimentary voter isolation. Here’s a clue: it fails the Reasonableness Test. Not the first time Paulites have pulled this BS.

  14. Dan (The Infidel)

    Just goes to prove that polls don’t mean a damn thing. Come nomination time, Ron Paul won’t even get squat for votes. The nomination will go to someone else: Romney? Thompson? Guliani? One of those three will be the nominee. Everyone else will be at home watching the nomination process on TV.

    But keep wishing on that star Ron Paulities….Maybe if you click your heels together twice…..

  15. Clyde Conneer

    well I never knew your daughter was a hybrid….. Gotta funny feelin’ Bigfoot’s gonna be here soon…..They’ve got shadow people livin’ in the basement woo ooh ooh…..

    I talked to one of Paul’s kids recently, a 9/11 troofer, anti-war peacenik, Impeach Bush asshat, who just couldn’t join with ANSWER because of the World Worker’s Socialist connection. Otherwise just as loonbat as shehag.

  16. Jarhead68

    Okay, this is easily explained, people. The debate was purposely scheduled at a time when normal people are at work so the Republicans would get as little publicity as possible. The only ones who actually watched the debate were the unemployed Ron Paul whack jobs who sit at home in their underwear masturbating to porn and Ron Paul sound bites.

    Go ahead. Tell me I’m wrong. :lol:

  17. Jim

    Well that sucks…They take a poll at the Ron Paul camp and he can’t achieve 100%?

  18. Andrew E. Acosta

    Ron Paul! Who’s Ron Paul?! :roll:

  19. vet 67

    If you follow your public school training, you toss out the high score and low score and walla the winner is.

  20. Goodbye Natalie

    I am ashamed to admit this, but some years back I was a lukewarm fan of Ron Paul. I thought he might be a true Libertarian. Man, was I wrong.

    Ron Paul and his followers are certifiably nuts.

  21. qwerty

    Libertarians are right about many, many things; the country would be better served were we to follow much of what they recommend. But they are simply dead wrong about the principle issue of our time, -the GWOT. We no longer live in the geographic/social isolationism of the 18th & 19th centuries. That may be unfortunate, but things are as they are.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ron Paul on more than one occasion. He is a nice and a decent man. Really he is. But he’s not presidential candidate material, as any sensible person who watched this debate (and the others) would understand.

    Libertarians, if you’re familiar with them at all, have ‘morality’ as one of their more major themes/interests. Interesting that they have, of late, resorted to stuffing various internet ballot boxes…..

  22. FTN98

    Jarhead68, Good to see you are here as well. Followed up on your post on the moonbat site linked by Q_Mech stating that you were the only one on the post with a brain. Never ceases to amaze me what some of these “thinkers” actually think…but considering some of the moonbat things friends and family members contrive, it doesnt surprise me a bit.

    Just to say, received an update from the wife of a friend of mine currently in Baghdad. He was recently a Company CO and has been transferred to log post to finish out his 2nd tour. W

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