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November 30, 2007

November 30, 2007 ( Due to an error, today’s earlier comments were lost. Safe to comment again. ) (4)
China Pissed Off That We Welcome Dalai Lama And Sell Weapons To Taiwan (13)
Can Hillary Be Trusted? (7)
Video: O’Reilly Unloads On American Muslim Council Puke In Denial (18)
Ron Paul Rakes In The Geek Green (2)
“Clinton Campaign Hostage Situation”: Is Over…Perp Is Leeland Eisenberg (37)
Castro Warns Chavez To Beware Of U.S.-Backed Assasination Attempt (6)
Operation Hellstorm: Iraqi Army Planned And Executed - U.S. Supported (7)
Dana Perino Bitch-Slaps Lefty Pain In The Ass Helen Thomas (16)
Graphic Video: Female Tamil Suicide Bomber Detonates Bra Bomb (14)
Brit Muslim Member Of House Of Lords Headed To Sudan (2)
CBS Hiring Environmental Reporter: No Environmental Experience Necessary! (4)
Original American Daredevil Evel Knievel Is Dead At 69 (11)
Fix! Kremlin To Public Employees: You Will Vote Or You Lose Job, Comrade (3)
Biden: Bush Bombs Iran And I’ll Move To Impeach (15)
Gallup: Only 38% Of Democrats Consider Themselves In Excellent Mental Health (11)
Radio Jock Savage Sues Islamic Front Group CAIR (12)
Dollard And Rumsfeld (68)
U.S. Withdraws U.N. Resolution Endorsing Mid-East Peace Deal (5)
Surprise: EU/Iranian Talks Break Down - Iran Refuses To Stop Enrichment (5)
welsh (0)
Religion Of Peace: Pakistani Dad Chops Up Daughter For Having Boyfriend (23)
Sudanese Mobs Call For Teddy Bear Teacher’s Execution - With Video (12)
Canadian General: “We Are Winning In Afghanistan” (5)
Video: Matt Sanchez (1)
Obama In Mystery Meeting With Bloomberg Behind Glass (5)
Marine Corps Cuts Planned MRAP Fleet By 40% (8)
Iraqis Find Huge Saudi Weapons Cache At Border (14)
CNN Has Pat Dollard.Com At Top Of Their List Of Recommended Blogs On Teacher (12)
U.N. Coming To Conclusion That 18 Months Of “Talks” With Iran Have Produced Shit (20)

November 29, 2007

Iran Classifies Rap Music “Illegal” - Edits The Word “Women” From State TV (13)
November 30, 2007 (22)
Murtha: “The Surge Is Working” (29)
Thursday Night Football Cowboys vs Packers…But…Dude… (20)
Chris Matthews’ New Definition Of Victory In Iraq Means We Lost World War Two (22)
Video: Who Put Al Qeada In Charge Of The New York Public Library System? (7)
Bin Laden Tells Europe Its Time To Join Forces (16)
Video: Slovakian Officials Say Uranium Seized Is From Russia (4)
Iraq Issues Arrest Warrant For Journalist Who Wrote Fake Massacre Story (4)
Video: Red State Update On The Repub YouTube Debate (3)
Iran Has 24 Hours To Avoid “Inevitable” U.N. Sanctions (7)
Mark Cuban Compares “Redacted” To Pat Dollard’s “Young Americans” (60)
Breaking: British Teddy Bear Teacher Found Guilty By Sudan (6)
Video: Geraldo “We Are Winning” (8)
AZ Governor: Not Christmas - “Holiday” And Screw Santa Claus (13)
“Single Largest Volunteer Mobilization Since The War Began” Will Close AQ’s Escape (2)
Dem Debate/Press Conference-Rigging Scandals Grow (3)
England’s #1 Paper Picks Up Story: “Bill Clinton Embarrasses Wife Over Iraq War” (3)
Iraq Papers Hail Return Of Refugees (2)
Al Qaeda Kills Tikrit Mayor In Doomed Campaign To Conquer Iraq (2)

November 28, 2007

Chavez To Expel U.S. Embassy Official For Conspiring To Defeat Him In Election (6)
Debate Where People Are Actually Intelligent And Fight Each Other - IE, Not Dem (9)
Video: Anderson Cooper Apologies For Hillary Debate Fraud (2)
More Clinton Slime: CNN Duped As Clinton Plants Campaign Executive As YouTuber (7)
Bush Confronts China’s Foreign Minister: “It Was All Just A Big Misunderstanding” (5)
Live Video: Republican YouTube Debate (1)
Writers Strike Causes DNC To Cancel CBS Debate (2)
Iraq Government In Secret Deal With Anbar Awakening To Replace Sunni Walkouts (2)
Video: Basra Goes To Shit As Brits Leave Business Unfinished (2)
Parent Upset Santa’s Train Goes To Victoria’s Secret (7)
Video: Apache Attacking IED Planting Team’s House (1)
Six Powers To Meet In Paris For Showdown On Iran (1)
Ten Little Niggers - With Video (29)
Video: Bill Implies Hillary Was Stupid To Vote For Iraq War (4)
Video: Bill Clinton Tells Lie, Belly Flops Onto Hillary (0)
Musharraf Cries As He Takes Off Uniform (1)
Dude, Didn’t We Have 60 Pounds of Pot? (8)
6,000 Sunnis Form Critical Security Pact With U.S. (4)
Another Phony Massacre In Iraq (1)
“Inciting Religious Hatred” - Intl Showdown As Muslims Prepare To Whip British Old Lady (14)