NFL Sunday Morning Bashage!

November 4th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.

Ok folks, I have been an NFL fan since 1967 when my Dad and my Uncle took me and my cousins to the AFL, thats right “AFL”, championship game in the Oakland Coliseum on New Years 1967. We whooped and hollered and watched our Raiders annihilate the Houston Oilers (anyone remember that old “Houston Oilers Number One” song?) by a score of something like 50-7…it was heaven.

Been a true fan ever since (Oak, SF) and always love a good game with great players and today we have what some have billed Super Bowl 41.5… The Patriots vs The Colts, Manning vs Brady, arguably the two best QB’s in the league (watchout I believe Romo is the real deal).

Who’s going to win? New England or Indianapolis? Who’s the better QB? Manning or Brady? Personally I think they are both equally good, but no doubt Brady is hotter right now. Did you watch the Pats vs Wash last week? Talk about execution, the Pats are a well-oiled machine.

Oh yeah, about that AFL Championship game…we had a new rookie linebackers coach that year in Oakland, some wild eyed fired-up kid named Madden.

Discuss…on Sunday Morning Bashage!

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  1. LadyAngler

    I’m honestly more excited about watching this game than my home town boys.

    I think Peyton is the greater all around QB… I see the Pats winning today. Both are great teams!

    The Pats just have better tools. The lines and d-ends are just better for New England. Not to mention Bill B. is some kinda mastermind. I just would not put my money (or mouth) against a team that has not only won but won by three TD’s every game! Too bad these two are in the same division or this WOULD be the Superbowl- Act I. Should be an incredible match up! Hope the folks in Iraq get a taste too.

    Thanks for the topic, Bash.

  2. Steve in NC

    I think that the Pat’s will shut down addai and the running game for the colts, and force them to depend on manning to win it. the colt’s are using the run game for clock control this season and if the Pat’s can get that done they will can get time of possession in their favor. The colts will score, but don’t let them take 10 minutes to do it.

    So I thinkin patriots 33 / colts 28

  3. Steve in NC

    BTY bitches, I am leading my fantasy league without brady, moss, romo, or manning on my team.

  4. Bashman

    Hey LadyAngler!

    Who are your “Hometown Boys”?

    My Raiders and Niners aren’t faring too well this season…but I love the NFL and great players and great games.

    It’ll be iteresting to see how Indie’s defense takes on the machine, and I have a feeling Manning will have a good day.

    However, its just too close to call.

    If I had to pick a winner I’d go with New England, just because of their execution as of late, Brady is hot, but is he peaking too soon? Canhe sustain this unbelievable performance throughout November? Hard to say.

  5. CJWarner

    I’ve found I always perform at my peak when I’m able to steal signs. rofl

  6. sully

    “Super Bowl 41.5″


    Looking forward to both these teams duking it out!!!
    :beer: :beer: :beer:

  7. LadyAngler

    KC Chiefs… we are trying to kick Farve-ra in the pills. It’s staying close.

    I hate the Raiders! As I’m sure you hate the Chiefs. :wink:

  8. Irish Gal

    Manning is incredibly patient….

  9. Dan (The Infidel)

    3rd quarter Colts 13 NE 7. Colts defense is doing a great job. Finally NE has some real competition. At the rate those two are going it will be an AFL year…and another AFL Superbowl win.

    Romo is good, so is Favre…but they won’t beat Brady or Manning.

  10. Bashman

    Looks to me so far like they have effectively been able to squelch Brady while Addai has had a relatively good day.

    Looks like the Pats are sort of getting into a groove at the start of the 4th, but wow, Moss had pulled down a couple of spectacular ones today.

    Still anyone’s game eh?

  11. LadyAngler

    Good game. Several amazing plays. I would have liked the Colts to win, but thought the Pats would pull it out.

    Did you see the coach hand shake? Did they even look each other in the eye? Burrrrrr. Is Bill B a total arrogant prick or what?

  12. Dan (The Infidel)

    That was a darn good game. When these two teams meet again Harrison will probably be healthy. I didn’t look at the schedule, but I’m looking forward to a Colts-NE Division playoff game. It’s going to be good.

  13. Kevin

    I hate SF cuase Gore was my number one draft pick! Talk about bust!

  14. Bashman

    Looked to me like they kind of threw Brady off alittle at first, that plus the hype threw him back but he got the groove back in the second half.

    Manning fell victim to that lack of choice targets-thing. Addai had a spectacular Roger Craig kind of day with over a buck rushing AND receiving, I remember Rog used to do that unde Montana a lot.

    In the end, it seemed to me that once Brady finds a groove and gets his timing down, he is an awesome force. Started dismally and then finished 21/32 255 yds 3tds 2 ints. Hurts his perfect QB rating as of late, but at least he’s human.

    I like Payton manning, though, he is a true competitor.

  15. Bashman

    Looks like this Sunday NFL thread was ok, we’ll do it again next week!

  16. American Verm

    Many of you may not know that I am from Indy. This was crushing. Two GREAT teams took to the field tonight. I love the rivalry and hate to lose to those eastcoast libs. And yes that is how I feel, just compare the coaches and you will see the diffences in the cultures. Both are great coaches but only one is a great person…I’m just bitter guys… :cry:

  17. Bashman

    @American Verm…

    I heard that, Belicek is a real puke sometimes…a genius coach, but doesn’t seem like the most stand up guy.

    Dungy, now that man is the epitomy of class and stadn-up and everything you would want your sons to emulate.

    I feel for ya bro, but don’t cry too much, it could be worse, remember, I’m a Raiders/Niners fan…


  18. American Verm

    I appreciate the kind words Bashman. I also enjoy the beer you put up there for me…it came in handy.

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