Bono: “We Need To Negotiate With Al Qaeda And Hamas”

November 17th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.

In his interview in the 40th anniversary of Rolling Stone, rock star Bono sounded more moderate on terrorism, but sadly, he turned to how Bill Clinton was a genius in talking with the IRA (his role in Irish peace was hailed by the media during his presidency) and how we need to talk with terrorists:

There is an imminent threat. It manifested itself on 9-11. It’s real and grave. It’s as serious a threat as Stalinism and National Socialism were. Let’s not pretend it isn’t. I think people as reasoned as Tony Blair looked at the world and didn’t want to be Neville Chamberlain, who came back from meeting with Hitler with a piece of paper saying “peace in our time,” while Hitler was planning to cross the channel from France.

There is a world all of us have learned to undervalue: compromise. Bill Clinton once rang us, because he was collecting opinions on whether he should give Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams [of Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army] a visa into the United States. I thought, “These people have put bombs in supermarkets, and many innocent people have lost their lives.” So I said, “No. Don’t dignify them.” And he said, “But shouldn’t you always talk to people?” And I said, “Yeah, but you dignify them.”

I was wrong. Clinton did exactly the right thing in talking to the Provisional IRA and other elements. Now they have to do the same, in my opinion, with Hamas, and they have to do the same with Al Qaeda. You have to involve them in dialogue.

Full Newsbusters article by Tim Graham here.

15 Responses

  1. ArleighB

    Since 9/11 I’ve been doing research on Muslims,one thing always stands out:they see negotiation and “dialog” as weakness on our part ! Any truces,treaties,or agreements they can renege on, as it is with Infidels.

  2. Cridhe Saorsa

    what a bone-head.

  3. Otter

    Comparing the IRA to islamofascists is like comparing Bono to white-power musicians.

  4. POD1

    Bono should stick to out of breath bad singing.

  5. Cridhe Saorsa

    On second thought, Let’s let Bono put his ass where his mouth is by airdropping him into Wazeristan to open up negotiations.

    When will the world be safe from guilt-ridden uneducated entertainers who try to solve the worlds problems with other people’s sweat and money.

  6. drillanwr

    My reply from NB site, via copy/paste:

    While the IRA used “terrorist” tactics, their ideology and goals can hardly be comparable to that of AQ … in any capacity.

    Anybody who has even an ounce of realistic logic and reasoning capabilities can see that, and avoids making the comparison.

    The lib-socialist-neocommunist-left is so obviously void of this function.

  7. drillanwr

    Um, however, if they want to send Clinton over to talk to AQ … go right ahead … and take Hillary with him.

  8. Dan (The Infidel)

    What a moron. In Islam there are only two outcomes in war: victory or defeat. If we lose, the only negotiation that will take place is whether or not useful idiots like Bono should live in slavery or die. If we win, the problem goes away, and negotiations won’t be necessary. Read the Koran and the Hadith, dumbass. Get a clue.

  9. Laura (no longer liberal)

    I am getting really tired of dimwitted people, largely from the British Isles, comparing Hamas and Al Qaeda to the IRA. Maybe I’m a bit dim on the IRA, but I don’t recall that they were out to take over Britain, to impose Catholicism on Britain, or to destroy Britain. The analogy simply does not hold. I’d suggest to Bono that he read the Hamas charter very carefully, and that he listen to what Mashaal and Haniyeh have to say. Hamas is not in the least interested in any kind of permanent negotiated settlement with Israel, they are interested in destroying her. Period. Full stop. Bono, you are barking up the wrong tree. Stick to helping the starving in Africa.

  10. Ted B

    Ta-daaaaaa! Here we are, the liberals, to save defeat from the jaws of vic-toryyyyyy!!!!!

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, ask Neville. Now piss off.

  11. Egfrow

    I heard Bono’s father was a European Scientist. Here is the real story behind the Birth of Bono.

  12. Terry Gain

    There’s a lot to be said for negotiating a deal. Here’s the deal. bin Laden gets to live so long as he doesn’t kill more than ten people a year -from a list prepared by Pat Dollard. And if he kills anyone not on the list he’d dead.

  13. JonnyMordant

    Obviously Bono has this confused with Negotiating a Record Deal! Sure, Record Producers can be tough at times; maybe he’s associating Osama Bin Laden with Phil Spector?

    :arrow: Laura(no longer liberal) Yes, I agree that you are correct that there are Vast differences between the Jihadi/IRA situations; And I must admit that I often use the comparison of the IRA to Al Qaeda; However it is generally in terms of the Bombings of Public places… And always on the basis that the Logical Response, when someone begins the “But they (The Jihadists) are just Freedom Fighters like the IRA” line of reasoning, is to go with their broken logic and body slam them with it…

    When the above argument is used then the “Comparison” does ring true… Personally as a “Melting Pot Mutt” I’m especially proud of my Irish portion; but when civilian lives hang in the balance, I must draw the line!

    I believe it would serve Bono well to read less “Utopian” literature and more “Ronald Reagan” (The Greatest Irish/Republican) if he wants to find real, long term solutions…

  14. Future0311 (the infidel)

    Yet another know-nothing who thinks he actually knows something… :roll:

  15. John Cunningham

    Egfrow, Springsteen hasn’t taken a dump since the middle 80s, I think he’s next to “give birth”.

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