Battle Of The Old Men: Testaverde vs Favre, NFL Bashage

November 18th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.

Brett Favre can still get it done, and even make the young bucks look bad. Grey whiskers and all…heh heh.

Vinnie Testaverde is just a year younger than I. I got a chuckle when Doug Flutie, who is also my age, played a game a few years ago. But Vinnie? Wow.

Brett ain’t no spring chicken either, but Favre still has it…dunno about Vinnie, we’ll see.

I remember as a kid watching George Blanda quarterback for the Raiders a time or two and was, at that time, the oldest guy to ever do so. But today is an NFL milestone.

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5 Responses

  1. cclevel

    Nothing to see here folks, just move along. Wait till Nov 29 for the Cowboys\Packer game. The meeting of the two gun sligers. Now that will be a game to watch! :beer: :beer: :beer:

  2. locknload

    Blanda was a month short of 49 yrs. old when he retired as a kicker-what a ride , the early years of the AFL!

  3. JonnyMordant

    Favre is The Man; an Old Man but still The Man! I suspect he’ll be in great shape after getting some much needed rest; He burned the candle at both ends for so many seasons that his retirement came sooner than necessary! Go Packers! Gotta Run, just heard “Gentlemen, start your Engines” in the other room!

  4. Kurt(the infidel)

    I love watching Favre play, Packers have always been my second favorite team.

    But I have always been a Bengals fan since im in the Nati, and I gotta say its been a pretty embarrassing season. All of that serious talent but they still cant seem to play together, alot of selfish players is my opinion.

  5. One Shot

    Look at the numbers that Brett has put up this year with a group of unknowns. Unbelievable! He threw for a passer rating of 120 today including 3 touchdowns. If it weren’t for him, this team would be 3-7 at best. He’s a strong contender for the league MVP if he doesn’t have a meltdown.

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