Saudi Sheik Says Jihad In Our Era Is A Mistake

November 19th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.

Well at least one of them thinks so, and like a dead trial lawyer at the bottom of the ocean, its a start.
But I won’t hold my breath that the 100 Million other screaming jihadis will agree with him.

Saudi sheikh Dr. Salaman bin Fahd Al-’Awda has said that jihad in our time has caused more damage than benefit, and that waging jihad now is a mistake vis-à-vis the religion, society, and human life.

He said that of some of the fervent young people who go to wage jihad [in Iraq] without permission from their families and without knowing for sure what situation prevails there, many have disappeared without a trace, and others end up at Guantanamo.


4 Responses

  1. Future0311 (the infidel)

    Jihad is a mistake period. We will wipe you off the face of God’s green earth. Your homes will be nothing more than large craters.

    It’s in your best interest to give up that jihad idea while you still can.

  2. jak

    That’s exactly the message we need to reenforce. I sure do wish our State Department would take quotes like these and publish them across the globe. YouTube it. Broadcast it. Print it. It’s not even propaganda! The enemy is the one saying it! He believes! He’s done.

  3. Jim

    Damn it, I thought I knocked him out the last time I saw him…where is my Louisville slugger, got it … “fastball, high and inside”

  4. Gary in Midwest

    Hell of a target. Aim for that pie hole!

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