Thursday Night Football Cowboys vs Packers…But…Dude…

November 29th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.

NFL Bitches
…will you be able to watch it?

I will. I get the NFL Network. I have to tell you I started watching it last year and it is one of the best things to come along for NFL fans since the Super Bowl or Monday Night Football.

But not everybody gets the channel. many cable providers don’t “provide” it.

Man, I feel sorry for any NFL fan that does not have the NFL Network at their fingertips.

Dude…they came up with this program called NFL Replay. They manage to take out all the time consuming crap that goes on in between plays and shorten the game, without missing one tick of the game clock, to just an hour and a half.

But what about instant replay? Colorful commentary? Diverse angles?

Dude…they put all that stuff in there, PLUS commentary from players and coaches taped from after the game, edited into the game replay in the appropriate spots. Like if Brett Favre scrambled away from three blitzing linebackers and took off downfield for a 70 yard TD run, and he talked about it after the game? They edit that in while you watch the replay game immediately after that play.

Well, you get the idea. Plus sounds of the game like mic’d coaches and shet like that…

Anyway…Game on tonight! Possibly a preview of the NFC Championship Game…

Tony “The Real Deal” Romo, the kid that failed the Cowboys and crushed their Super Bowl hopes with the botched hold on the chip shot, has come back with the vengeance and stature of a true pro and he also just inked a something like $67 million dollar deal including incentives with a guaranteed $31 million….vs….The Living Legend of Lambeau Field Brett Favre.

Dude…Thursday Night Football…discuss the game AND the NFL Network or your lack thereof.


PS: Favre is 0-8 in Texas Stadium.

20 Responses

  1. RVN68MIKE

    I don’t have IT, I hate you & I’ld kill myself but am afraid people would piss on my grave–I love that line.

  2. Kurt(the infidel)

    Im watching it right now..betting on the Packers of course. Im a Bengals fan but the Packers are still awesome

  3. Leslie

    Well, I won’t be watching it. I gave up DirectTV for its support of HDNet - owned by Mark Cuban for Redacted.

    And the fact that if you want to watch a real team, just watch the Patriots on Monday Night, ESPN, 8:30pm, against the Ravens….12-0, baby

  4. Bashman


    Go to and you can watch the game, bro.


    My Directv doesn’t have HDnet. Dunno why….probably because I’m not HD hooked up I guess, never saw it on here, just rechecked, its not oon mine. Directv says its channel 79, but my remote won’t even go there.

  5. Bashman (the infidel)

    Anybody wanna take a shot at why the heck Favre keeps going for the big one every other play and fucking up?

  6. Tom in South Texas

    I’m getting it on 212.

    Da Boys in a rout: 27-10

  7. Kurt(the infidel)

    No HDnet here. because of no HDTV. NFL channel is 212 on mine. And Bash, i would like to know the answer to the question myself, hes not looking too good right now

  8. Bashman (the infidel)

    Hey…nice little drive at the end of the half by Rodgers. Never saw the kid before, never even heard of him, but for a cold start and pretty much a rookie (I know not technically), the kid didn’t do too bad.

    Probably taking the atitude of “What the hell do I have to lose?” Works for him so far…

  9. Kurt(the infidel)

    Whats with T.O just giving the ball up in the end zone? was it too good of a pass or what? hope the packers can capitalize on that, only down by 3

  10. Kurt(the infidel)

    Man these referees are shit time bring your glasses, pass interference my ass

  11. Bashman (the infidel)

    Tough call on that pass interference. If not for that call,I ain’t so sure dallas gets the win…still may lose, depends on this series.

    The kid…crunch time for Rodgers.

  12. Kurt(the infidel)

    I hear ya Bash, didnt look like a hook to me though. I would be pissed if i was the Packers. Looks like Green Bay will try the ground game for the rest of this one

  13. Kurt(the infidel)

    Well i hear Rosie O’Donnell singing..(the fat lady) :lol:

  14. Bashman

    Romo is the real deal.

    And that Rodgers kid looks like he may have a future…

    :beer: :beer:

  15. Kurt(the infidel)

    Cant deny Dallas has a good team this year. both teams will be in the playoffs for sure. Ill be looking for great things out of Rodgers, over 200 yards, seemed to come out of nowhere too

  16. Howie

    Leslie you keep him honest!!

    Kurt- Fuck the Packers!! I love Favre as a player, but I live in Chicago.

    I don’t have the NFL Network but you guys neither saw, or have on the teams that you are routing for tonite, the most electrifying player in all of football!

    Devin Hester! No one player changes the way a team game plans like him!

  17. CJWarner

    I think the Cowboys may have been stealing the Packers play signals.*

    Oh, wait. Wrong teams. Never mind.

  18. Turambar

    the refs may as well have been wearing Cowboys logos on their shirts… what a joke.

  19. One Shot

    Cannot figure Favre out at all. He gets rattled and goes fuck-ignorant in his decision making. Why he throws the long ball so many times into double coverage when he has 3 or 4 other targets is beyond me. If he had any chances at all of being league MVP or in the ProBowl with previous play this season, those hopes were flushed down the commode last night.

    Bigby is Ahmad Carroll in different skin. Needs to be shit-canned ASAP. Rodgers seems to have been a good 1st round choice and it appears that he can get the job done should Brett get hurt or decide to retire at some point. Had Brett played the entire game, it may likely have been a real blowout the way he was playing.

    This was one of those games where a person never really expected the Packers to win. Too many injuries, particularly on defense. One of the better pass-rushers for the team was down as well as their best coverage man.

    It is likely that we will see these two teams meet again in Dallas early next year. Would have rather seen Dallas have top play on the frozen tundra, but that is the way that the pickle squirts. Maybe the team will get healthy by then and can give a better accounting of themselves. The winner of that game will be in the Super Bowl.

  20. Jerry

    Rodgers was a first round pick three years ago. Was toted to be the first overall, a tossup between Alex Smith (now in SF)or Aron Rodgers. When Alex got the nod, Rodgers fell all the way to 24th pick in the first round. Up until this year, his play as a backup has been less than inspiring and it did not help to be playing behind Brette from the perspective you rarely get on the field. Well as it workked out, he kept working on his game and as evident in the preseason this year, it seems that the light has gone on in Rodgers and is now showing potential to really be a good football player. It is still a question of when he will get onto the field full time.

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