Listen Up Dollard Readers! “Young Americans” Documentary Needs You

December 18th, 2007 Posted By The Bashman.

Pat nearly died on more than one occasion trying to bring home the truth of what was happening in Iraq. The Marines who sat on either side of him in this humvee did not survive the IED. Pat did, he has a story that the American people, and the world, need to hear.

Folks, I really feel the need to say something here. I just got off the phone with Pat who is busting his ass trying to get his documentary “Young Americans” done the way he feels it needs to be done. If you read his “Deep Thoughts” you’ll know he has had some creative differences with the docs producer Tony Scott.

This week is the biggest week in the history of this documentary’s post-production. I don’t need to tell you that Pat’s film truly captures the heart of the Marines that serve(d) in Iraq. I don’t need to tell you that Pat’s version of the war in Iraq is completely different than, say, the mainstream media’s version of the war in Iraq. I don’t need to tell you, that it is the truth.

What I do need to tell you is that Pat is putting together this film his way. And it is the right way. What I do need to tell you, is that he is literally using every last penny he has, to get this documentary done the right way.

To have anybody else do it any other way would be doing the United States Marine Corps, and all of our other men and women serving in uniform a disservice. I have seen a lot of footage. I have even seen footage nobody else has…well, except the big producers. I can tell you, it needs to be done Pat’s way.

He needs to raise $3,000 by Friday. Just below the search box on the main page are the words Support This Site“. I am asking you to support Pat now. Right now.

If you feel like you benefit from this site, if you feel like “Young Americans” is the kind of film this country needs to see right now, in the wake of all of the “Redacted“s and the “Lions For Lambs” and all of the mainstream media and left-wing Congressional hatred for our troops, then I am asking you to help Pat finish this thing.

I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t feel it was right.

Click on “Support This Site”, and do so today, he needs $3,000 by Friday.


TUES EVE UPDATE: I had a chance to speak to Pat briefly from the editing room, and he wanted me to extend his deepest and most heartfelt thanks, the money is much needed and much appreciated. It’s really helping to get through what is the most important and critical week of the life of this series.

73 Responses

  1. Devan

    Doing what I can right now. You are right Bash! Thanks.

  2. Carol L.

    Pat, I appreciate what you are doing. I am presently unemployed, living on my retirement while I help my elderly parents and trying to earn a bit working at home. I did contribute because I believe in the truth getting out and you are able to do it and have sacrificed yourself. My only wish would be that I had more to give. My prayer is that your documentary ‘Young Americans’ will be out soon (your way)and many eyes will be opened to the truth. Bless you and all those who fight and those who believe in our country and freedom.

  3. Infidel

    Did my little bit, Bash, please let us know when the $3k is reached. I’m sending requests to other Infidels, it shouldn’t be long.

  4. Phil N Blanx

    Money well spent - feel like this is the least I can do to repay Pat and all the others that sacrificed so much more than mere money while serving in Iraq.
    Bash - Please let us know how this fundraiser progresses. If you come up a little short by Friday maybe we can dig a little deeper.

  5. newhumandesign

    Sent some money as well. Not much but I don’t have much. I really appreciate this site and want to see this documentary the way Pat wants it to be seen. :beer:

  6. Scotty

    Hey Bash & Pat. Expect my payment tonight or tomorrow. Had an idea tho. I mean if a political person can raise 6 mill in one day, Pat Dollard should have no problem raising 3k by Friday. Maybe some people need “incentive”. Maybe a spot on the site that lists people who have donated, and a list of how much they have donated (up to them whether or not to display the money amount). It might convince some more people to pay up if they get their name up on the list of supporters of YA?

  7. ruthie

    I put a bit in the pot for Pat. As someone requested above, please post the progress of the fundraising. I appreciate all that you all do for the soldiers!

  8. will

    damn can it wait til i start working again? ima college student and like all college students im broke lol GI bill is 300 dollars ahahah pay for college my ass lol

  9. mchevere

    I sent what I could and a became a sponsor (I should have done that long ago) Thanks Pat for all your hard work and the passion you have for this fight. God Bless the troops and their families, and God Bless America.

  10. martymar

    I through a little bit in, I didn’t have a whole lot to contribute since the Navy things it’s a good idea to have you re-request housing allowance after you’ve been receiving it for years. PSH!

  11. Sgt. OD

    Sent what I could spare. Pat, this is a good thing you’re doing

    Semper Fi

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  13. Kerry

    Just made a small donation. You’ll get it done and into people’s livingrooms exactly the way you want it. I have no doubt. You have my best wishes in a successfull completion. Peace be with you.

  14. Chicago Bob


    Don’t you have an address we can send a check I have been trying to send $ via your site and it won’t go thru.


  15. Yerfej

    You have my donation, and it will be a christmas present to myself to have donated. Having become a citizen just three weeks ago I can’t help but sit here and think about this great country and all that the military is doing in Iraq. I feel proud to be an American citizen and to support in my little way Pat and his efforts to let the truth be told.

  16. LMcG (Texas Mom)

    Yerfej - Congratulations on becoming a citizen! Americans should appreciate what we were born into more. Folks like you should be a reminder of the greatness and blessings of this country. I appreciate those of you who put forth the effort to be part of this great nation without trying to steal it from us.

    I will give a little more to Pat for YA in your honor, Yerfej!

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Richard Quinn

    Cash on the way to brighten Pat’s day!
    Merry Christmas to all who share this site and God bless

  18. TennesseeJed

    Sent to ya. Hope it helps.

  19. jerr


    I sent what I could last week and will send more late thursday night (payday is 0001 hours on friday). GET THIS MOVIE OUT!!! Our Military deserves to have the truth told about them by someone and after reading this site for awhile I know that Pat is the man to do it. Without Pat, Micheal Trotten, Bill Roggio, blackfive and the like I’d be insane right now from the lies being told everywhere else. BZ!!!

    Fair winds and following seas.

  20. Sandy

    Additional funds sent earlier today Pat. Hope it helps. I would give you a whole lot more if I had it.

  21. Mark

    Cash on the way, Do us vets proud for our brothers in the fray

  22. EDinTampa

    My pleasure to help. We need this more than anything as a wake up call for America.

  23. James

    One step closer. Thanks Pat and Bash.

  24. James (2)

    More on the way. It’d be a complete and utter shame for this film to fall to the wayside, I’m confident you’ll get enough in time.

  25. Ted B

    Congratulations Yerfej! Good choice! :beer:

  26. labwrs

    Pat, I think my donation should cover about 100 months at $1 a month. I think it better to give it all right now. I am so disgusted by what I read in the MSM that I cant think of a much worthier place to give.
    Good luck, God Bless and Keep up the good work!
    I have never been asked to pay a price for my freedom. Others have paid for that without ever sending me a bill. Contributing to the effort to get the REAL story out is the least that can be done.
    Tomorrow I can wake up and decide how I want to spend my day. I wont have to worry because America’s best are on watch for me.
    Instead of gratitude and respect, they are maligned and denigrated. At least in this way I can say” THANK YOU FOR MY FREEDOM, THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE, THANK YOU FOR DEFENDING ME AND OUR COUNTRY”.
    PLEASE tell their story. They deserve SO MUCH more.

  27. TBinSTL

    My sawbuck is on it’s way….didn’t see the place to enter any comments but then again I’m not that bright…..
    If you have any 2XL or larger laying around, think of me.
    T Bennett

  28. John H

    I donated what I can It’s been a tight Holidays for me and the little lady, but I sent what I can send right now. I Am going to spam this post and link where I can…..I really recommend you guys post a message at groups who have sympathetic ears, on the protest warriors web site, little green footballs etc etc, you know the places where the fans are!

    Good luck Pat….and don’t give an inch, I’d rather see it take another year to get it out that have some liberal politically correct asshat change the truth.

  29. budman

    Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. I am pround to help contribute towards the goal.

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  31. RTLM

    If you’d post a friggen PO Box it would happen!

  32. Paul in Iowa

    I sent along another half a C-note

    I agree with RTLM, though. I’m sure more help would come through snail mail. Too late to help with this crisis but it might help alleviate the next.

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  34. A. S. Wise- VA

    Anything to sustain this project!

  35. Cor in Vienna

    Did send you a little christmas gift from Vienna, Austria.
    I Love what you are doing, hope the documentary will be ready soon.

  36. Vanessa

    I sent a little bit again.
    Wish it was more. If I win a lottery :idea: more will be on the way.
    Really low on money due to support and expenses of sons last tour in Iraq and this new tour coming up.

  37. Lori P

    I’m with Carol. Although I’m job hunting and things are tight, this is important, and we can always find a few dollars here and there. Good luck and Godspeed! We need this message in front of all Americans.

    PS - I couldn’t find the “text” area to give you a shirt size, so added it after my name on the shipping address. Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee yet …

    Thanks again, Pat! Can’t wait to see Young Americans!!!

  38. POD1

    There you go Pat.
    Its all I could afford, I hope its enough to help. :beer:

  39. Armand

    100$ on Friday - on my word.

  40. Gary in Midwest

    15 minutes of editing isn’t much. Sorry I couldn’t help out more. Good Luck Pat :!:

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  42. Tom H

    Bash, how about an address where we can send donations if we are hesitant to use Paypal, etc.?

  43. Doc

    Der ya go Pat,

    I sent ju a cupla tu tree hours wort.

  44. Jihad4u2

    $50 American your way.
    This is the first war of the information age, and we sadly are out gunned. Pat shouldn’t be in a money crunch, he should be fully funded by the US tax dollars. Universal healthcare and sensitivity training my ass, we need universal eye opening and kicking ass documentaries to remind our citizens and the world, that their valued liberty exists only because of the honorable men and women of the US military who defend it.

  45. Veeshir

    Not much, but it’s been a tough couple of weeks with Christmas coming up.
    Thanks for what you do.

  46. flip

    Thanks for your dedication to the troops & our Country. $25 on the way. Every little bit helps.
    Flip, RVN ‘69

  47. Brad W(the infidel)

    Okay, my employment ends this friday. no idea when I’ll have another job, wife and 6 year old at home. I just sent $75, so any of you out there with better long term outlook, get off your duffs and help out.

    Semper Fi

  48. Brad W(the infidel)

    I’m sure Pat will be glad to send those of you that requested it a mailing address, He sent it to me a couple months ago. I’d copy and paste it here, not sure if he wants that out there, Bashman might delete it.

    Since I hate Paypal as much as anyone, I still used it today to send the funds.

    All jarheads out there, if you are no tin uniform and have a job, let’s see who can match my contribution.

    Since Pat has become a proponent of the Corps, versus his former life, I challenge the other devil dogs that read here to cough it up!

    Since the Corps got 6 years of my life, and the Army got another 6, I may as well challenge all the doggies out there to shell out some dough as well.

    Better yet, 50 or 75 bucks may be a bit much this time of year for a lot of you. It hurts a little on this end as well, but that which does not kill me makes me tougher…

    Sooo, okay, 50 too much? try for 10…it really does not hurt….

  49. jak

    I’m in for 25. It only takes 25 bucks from 120 people to get it done. We already got 50 people up here with a couple of 100 buck guys, and this is the most recent post up, so I think it’ll get done. We don’t have to be rich, just numerous and supportive.
    This is usually one of my first stops in the Milblog folder so I think I owe a little back. Times are tight but it’s a matter of priorities.

  50. dirtman

    Thanks for your efforts Pat. Couldn’t send much, every little bit should help though :smile:

  51. Bryan Abbott

    I sent $50. First time I have heard of you, came directly from LGF. Keep up the good work, we need more like you.

  52. KBoomr113

    Alright, my 50 spot is in. Can’t wait to buy the DVD’s. Pat, get this stuff out there before the war’s over! The way things are going over there, this series might end up being a historical documentary instead of a current events one.

  53. Eg

    Good luck gents.

    Glad to help out, thanks, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  54. Bashman (the infidel)

    Just talked to Pat, he’s truly grateful for all of the help. Word is getting out, Hot Air and Little Green Footballs ran the story, and numerous indivuduals’ blogs.

    Spread the word…

  55. Phil N Blanx

    Excellent Bash. Thanks for the update.

  56. martymar

    To all you jarheads out there that were with Pat in Ramadi and elsewhere, I feel honored to give what support I can to such great patriots of this country. It’s great to be a small part in getting your story out there for the rest of the world to see. Pat,Bash you guys truly are GREAT AMERICANS. Keep up the good work.

  57. kozanne

    Done. Spread the word to another blog that has some fans of yours over there. You’re going to have waaayy more than enough, Pat!

  58. Gary Dolan

    Pat, Bash, and fellow Americans, I appreciate this site and the support given our warriors. I am a VN Vet (67 & 68 Army)and a proud father of a current Marine. I reduced my USO donation in hopes that it will help “Young Americans”

  59. TBinSTL

    I’m seeing mention of this pop up on a lot of boards around the part of the net that I haunt so I guess all those links your fans :mrgreen: have been dropping in comments all over the place are paying off!

  60. F-BOMB

    Yo All,
    I just had a great idea on how to make more money for Pat and Y.A. I don’t know about you all but I have a big family and lots of gifts to buy. My brother is a Marine and I can find nothing more important then to tell their story in the right way. So instead of spending money on gifts for my family, they will be recieving envelopes with “a donation has been made in the amount of $**.** to The Young Americans Documentry fund”. I get paid tomorrow so you can bet your ass I will be making several donations in the names of my family members. I think my little cousins are going to love it HAHA. No but in all seariousness, this is a good idea and A GREAT MESSAGE! MAKE DONATIONS AND COME UP WITH OTHER IDEAS TO RAISE MONEY!


  61. JannyMae

    I sent my little bit, too!

    Best wishes on completely this project.

  62. JamesS - Idaho

    I made my small donation yesterday on behalf of my brother Marines. I look forward to seeing the documentary “Young Americans”.

    Semper Fi

  63. Mike in CA

    Pat and Bash,
    Hopefully it comes through, was having problems with the PP guys. If not I’ll re-send. Small price to pay for a forum for those who support. Not to mention the fantastic porn!!! :roll: :beer: :lol: :beer:

  64. Dirk Van Til

    Where do we stand? Have we raised enough to do what needs to be done at the moment?

  65. kozanne

    I made my donation yesterday evening, not knowing that a young man from my home town who was just two months shy of his 20th birthday gave his life in service to this country in Iraq. I would like to put it on record that I have made my little ‘widow’s mite’ contribution in recognition of the memory of Daren A. Smith. The following quote is from his obituary in my home town rag. The obit was written by his family:

    “Daren loved what he was doing and served as a Cav Scout with the 3-89, 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, because our soldier enjoyed being a soldier, for his country and for his God.”

    Daren wanted to be a film producer, and had already started his college education when he decided to postpone and go to Iraq instead. His dream was to come back home and finish his education so he could get behind the camera.

    Today, Daren will be coming home to our little town. The Montana Army National Guard Honor Guard will be meeting him. You can bet your ass there will be no shuffling of the guard or Daren to some other part of the airport! He will be treated with the utmost respect and consideration for his family. He came from a very large family. They will all be there, I know. I wish I could be there.

    Just a week or so ago, my little home town buried one of it’s famous sons, Evel Knievel. There was a lot of hoopla and media attention during that time. Today, my little home town will bury one of it’s most WORTHY sons. There won’t be a lot of hoopla attendant to that, and so I thought I would make sure the world knew about one of Butte’s finest young men, his dreams and his sacrifice.

    God Bless Daren and his family. May he rest in peace and stand tall before God, knowing that he’s got a free pass to heaven.

    Thank you for your time.

  66. Mikey

    Put me down for 50 bucks. Thanks for all you’ve done for our troops and our country.

  67. zathras

    Thanks for your efforts- as a parent of a son in the service, and of a daughter enrolled in film school in California, I have a great appreciation for what you are doing! Thank you and keep up the good work..
    oh yeah, donation sent! :beer:

  68. The Cottrell's

    Sent what the family could spare. Tell the boys and girls thanks for keeping my kids safe.

    God bless our troops and the country they fight to protect,
    The Cottrell’s

  69. Poolee0311 (the infidel)

    If only this was after I graduated boot and I wasn’t fucking penniless.

    I have nothing (literally) to donate, but I’ll try to get some sort of support. I only wish I could do more.

  70. Ronin72

    You’ve got my 40 bucks… hope you can complete the film, and keep up the good work!

    I am anxiously awaiting the finished film.

  71. Steve in NC

    ?? about subscription, but in the meantime I kicked in some more.

    Hope your getting your nut covered.

    Just promise not to spend it on cheap booze and crossdressing hookers.

  72. MarineDoc

    All I can do right now is $30 Pat. That is my chump change for the PX here in Fallujah and times a little tight right now with Christmas and the kids back home. Also this was probably the best I could sneak past my wife on our 18th wedding anniversary away. Money well worth spent. I can’t wait for all to see the truth.
    All you Leathernecks and Squids out there need to cough some up!!
    We greatly appreciate you Pat! Keep up the good fight.

  73. Don

    pat, try asking sean hannity or bill o’reilly or some of the other well off conservative voices. i am sure they will pay a lot to help this project see the light of day

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