AP Exit Poll: Hillary Lost Because Of Bubba Billy Jeff Bulb Schnozz

January 26th, 2008 (0) Posted By ticticboom.


That’s the way I’m reading it. I heard one reporter earlier say that a large percentage of women that voted for Obama, had previously preferred Hillary, but switched to Obama after Bill started stumping for The Bitch because they were “sick” of Bill Clinton.

I shit you not.

AP exit polls tend to reflect that, check this out from AP:

Nearly six in 10 said former President Clinton’s campaigning in the state was an important factor for them, including a quarter who called it very important.

Take note that it doesn’t specify why his campaigning for her was important, and as we can see by the election results coming in tonight…and by that earlier report (which is driving me nuts that I can’t get a video clip, my TiVo wasn’t recording then) of women voters sick of Bill, that Slick Willie is screwing things up for her.

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