AQ Now Targeting Kids Of Iraqis Who Support Coalition

January 30th, 2008 Posted By ticticboom.


Fucking disgusting.

Baghdad, 29 Jan. - Children have become a new target for al-Qaeda militants in their bid to take revenge against families who have chosen to support the government or oppose militant Islamic groups.

Three children were killed and two were injured after a bomb exploded near a school in the area of Duluya in the Sunni Province of Diyala, north-east of Baghdad.

The device exploded on a street leading to an elementary school in the village of al-Huija al-Bahriya, five kilometres from Duluya.

Last Tuesday, a suicide bomber blew himself in a middle school in the city of Baaquba, capital of the same province. In the incident, a child died and 21 people were injured. The victims were all students or teachers.

For the past few months, Diyala has been at the centre of a war between al-Qaeda militants and Sunni tribal militias linked to the Awakening Council, a new alliance between former Sunni insurgents and the US military which opposes the jihadists.

Many tribal leaders and their families have died recently following suicide attacks by al-Qaeda in this area.


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