Voters Turnout In NH They Ran Out Of Ballots

January 8th, 2008 Posted By Bash.

Drudge is reporting that the NH Secretary of State is making runs to Seacoast – Hampton, Portsmouth – and Southern Hillsborough – Pelham, Nashua – to bring extra democratic ballots. Many towns are reporting shortages…

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  1. Lamplighter

    They are all turning out to vote for Obama, who said on Sat. night that the reason Iraq’s violence turned around during the “surge” is because the US put the Dems in power in Congress in Nov 2006 and the Iraqis were scared of what the Dems would do (maybe cut off money, pull out troops). This is what he said, I swear. He’s good on fluffy cloud promises and nice guy speeches, but his substance is so off the mark that he will be eaten alive by any GOP candidate and if elected, by the enemies of our country.

  2. Wendy

    Not surprising as all the mentioned cities are swollen with implants from Boston. I used to live in Boston about 2 years ago and everyone was migrating to southern NH because they could no longer afford taxes and housing in MA. All the local talk radio host (Howie Carr) would have NH residents calling in all the time about how their states was going into the toilet from all the Libs moving in. Evidence was 04 elections when NH was a blue state and in 00 it was a red state. So not surprising or anything to worry about, I would be more concerned if this happened in SC.

  3. Dan (The Infidel)

    NH has gone way downhill since I last visited it as a child.
    Va is going the same way because of a large migration of Dhimis from MD. Since the libs did such a good job fooking up their state, they figure on doing the same in Va.

    Running out of ballots? I thought the stores had plenty of toilet paper on hand? Isn’t that all a vote for Osama, really is? A wipe-your-ass kind of thing?

  4. Trindam

    Yes, I find it quite humerous to hear about Democrats leaving a state because the taxes are to much.

    Then what do they do in the state the move too? They vote for democrats to run the show, which is the same thing they did in the previous state.

    What are Democrats infamous for? Making up all kinds of government programs, agencies, committees and such. What do they do to pay for them? They either raise current taxes, or come up with new taxes.

    I wish people would wake up and actually realize what they are doing when they are voting for the democratic party.

    That is about as funny as when my Grandmother tells me the Democratic party is the party of the people. They look out for the little guy. Then she doesn’t have much to say when I ask about all the taxes they attempt to introduce or increase.

    Well, luckily she has awakened and she is going to be voting Republican this year.

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