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The Swamp: With one of the quickest retorts in modern paid-media memory, Sen. Barack Obama has turned Sen. Hillary Clinton’s “3 a.m. call” ad back on her with a “3 a.m. call” ad of his own. The irony of this, perhaps, is that Clinton has criticized Obama for borrowing the words of his campaign ally, [...]

It boils down to the fact that Hispanic districts with more voters actually get less delegates than black districts with fewer voters. As part of Texas’s system, the Hispanic districts were basically punished because less Hispanic voters showed up in the last election. WAPO: Supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are worried that convoluted delegate [...]

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she intends to sue the Bush administration in response to Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s refusal to refer the House’s contempt citations against two of President Bush’s top aides to a federal grand jury. Pelosi, in a written statement, accused the administration of “continuing to politicize law enforcement.” [...]

Hooters girls aren’t usually skanks, they’re usually pretty decent. Oh well, waddayagunnadoaboudit? Nuttin, dat’s wut. HOBOKEN, N.J. — Disciplinary charges have been issued against an unspecified number of police officers associated with Hoboken’s now-disbanded SWAT unit, the city’s public safety director announced Thursday. The city’s SWAT team was disbanded in November after officials learned of [...]

It is very likely that they pray at the Sehitlik-Moschee mosque (pictured above) in Berlin, Germany. Napalm. Yep. BERLIN - A Berlin gallery has temporarily closed an exhibition of satirical works by a group of Danish artists after six Muslim youths threatened violence unless one of the posters depicting the Kaaba shrine in Mecca was [...]

Today we’re going to grab some classic babes. Definitely three of my favorites. So which one gets your vote?

Artists rendering of the Northrup KC-30. We told you yesterday that the decision may come down as early as today… Northrop Grumman and EADS have somehow managed to defeat heavy-favorite Boeing in the battle to replace the Air Force’s aging fleet of aerial refueling tankers. The initial contract for 80 aircraft is valued at $40 [...]

This man must not be allowed to become president. This is the most frightening 52 seconds I have ever spent listening to a politician. Don’t forget, “independent” means “unqulalified civilian beard-pullers”. >

NBC: McCain leads both Obama and Clinton in potential general-election match ups with either candidate in the all-important swing state of Florida, according to a Mason-Dixon poll out today. McCain leads Obama 47%-37% and Clinton 49%-40%. The Arizona senator leads the Democrats across the board. About 80% of Republicans are behind McCain. Only 66% of [...]

BAGHDAD — Gunmen on Friday kidnapped Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police and the church said. The gunmen also killed three people who were with Rahho, 65, at the time of the kidnapping, which occurred after he ended a Mass in a nearby church, said Iraqi Brig. [...]

I finally could stop laughing long enough to post this. It is from a Newsbusters article by Warner Todd Huston. Where I’m from, we call guys like this bums. Much of what we do here at Newsbusters is serious commentary on the leftist bias in this world, issues that are consequential to the debate between [...]

Zogby did another lesser-known poll that said that most Web Surfers trust Pat and Bash for accuracy in news delivery with the exception of the pictures they use for their articles. Those polled were split between believing that many of the pictures bordered on soft-porn or were not ever even directly related to the story. [...]

Update: Harry Determined To Return To The Front Lines (AFP) - Prince Harry may be returning from the Afghan frontline to a hero’s welcome, but he seems far from happy with England, notably life on the media frontline, according to remarks released Friday. The Ministry of Defence said the 23-year-old was being pulled out of [...]

New series I’m starting up for…oh, whenever…

The casualty count for U.S. Troops in Iraq for February is 29. The last time prior to December ’07 that the casualty count was under 30 was in February of 2004. Now…that is 29 more than we would like to see (RIP Brave Ones) but… …it speaks volumes. Fuck You, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Jack [...]

Related: Iraq Braces Baghdad, Feb 29 (VOI) – Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to pay a two-day state visit to Iraq on Sunday, the first ever by an Iranian president to Iraq since the outbreak of the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, a spokesman for the Iraqi government said on Friday. “The Iranian president [...]

This is how it starts, it is broadcast over Arab channels in many parts of the world, it is perpetuated in Madrassas and Mosques, and until we recognize this tree and dig it up by the roots, we will have to deal with the fruit. Just go to MEMRI sometime, or take a look at [...]