Anti-Qaeda Family Gunned Down At Home In Iraq

February 19th, 2008 (6) Posted By ticticboom.


A couple and their son as well as a woman neighbour taking part in the fight against Al-Qaeda have been killed by gunmen near the restive Iraqi city of Baquba, police and relatives said on Tuesday.

“Armed men of Al-Qaeda attacked the home of Faraj Dahshem al-Zaydi in Sheikh village on Monday. They killed the 60-year-old man, his wife, their son Mustafa, 18, and a 35-year-old neighbour,” police Liutenant Colonel Najim al-Sumaidi told AFP.

“The armed men put the three members of the family in a room of their home and gunned them down,” he said.

The head of Baquba hospital’s morgue, Ahmad Fuad, said four bodies were brought in.

Villagers and family members said at the hospital that they had joined one of the local “Awakening” groups which have sided with the US military in fighting Al-Qaeda in Iraq.


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