Blatant Idiotic Terrorism - Hamas Threatens The World

February 20th, 2008 Posted By Bash.

Absurdity spewing forth from the Hamas piglets today…look at ‘em. These guys want to be taken seriously in the International community? The only thing serious about these guys i sthe threat they pose to the civilized world.

“If the international community does not move in a serious way to end the (Israeli) siege and the attempt to topple Hamas, then the next explosions, God only knows how large, will take everyone by surprise,” Ahmed Yussef, Hamas senior advisor, said in a statement.

Hamas has spoken about a truce more than once, but Israel wants to continue its heavy-handed policies of killings, assassinations and incursions,” he said. “This condition calls for a response from the resistance.”

He did not elaborate on the reference to explosions.

The Hamas movement’s “vision for a truce is that it should be complete, mutual, and concurrent, that it must bring an end to the siege and open the crossings, allowing movement between the West Bank and Gaza,” he said.

Israel tightened a strict two-year-old closure regime on Gaza when Hamas seized power in June after routing forces loyal to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in a week of bloody streetbattles.


6 Responses

  1. tedders

    Nincompoops, If a truce is complete, mutual and concurrent, IT MEANS THE ROCKETS HAVE TO STOP!!! Idiots.
    Look at them holding their assault rifles like they’re some kind of penis extension, you always desire what you don’t have or what you are not!

  2. Steve in NC

    these fucks could just be laughed at but for the fact they kill civilians in cold blood as a tactic

    if they have their way humanity will enter into a new dark age of ignorance

    the world would be better off with their extermination

  3. Kurt(the infidel)

    Hamas lacks the capability to strike too far outside its borders, or else you would be hearing about it.

    I hope Israel squashes them sooner rather than later. People who purposely target civilians have no place on Gods earth.

  4. DC

    If all these jihadi’s had a single hair on their asses, they wouldn’t appear before cameras with hoods or masks on.
    It just goes to show how really scared they are of being identified, and then promptly dispatched to allah………sucks to be them huh!

  5. Ivan the Kafir

    So they threaten the world….perhaps the world could do no less than threaten them…

  6. drillanwr

    “And it’ll cost you ….. ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!” Strike “Dr. Evil backwards pinky finger to the mouth” pose.

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