Boy Trained As Suicide Bomber Now Attending UK School

February 10th, 2008 Posted By Bash.


FURY erupted last night after it emerged that a boy of 12 who trained to be a suicide bomber is being allowed to attend school in Britain.

Parents of his classmates are unaware of the Afghan child’s terrifying past. MP Philip Davies said the youngster should be removed from school immediately so a proper investigation can take place into any potential danger he poses.

The Tory MP for Shipley, West Yorks, said: “This boy has had a tragic upbringing through no fault of his own. But there should be a detailed and thorough look at his past and the threat he could pose in the future. I am sure that the parents in the school would be concerned if they were told about it.”

Extremists recruited the boy shortly after his father, a Taliban fighter, was shot dead by British soldiers in a gun battle. One elder told him: “You must avenge his death by becoming a martyr.” During intensive mountain training the youngster learned how to handle explosives and sophisticated detonators. He even went on dummy missions with bags taped to his body.

Taliban fanatics instructed him to wander towards British patrols, pretending to be a tearful lost child, and once surrounded by soldiers – or taken to an Army base – he would blow himself up.

The boy told his mother what he was doing. She could not bear the thought of losing a son as well as her husband, so worried family members pulled all their resources together and paid for him to be spirited out of Afghanistan to escape the clutches of evil Taliban leaders.

After a traumatic journey across several countries, the boy was smuggled into Britain, probably hidden on the back of a lorry. Later he was questioned by immigration officials in Croydon, Surrey.

They were stunned when full details of the boy’s shocking story emerged. One source said: “There was so much detail that was little doubt he was telling the truth.

The boy has been granted asylum because of the threat to his safety in his homeland, and the authorities found him a place at a state secondary school at a secret location.

Last week the US military released shocking pictures of Al Qaeda recruits in Iraq – boys as young as 10 being trained in assassination, kidnapping and suicide bombings.


6 Responses

  1. Dan (The Infidel)

    Yep. That’s a good one there. Seems to me that keeping him away from the Mooselem msques and showing him what real freedom is…might at least give him a chance to grow up normally.

    The question is…is he already too dangerous to help? That’s a question for the shrinks to decide. Can’t put any of the other lads at risk either.

    We ran into this problem with Hitler Youth in Post-WWII. We didn’t change them all (The Wolverines for example), but we were able to re-educate the rest.

    I might be willing to take a chance with this kid. But only if there is no threat to any of his mates in school or any adult.

    Hard question to answer.

  2. POD1

    The rambunctious young lad should be transferred and educated at Berkeley.

    Just think of how much multicultural enrichment he could bring to the Kalifornia Komrads.

  3. Paslode

    I was thinking about this yesterday and thinking what if a raghead kid that trained as a Suicide Bomber went to school with my kids…..I’d be for sending them elsewhere to avoid any possible JiHad on my kids.

  4. mindy abraham

    I hope he now appreciates what a true democracy is. Maybe he can change. I hope so.

  5. Marc Stockwell-Moniz

    :???: Hard to tell. Once infected always infected? Perhaps.
    Just got to keep applying anti-jihadist meds.
    Poor kid, to Hell with the SOB’s that did this to him.
    I would keep it safe though.
    Keep him away from the other Mooslimes.

  6. Brian H

    Sounds like he went through a pretty open and thorough debrief on his way to the UK. Seems doubtful he’s still a “jihadist”.

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