Hussein’s Camp Whines About Fox News While Praising Wallace

March 21st, 2008 (3) Posted By ticticboom.


“Such brown-nosing will get you everywhere, Mr. Wallace.” When you click on the link to the Hussein web page you’ll see front and center a portion of that same segment on Fox and Friends this morning where Wallace bitches out the Anchors.

From Ben Smith’s page at Politico:

Obama campaign praises Wallace, says Fox has been “deeply irresponsible”

From the campaign’s blog:

We appreciate Chris Wallace for doing his job as a tough but fair journalist on a network that has been deeply irresponsible over the last week in its unrelenting and sensationalistic coverage of Sen. Obama.

Sen. Obama gave the speech he did on Tuesday because he believes that Americans are ready for a thoughtful, mature discussion about race, and are hungry to move past media-generated controversies that distract from the struggles they face in their everyday lives.

If Fox News wants to play clips of the same offensive sound bites every day from now until November, that’s their right, but that type of coverage does a disservice to their viewers and to a nation that is facing serious challenges that merit thoughtful and honest reporting.

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