April 1, 2008

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Yesterday’s “Deep Thoughts”

6:40 A.M.

Hussein’s close adivsor, James Meeks: Via Ace of Spuds:

“Obama is going to face some tough questions about this guy and it will resuscitate the media’s flagging interest in Rev. Wright since now we have a pattern. Meeks’ sermons are just as stunning as Wright’s and are also available on CD, which makes me think we’ll be seeing more arm-flapping goodness in the near future. (BTW, is it common for churches to sell recorded services?)”

6:41 A.M.

Today is the site’s last day. April Fool’s.

7:29 A.M.

Well, we had Hichens on Coulter yesterday, we may as well have him on another blonde today…

8:06 A.M.

Three days ago:

A simulated emergency turns into a real one at Butler Community College in El Dorado. Police were practicing what to do during a school shooting.

It happened as crews were finishing the first part of the exercise and a Rose Hill officer picked up a tube containing some type of explosive.

The explosive went off in the officer’s hand.

Police have identified the officer as Patrick Firebaugh.

Paramedics took him to a nearby hospital to be checked out.

8:20 A.M.

McCain put out two new ads yesterday, just two days after the one I last ran.

9:40 A.M.

Newsbusters, exposing a little scandal, has something to say about yours truly and some of my colleagues…

10:47 P.M.

Been out taking care of business for about last 8 hours, been awake for the last 24. Goodnight.


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