April 8, 2008

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7:30 A.M.

Listening to testimony, so don’t expect too much too fast from me during the earliest hours today. You can always check on stuff from yesterday. Must say Crocker is being very even-handed, but forceful.

I blogged a straight 25 hours yesterday, disproving the NY Times “Death by Blogging” article.

You can also watch a Live Stream Of The Crocker-Petreaus Testimony and Q&A Political dance.

10:12 A.M.

Missed most of the frickin’ testimony, some business came up, had to attend, will have to catch up…

10:13 A.M.

10:23 A.M.

I grew up with the Iranian hostage crisis, and remembering watching these people burning U.S. flags in the street as a little kid and thinking, “What the fuck?” ( okay, not “fuck” but you know what I’m sayin’). I remember thinking, “What’s their problem, why do we put up with this? Isn’t that flag sacred?” As a kid I remember having an instinct of like, “Shouldn’t we respond?” 30 years later it’s still the same, except now I’ve also been blown up by them. The one encouraging thing about all this is that I really think they are going to get hit, because these folks are both too far gone ( they, unlike Kim Jong Il think they have Allah mandating their nuclear program et. al. ) and we’re just not going to let them have a bomb. What the fuck is Russia going to do when we/Israel strike them? Bomb back? The Russians are just as likely to overplay their hand as the Muslims gone mad.

10:53 A.M.

Not only is the AP biased, they are stupid. Or think we are. Right now they are running a wire story with the headline “Iraq Violence Casts Pall Over Key U.S. Congress Report”. Can’t really remember the last time I’ve seen a positively headlined/written report about Iraq from the AP. Anyway, point being, that headline is like saying “Violence Of Iraqi Sunnis Rebelling Against Al Qaeda Casts Pall Over Key U.S. Congress Report”. Look idiots, the truth is, violence is not always a bad sign, sometimes it is the best sign available that evil is finally being properly confronted and rooted out. Anyone with any degree of sophistication knows damn good and well that the nasty business of breaking up the Shiite militias was both inevitable and a good thing. The odds that these guys were going to relinquish power were always nothing more than slim to none.

11:28 A.M.

Heavy vodka drinker speaks truth to Michelle Obama.

11:48 A.M.

2:19 P.M.

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of the fall of Saddam’s regime. And Mookie gets no parade.

2:33 P.M.

Complete Transcripts of Petraeus and Crocker’s Statements and videos of them delivering them, for those of us who like pitchers better.

3:43 P.M.

“I wasn’t really calling you a liar last time. I meant to say ’strains noodles’, not ’strains credulity’. I’m just a ditzy blonde…believe me honey, I know I’m going to need you to pull my ass out of the fire more than once once I’m Prezibitch.”

4:40 P.M.

4:49 P.M.

Why is Shepard Smith on twice a day? Are you fucking kidding me? Why doesn’t he just wear a dress?

4:51 P.M.

At least Domenica Davis works 24 hours a day. Is she cloned, or what?

5:02 P.M.

Mohamed Al Fayed says he’ll finally shut the fuck up.

8:32 P.M.

Jihadi Killer Radio Hour
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