Classic Marine Recruiting Commercial

April 9th, 2008 Posted By Bash.

Nods to LftBhndAgn.

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  1. KBar

    Holy crap! How old is that commercial?

    Pretty cool though.


    Haha, her comes another joke on your age, Bob! I think that one came out after you graduated The Island! :mrgreen:

  3. Steve in NC

    The use of the young man in the letter jacket was telling.

    Losers need not apply.


  4. Dan (The Infidel)

    Early 70’s juding by the civ haircut and the C/W song.

  5. KBar

    :arrow: Beans,

    Smart-ass boot. Just because I took the new-fangled ‘horseless carriage’ to Parris Island and the metric system wasn’t invented yet, not to mention the frequent flintlock jams, doesn’t mean I’m old.

    Awwww, who am I kidding….

  6. Jerry

    Good decision on the part of the recruiter who suggeted Jillary go serve with the dogs. Would not want to tarnish his corp with the likes of her. If he only said the right thing and told her to go back to Uglyville would have been more fitting.

  7. drillanwr (typical white female)

    Would love to see this same exact script re-done with updated “cast” and another strong narrator’s voice …

    BTW :arrow: KBAR, I remember this one on TV too … but I was just a pup. :wink:

    While looking for folks who had served as Marines and went into actoing and what-not I came across this list of such on Wiki:

    Some interesting ones in the mix …

    Bea friggin’ Arthur?!?!? :shock:

  8. Jarhead68

    I’m betting it’s the 70’s, too. Great commercial. Is it politically incorrect by today’s standards? I’m thinking yes because it doesn’t says “a few good persons”. :cool:

  9. 0311inOHio (typical white person)

    Late 50’s..

    I still get goose bumps when I see these recruiting videos, etc. Brings back memories of standing tall on the Island. Ooh Rah…

  10. Ed Stanowicz

    Somehow I don’t think Cankles would have cut it as a US Marine.

  11. KBar

    :arrow: Drillanwr,
    :arrow: Little Jumping Beans,

    For the record: I DO NOT REMEMBER THIS COMMERCIAL!! I graduated High School in 1990 dammit!!

    And yes, Maude was a Devil-Dog.

  12. LftBhndAgn

    OK - I’ll ADMIT it damnit!

    It is from 1971 - 1973 circa…

    WHY I remember that, I’ll never know. I was only 6 or 7 at the time.

  13. drillanwr (typical white female)

    Yeah, isn’t that `Nam footage spliced in there?

    And the letterman’s jacketed kid’s hair is total 1970s (pre-disco perms) …


  14. Vehement

    Ooo-fuckin’-rah, Devil Dog!

  15. RIchard Quinn

    What a great ad! I remember this commercial and my selective service number -253(graduated in 1971)from Old Fart U. Wanted to learn to fly helicopters and have the government pay for it, but an occasional irregular heartbeat stopped that cold. I blame it on Julie Schroeder. She dumped me because she felt it wouldn’t work out. I think it was because my dad didn’t have 400+ acres of prime northwest Ohio farm ground like the guy she ended up marrying! Military service skipped a generation with me, but my son has carried the torch for almost 8 years now. Couldn’t be prouder

  16. Old Poke

    I remember this one. I was young. My day would come later, 86-94. All the USMC adds are the same regardless of era. Courage, Honor and Committment are timeless. What works, works.

    Beans and K-bar, we’re all old, if we weren’t we would probably be there. When I got married my best man was a Sergeant, I was a Corporal. He retires soon as a Major, just back from Ramadi.

  17. soontobemarine

    I leave for OCS at the end of May. I can’t wait to be amongst the type of Men that this commercial talks about… Marines.

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