Iran’s Atomic Riddle…

April 29th, 2008 Posted By Lftbhndagn.


The NYT ran a story today in their Science section.


Quote from the article:
“On April 8, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited the desert site, and Iran released 48 photographs of the tour, providing the first significant look inside the atomic riddle.”

Take a look - Read it. The photos hold the key to Iran’s Nuke Riddle. There are many with very good accounts of how advanced Iran’s Nuke program is. The one picture that did take me by surprise is the one below..


NYT Caption: Mr. Aghazadeh, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, in front of empty stands for new centrifuges in the pilot plant. In the background, a cascade of IR-2 machines appears to be undergoing installation in an area that previously held P-1 centrifuges. Historically, the Iranians have used the pilot plant to test new centrifuge technology before its introduction into the buried halls, which are meant for mass production and industrial-scale enrichment.

Back in November of 2007, Iran says it had 3,000 centrifuges working.

On April 8th 2008, they install 6000 more.

The picture above shows many more holes where many more are to be placed, how blind can the rest of the world be in regards to what Iran’s plans truly are, with their nuclear ambitions? More importantly, how much time is left to put a halt to it before its to late?

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  1. TedB

    “..we will send you a letter explaining how angry we are.”

    “C’mon Hans, you’re busting my balls here.”

  2. RC

    NYT prediction: “Those empty brackets are centrifuges that have been removed through peaceful diplomatic channels and pressure. There is no reason to go to war with Iran.”

    A’jad: “What nyt says. And the holocaust is a lie and we aim to wipe Israel off the map. Did I mention there are no homosexuals in Iran too? Oh and infidels better not say awful things about our mountain goats, or , or we’ll get very very mad!!”

    UN: “Who are we to deny them of their goat-ly pleasures?”

    Israel: “What second strike policy?? We have one?? Wow that’s news to us..”"

    US Naval forces: “Locked and loaded Mr President - just say when.”

  3. Q_Mech

    More “peaceful” technology at work. Pshaw. These guys are enriching fissile material as quickly as they can, and yet they don’t actually have a reactor to put it in! They have a contract with the Russians to provide all the fuel they need for their single reactor. The “fuel” that they are refining in these enormous banks of centrifuges is going where?

    Downtown Tel Aviv is where. And the UN’s atomic “watchdogs” are sitting around polishing their Nobel Peace Prize with their thumb up their ass, complicit in the fallout of their inaction. More like “lapdogs”, actually.

  4. SOC

    The Iranians are our enemies. They are determined to destroy Israel and its allies,(USA), and invoke Sharia law everywhere. They must be stopped. I cannot believe someone, somewhere in the world is not working on this plan. Surely everyone must realize that they are just like N. Korea. They have no intention of complying or giving up their nuke bomb program. Why are world governments who oppose tehm allowing them the time to build the bomb? why do we allow them to continue to spread the “Big Lie”

    Anyone who believes Little Hitler and his Mullah ragheads will somehow one day will just decide to play nice is abundantly stupid. Stop Iran now before it is too late.

    I just came from visiting my new 2 month old granddaughter. I do not want her to have to live in a hole in the ground and scavenger for food while the entire planet remains radioactive. I also do not want her to have to submit to an Arabian Moon God religion/government who truely is the Satan of the world and will cut your head off if you do not submit.

    Wake up America!! The Iranians mean to destroy America as we know it. Fight the bastards now. Start by killing the Quds leader in Iraq.

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