Japan Approves New Asset Freeze On Iran Companies, Individuals

April 21st, 2008 Posted By Lftbhndagn.


A personal Dōmo arigatō to Japan!

TOKYO, April 22 (AP) - (Kyodo)—Japan’s Cabinet on Tuesday approved new sanctions to freeze the assets of 12 organizations and 13 individuals related to Iran’s nuclear development programs, in line with a March 3 U.N. resolution.
Japan has already banned the entry of senior officials of Iran’s nuclear facilities and implemented other measures that did not require Cabinet endorsement. Tuesday’s approval brings the total number of sanctions targets to 35 organizations and 40 individuals.

“We must deal firmly with the Iranian nuclear issue,” Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura told the Cabinet. “Japan will continue to cooperate closely with the international community and work to convince Iran through our traditionally close ties with it.”

“Iran is not a nuclear arms-possessing nation under the Non- proliferation Treaty, so of course it should not be allowed to make nuclear weapons,” Komura told reporters after the Cabinet meeting. “To penalize those who are under suspicion is the principle under the NPT.”

He reiterated that while all countries have the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, “Iran should first state clearly that it will not produce nuclear weapons and prove it to the international community before exercising that right.”

The U.N. Security Council approved by a vote of 14 to 1 the third set of sanctions against Iran on March 3 for not suspending uranium enrichment in defiance of two previous resolutions.

Meanwhile, Tehran insists that its nuclear programs are for peaceful purposes only and criticizes the sanctions, which call for asset freezes and travel bans, inspections of cargo and vigilance toward Iranian banks, as unjust.

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  1. ken holton

    If any country can have an opinion on the effects of nuclear weapons, it is surely Japan. They have learnt their lesson, Iran should “preese consider” their potential (and frankly) welcome imeninent future if they persist.

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