Sorry, Al…Americans Just Aren’t Buying Into Global Warming Alarmism

April 21st, 2008 (12) Posted By ticticboom.


You know what’s funny? I live on the Oregon Coast, and it actually snowed last night…and the night before. Didn’t stick the ground here at sea level, but it dusted the hills.

Newsbusters has an article based on a recent Gallup poll

Want to talk about really inconvenient truths?

Well, despite Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s massive campaign to scare the world into thinking the planet is facing imminent doom at the hands of global warming, Americans don’t seem to be buying it.

In fact, a new Gallup poll released moments ago revealed, “a little more than a third say they worry about [global warming] a great deal, a percentage that is roughly the same as the one Gallup measured 19 years ago.”


Here are the exquisitely delicious details:

Despite the enormous attention paid to global warming over the past several years, the average American is in some ways no more worried about it than in years past. Americans do appear to have become more likely to believe global warming’s effects are already taking place and that it could represent a threat to their way of life during their lifetimes. But the American public is more worried about a series of other environmental concerns than about global warming, and there has been no consistent upward trend on worry about global warming going back for two decades. Additionally, only a little more than a third of Americans say that immediate, drastic action is needed in order to maintain life as we know it on the planet. [...]

Slightly less than half of Americans in 1997 said the effects of global warming had already begun to happen. That number has risen, particularly in the past two years, to the point where today 61% say the effects have already begun to happen at this point in time. About one out of four Americans, however, continue to say the effects of global warming will not happen in their lifetimes, if ever. [...]

The fact that a majority of Americans don’t believe global warming will pose a threat to them in their lifetimes makes it perhaps less surprising to find that significantly less than a majority of Americans say they worry a great deal about it. In fact, worry about global warming is low on a list of 12 environmental problems that Gallup asks about in the Environment surveys. [...]

There is, in fact, little more evidence of worry about global warming now than there was when this question was first asked in 1989. [...]

Still, the trend data suggest that despite the growing attention to and emphasis on global warming in recent years, there has been no consistent increase in worry about it since Gallup began asking the question way back in 1989. [...]
A Gallup Poll question asks Americans whether “additional, immediate, and drastic action” is necessary concerning the environment, and in this year’s update, about a third answer “yes.”

That number is down slightly from last year and, stretching back in time, is roughly the same as was measured in a 1995 poll.

And here’s the delicious conclusion that should keep the Global Warmingest-in-Chief up at night:

Although there have been fluctuations on this measure of worry over the years, the percentage of Americans who worry a great deal about global warming is no higher now than it was 19 years ago. And the percentage who do worry a great deal — 37% — is still well less than a majority, and in fact lower than the percentage who worry a great deal about such environmental issues as pollution of drinking water, pollution of lakes and reservoirs, and toxic waste in the soil.

Of course, it goes without saying that readers will likely see little about this poll in the mainstream press. But, much more important, we have to hope that every member of Congress — and President Bush — gets a copy of this survey such that all efforts to enact a carbon cap-and-trade scheme in this nation are immediately halted.


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