Plane Lands on Freeway, Engine Repaired, Plane Takes Off Again

June 17th, 2008 Posted By Bash.

Explanation with vid:

After landing in the median of Interstate 95 in Volusia County, a small plane took off again Tuesday afternoon.

It happened near the U.S. Highway 1 exit in Ormond Beach.Authorities said the emergency landing brought traffic in both directions to a stop for a short time.

During a flight from Ormond Beach to Flagler beach, a cylinder seized up and the engine failed, forcing the landing.

FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said two people were aboard the plane at the time of the landing, an instructor and a student pilot. Initial reports said only the pilot was on board. Neither passenger was injured.

The plane’s owner, Adrian Thompson, was called to the scene to make repairs. It took three hours to repair the single-engine Cessna 150.

Thompson told police he needed 600 feet of highway to get up to speed to take off so troopers ensured he had enough highway space to get off the ground.

“We decided to go ahead and allow him to make repairs, we got the clearance from the FAA to do it,” Florida Highway Patrol trooper Wooster Woodward said. “He’ll take off from here. It’ll be much more expeditious to do that. To dismantle the aircraft would have taken over 8 hours and it would have caused a major traffic distraction. This way, we’ll be in and out in less than three.”

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  1. mike3481

    Cool Video. :beer:

    American common sense and ingenuity on full display. :gun: :beer:

  2. Reagan T.

    the engine seized and they repaired it in 3 hours? ummm… I don’t think the poster knew what they were talking about.

    “A 1977 Cessna C150 landed just before noon after an oil pressure light came on” (

    I think that they just ran the thing out of oil.

  3. Tom in CO

    You can thank Eisenhower for that! Well I’m pretty sure it was Eisenhower. Made a bill that required 1 out of every 5 miles of highway were to be made straight in case a plane needed to land on it as an emergency runway.

  4. Firebad

    Tom the story i heard was that it was made strait so that in event of a foriegn invasion it could be used as makeshift airstrips.

    Anyways, ONLY in Florida does this happen on a regular basis. been quite a few times small airplanes have landed on highways here.

  5. CBL

    Definitely would be an interesting site to see

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