U.S. C-130 Makes Emergency Landing In Baghdad Field

June 27th, 2008 (3) Posted By Snooper.

Damn! Damn! Lucky! Great work by the crew! Thank God all are safe.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A U.S. Air Force C-130 transport plane with 38 people aboard made an emergency landing in a barren field northeast of Baghdad’s international airport on Friday, the Air Force said.

There were no significant injuries, the Air Force said, adding all six crew and 32 passengers had been accounted for.

The plane made the emergency landing because of suspected mechanical problems, an Air Force spokeswoman said.

There was no indication of any hostile fire, the Air Force said in a separate statement.

It was not immediately clear how far the plane was from the airport when it landed. The C-130, a workhorse of the U.S. military, carries cargo and troops.

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