Why The Delahunt Disgrace Should NOT Be Allowed To Fade-Away With Video

June 28th, 2008 Posted By drillanwr.

These are the same fucking people who boo-hooed that Valeri Plame/Wilson was “outted” as a covert CIA agent … and how deadly that could be for her and other covert agents.

We are at war here … And certain people within our own Congress have taken it upon themselves to make political play out of every damn thing about this war … From the troops, to their funding, to the President and his Administration, to calling our troops every filthy lying name in the book and condemning them for things they have NOT done …

They have time and again stood up more strongly and loudly for the thugs and enemies in this war than they have for our own troops and our own officials trying hard to get the job done.

I am so fucking sick of this shit … But mostly because they are getting away with it.

These people are NOT to be trusted with anything confidential or top secret that deals with the national security of this country, and the people so desperately TRYING to provide security … or the safety of our troops in the war theater.

It is clear in the video exchange the malice by which Rep. Delahunt [intended] his comments to Addington. Quite clear.

You want war criminals … You don’t have to look farther than our own two houses of Congress!

Scott Johnson (Powerline) Has a bit of interesting background on this:

There is a bit of a backstory here that may not have been reported. Rep. Delahunt is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, but not of the subcommittee that was holding the hearing. As such, Delahunt was not entitled to participate in the hearing, but could do so only with the unanimous consent of the members present. Delahunt was so eager to cross-examine Addington and Yoo and demonstrate his hostility to the Bush administration that he showed up and asked to question the witnesses. The subcommittee’s chairman, Jerrold Nadler, asked for such consent, but Republican Steve King of Iowa refused. Delahunt stuck around, and when King left the room, another member ceded his time to Delahunt so that Delahunt could go after the witnesses. Chairman Nadler agreed, since Rep. King “didn’t care enough to stay.” Delahunt proceeded, and the above exchange ensued. The entire hearing was conducted in an atmosphere of poisonous partisanship, and Delahunt’s suggestion that in the controversial exchange he was merely trying to be cordial toward Addington is laughable.

Delahunt asked repeatedly whether the topic of waterboarding, a controversial interrogation technique that simulates drowning, ever came up.

Addington replied that he could not discuss that because “al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN.”

“Right,” Delahunt responded. “Well, I’m sure they are watching, and I’m glad they finally have the chance to see you, Mr. Addington.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’re pleased,” Addington shot back.

“Given your penchant for being unobtrusive,” Delahunt said of Addington’s ability to stay behind the scenes.

(Red State)

Damn Us All and Our Party If We Let This Go

It is no secret that public discourse in this country has become very shrill. Blogs on the left regularly feature vulgar diatribes against the right. Some on the right do the same. Keith Olbermann tells the President to “shut the hell up” on his television program. The New York Times publicly reveals the name of a CIA agent who did the dirty work of interrogating captured Al Qaeda operatives. The left says, “So, the right did it to Valerie Plame,” treating as morally equivalent the disclosure of the spy no longer spying and the disclosure of one of the men Al Qaeda would love to behead.

While Congress has also descended into a more shrill style, until yesterday it had not crossed one line of civility that never should be crossed on either side.

David Addington is the Vice President’s Chief of Staff. Yesterday, he testified before Congress.

During the course of the hearing, Congressman and Obama Superdelegate William Delahunt (MA-10) asked Mr. Addington about water boarding. Mr. Addington responded that he would not go into details because Al Qaeda is probably watching.

Congressman Delahunt’s response was, “I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you.”

Mr. Delahunt now denies he meant what he said. But what he clearly said was “I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you.” Al Qaeda now knows the face of one of the men who relentlessly pursues its henchmen and deals with their interrogations. Mr. Addington volunteered for public service, not a death sentence with Congressional encouragement. Mr. Delahunt is both a vile liar and a cowardly lion willing to roar down at Mr. Addington while encouraging terrorists to do his dirty work in a war he has been ineffective at stopping.

The left, while attacking Charlie Black for stating the obvious — that a terrorist incident helps the GOP politically because they are seen as more competent in the national security arena — is defending this degradation of congressional discourse and vile swipe at Mr. Addington.

This discourse — a member of Congress glad Al Qaeda has a face it can pursue — is beneath the dignity of the Congress and beneath the dignity of civil discourse in this country.

If you do not call your Congressman today and demand the House of Representatives, at the very *least*, censure Congressman Delahunt, well damn us all. We have no right to carry on our fight.

The number is 202-224-3121 and Congressman Delahunt’s email address is [email protected].

And some intrepid reporter should ask Mr. Obama what he thinks of this. After all, Mr. Delahunt was one of Mr. Obama’s early supporters and is now an Obama superdelegate. Of course, you can ask Barack Obama yourself at (866) 675-2008.

When you call your Congressman, you should make sure he knows an apology from Mr. Delahunt will not suffice. Delahunt clearly is lying about and denying his statement. “I’m sorry” would just be more of the same.

And while you are at it, I want John Murtha’s ass in a damn sling …

6 Responses

  1. SOC

    What can we do about?

  2. Mike W

    :arrow: Soc We could turn GITMO into a prison for political prisoners and start with Murtha and Delahunt sharing a cell.Reid and Pelosi sharing another cell.Imagine Reid having to put up with Pelosi 24/7.Cruel and unusual punishment,but it would fit his crimes.

  3. Maggie

    Delahunt is, unfortunately, my Congressman. Right now there isn’t a hell of a lot that can be done.

    You can ask your Congressional representative to censure him. However, it’s unlikely that enough will comply.

    You can back his challenger, but to my knowledge there isn’t one at this time. Of the 10 Democrats that represent Massachusetts in the House of Representatives, only 3 have Republican challengers and one (Niki Tsongas) has two 3rd party challengers.

    In the Massachusetts political world Delahunt is well liked, well connected and well funded. I have given donations to his challengers in the past…..but it’s always sad, they are so clearly outmatched.

    Sad to say, this guy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  4. Atom&Yves

    I am very proud of the work done by my state Rep. Republican Steve King of Iowa. He is a Republican’s Republican. He’s a conservative’s Republican. That fucking piece of shit Delacunt WILL be getting a call from me!! :gun: :gun: :gun: Fucking asshole!!

  5. Neil

    Atom&Yves, Put the :gun: away.

  6. Dan (The Infidel)

    I say again, Delahunt is an infected pube on the asshole of the world. As long as people keep voting for Dufouscrats this is the kind of crap you can expect from Congress. So if you voted Dhimicrat these past Congressional elections, you are part of the fucking problem. Get your heads out of your asses if the shoe fits.

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