CAIR Beats Savage

July 27th, 2008 Posted By Pat Dollard.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage against an Islamic civil rights group over its use of a portion of his show in which he called the Quran a “book of hate.”

Savage sued the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, for copyright infringement and racketeering lawsuit late last year, claiming the group violated his rights by using a segment of his “Savage Nation” show in a letter-writing campaign to get advertisers to boycott the program. In the broadcast used by CAIR, Savage also called the Muslim holy book “a throwback document.”

In her ruling Friday, U.S. District Judge Susan Illston said people who listen to a public broadcast are entitled to use excerpts for purposes of comment and criticism. She also said no evidence was presented to show that advertising on the show’s broadcast was affected by CAIR’s actions.

The racketeering element of the lawsuit alleged that CAIR was not a civil rights group, but a political organization with ties to terrorist groups. CAIR denies those claims, saying it opposes terrorism and religious extremism.

In an interview with The Associated Press after he filed the lawsuit in December, Savage said he was referring to Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his violent brand of Islamic extremism in the broadcast, not about the religion in general.

Savage’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz, told the San Francisco Chronicle he plans to file a new racketeering suit.

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  1. DC

    Is anybody really surprised at the ruling this bitch-bag, commie liberal judge in San Francisco, handed down?

    His lawsuit was a long-shot at best, but it did serve to shed some more light on what CAIR really is, so it wasn’t a total loss.

  2. Kurt(the infidel)

    I agree.

    it wasnt a total loss and im not surprised since it is in San Fran. Pelosis district.

    but if this happens a few more times in different cities it will eventually break down thei armor plating and someone will really get somewhere against the ‘un-indicted co-conspirators’

  3. Dan (The Infidel)

    Any publicity exposing the unindicted co-conspirators at CAIR for what they are is never a loss. Savage is on the right track irrespective of what some libistan bitch judge says.

  4. TBinSTL (just typical)

    The fact that Savage is a tool and, I am convinced, a plant set up and supported to make our side look stupid might have to be considered. Why do you think he was given his own TV show on one of the most reliably liberal networks in the country? He is predictable and predictably self destructive.
    I want to see CAIR utterly destroyed but his ill advised tactics, in SF of all places, only adds a veneer of respectability to them. He is a caricature of the Right. He fulfills every stereotype that the left believes about us. I just wish he could commit a virtual suicide bombing on CAIR so that we could be rid of both of them.

  5. GRIZZ

    Just reword the suit and file again.GOD BLESS SAVAGE AND DOLLARD

  6. Evestay

    I don’t think thats fair TB =\

  7. GRIZZ


  8. GRIZZ

    Your the kind of PRICK that loses a fight cause you got kicked in the balls and then claim it wasnt a fair fight. This nation is fighting for its very survival.WINNING IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

  9. littlefox

    :arrow: Grizz

    You don’t know TB. You are wrong.

    Savage embarrasses me.

    :arrow: TB

    How was the BBQ? :smile: Looks like lovely weather up there!

  10. American Infidel

    “Savage’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz, told the San Francisco Chronicle he plans to file a new racketeering suit.” I’m glad he’s refiling a new suit.

  11. GRIZZ

    Maybe if we embarress these MUSLIM FUCKS enough they wont fly planes into our buildings burning our neighbors alive.NEVER FORGET what these HEATHENS are capable of.

  12. foxops

    While I don’t agree with everything Savage says (and if you agree %100 with anyone then you need help), I do support him on several fronts. The most important in my view being his call for American men to grow a pair and get mad. Our culture has emasculated men, and attempted to strangle our warrior class - Savage points that out frequently, he’s the only person I know to do that. He also supported the Marines that were persecuted by the Corps, media and politicians (not just figuratively, he threw a lot of money behind them). I have mixed feelings about the CAIR deal, because I’d love to see that organization destroyed - but at the same time I don’t want to see a precedent for intellectual property like that set. Think about it, if you are no longer allowed to use clips and quotes to make commentary then this site and a lot of others would be gone (mine included).

  13. fan

    I’m sure the judge was appointed by clinton. All the more reason to hold our noses and rally support for MCcain. If nobama gets in all judges will be like her.

  14. billie

    Iran didn’t have any copyright laws in the 1970s. I saw two books by different authors with exactly the same information inside the pages. I wonder how prevalent this was/is in Muslim-dominated countries.

  15. ji

    Is it any wonder CAIR and groups like them are located in big liberal cities.

  16. Tony Kondaks

    For anyone who loves freedom, the defeat of the Savage lawsuit is a cause for celebration.

    Savage hookwinked us all by telling us that this lawsuit was a cause for free speech. Yeah, it was about free speech but it was CAIR’s free speech that was being infringed, not Savage’s. Indeed, if Savage had prevailed, first amendment rights would have lessened for all of us.

    America is such a great country that we even extend free speech to questionable organisations like CAIR.

    Michael Savage is an ENEMY of free speech:


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